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Russians Harass Ukrainian Navy Units in Azov Sea and Black Sea (2)

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Russia is creating new provocations every day in the Sea of Azov, yet they complain about others. Pshaw.

Nobody respects Russia.

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The Ukrainian Navy ships made it to Mariupol harbor without any damage suffered, although the AFU report that the two artillery boats were very busy fending off Russian patrol boats and launches most of the way to Mariupol. A quite good Azov Sea summary by Stratfor.

Crimea update – notable they have deployed an S-400 Triumf / SA-21 battery to Yevpatoria in Western Crimea, allowing it to launch against air traffic above the cities of Odessa and Mikolayiv using the basic missile, and all the way to Dnipro using the new extended range missile.

Finally, some backfill on UK SECDEF Williamson’s very productive visit to Ukraine last week.

Two Ukrainian ships safely arrive in Ukraine’s Mariupol across Russian-controlled Kerch Strait | UNIAN

Two Ukrainian ships accompanied by two armored boats, which crossed the Russian-controlled Kerch Strait on September 23, have safely arrived in the Ukrainian strategic port city of Mariupol in Donetsk region. Two small armored artillery boats, the R177 Kremenchuk and the R178 Lubny, were accompanying them.

Ukrainian warships enter Mariupol port amid provocation by Russian coast guard. PHOTOS (25.09.18 14:23) « Incidents | Censor.NET

The Ukrainian Navy’s search and rescue ship Donbas and Korets tugboat have arrived at the port of Mariupol, Donetsk region, being escorted by two small armored artillery boats, the P177 Kremenchuk and the P178 Lubny. “The redeployment of a group of warships of the Ukrainian Navy to the port of Mariupol was completed with the arrival of Korets tugboat today, Sept. 25, at 9:35 a.m.,” the press service of the Ukrainian Navy said in a statement, Censor.NET reports citing Interfax-Ukraine. “Near the Mariupol raid in the anchorage area a Russian border service Mangust type cutter staged a provocation […] by approaching dangerously closely to a Ukrainian boat. The Russian cutter tried to get close to our ships at high speed but resolute actions of the crews of the Lubny and Kremenchuk vessels prevented it from getting too close to the Donbas and the Korets,” the statement reads. “No payment for pilotage service while passing through the Kerch Strait was made,” the agency said.

UAWire – Poroshenko: Ukraine creates a naval base on the Sea of Azov

In a post on his Facebook page, President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko welcomed the deployment of Ukrainian military vessels into the Sea of Azov and noted that these ships “will become part of the newly created Ukrainian naval base in the Azov.” “Congratulations to our warships, the search, and rescue ship A500 Donbas and the tugboat A830 Korets, on the deployment to the Sea of Azov. These ships will be part of the newly created Ukrainian naval base fleet in Azov. Thanks to the crews of the ships for a faultlessly executed order,” said the Ukrainian president.

Future Ukrainian military base in the Sea of Azov will use the infrastructure of commercial ports – Military base in Sea of Azov to use infrastructure of commercial ports –

Future Ukrainian military base in the Sea of Azov will use the infrastructure of commercial ports. Ivan Vinnyk, MP from Petro Poroshenko Bloc claimed this in his commentary to 112 Ukraine. ‘Relevant deployment plans are yet approved by the General Staff. As for the infrastructure, the infrastructure of commercial ports will be used for now, later in the future, it will evolve towards military use, possibly with the construction of additional berths, etc.’ Vinnyk claimed.

Ukraine ready for Russia’s provocations in Azov Sea – Klimkin – 22.09.2018 13:25 — Ukrinform News

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin states that Ukraine is ready for provocations by Russia in the Sea of Azov.

UAWire – Russia explains the detention of ships in the Azov Sea as its ‘sovereign right’

Russia’s Foreign Minister spokesperson Maria explained the detentions and searches of ships in the Sea of Azov, which headed to Ukrainian ports, as “ensuring security” and as its “sovereign right for inland waters.” “Russia’s actions to inspect ships are aimed only at ensuring security in the waters of the Azov Sea and the Kerch Strait. They do not contradict any international laws that apply to the inland water areas. Other states’ practices of exercising sovereign rights in respect to inland waters unequivocally confirm Russia’s right to carry out such actions,“ said Zakharova. At the same time, the Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman admitted that Western countries, in particular, the United States, said that the Russian border guards ignore the international norms and accuse Russia of continuing to destabilize the situation in Ukraine. Zakharova reminded that the “international law and the status of the Sea of Azov and the Kerch Strait are defined by bilateral international treaties. Namely the agreements between Russia and Ukraine on the Russian-Ukrainian state border on January 28, 2003, and the agreement between Russia and Ukraine on cooperation regarding the use of the Azov Sea and Kerch Strait dated December 24, 2003 “.

Ukraine-Russia Conflict Stirs Up Sea of Azov | Stratfor

Four years on, the ground battle in eastern Ukraine is showing no signs of abating. And now, a new theater may be opening: the Sea of Azov.

Russia deployed S-400 air defense systems in the occupied Crimea on the territory of Yevpatoria –

The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation claimed that S-400 “Triumf” designed for elimination of strategic bombers, ballistic and cruise missiles, and can be used against ground objects.

The population of Crimea needs an additional volume of quality drinking water – Lack of quality drinking water in occupied Crimea –

The population of Crimea needs an additional volume of quality drinking water. Krym.Realii reports this with a reference to Russian “Deputy Prime Minister” of Crimea Yurii Hotsanuik. According to the Russian “official”, at the moment in the conditions of stopping the supply of water from Dnipro through the North-Crimean Canal, water supply to cities and rural settlements of Crimea is carried out from local sources.

It is still possible to tune in to Ukrainian radio on the territory of the Russian-annexed Crimea – Ukraine’s National Council for TV and Radio Broadcasting –

It is still possible to tune in to Ukrainian radio on the territory of the Russian-annexed Crimea. Serhiy Kostynsky, the member of Ukraine’s National Council for TV and Radio Broadcasting posted this on Facebook. ‘UA: Ukrainian radio (the pro-government radio station, – 112 International), along with Radio Krym.Realii continues to conduct its information mission in Crimea’, Kostynsky wrote. He uploaded a video on his page, which clearly shows that the evening programme of Ukrainian radio was heard in Simferopol at the frequency of 549 kHz. Earlier, the official wrote that in October, 75 percent of the public broadcasting content in Crimea will be in the Ukrainian language. Previously, 112 International reported that the final state of the implementation of the quotas for the Ukrainian-language songs and programs at radio began in Ukraine. Besides, the volume of Ukrainian-language broadcasting content on TV became 98% after language quotas were adopted that is 23% more than the established quotas required.

Gavin Williamson MP on Twitter: “Standing on the frontline of the Donbas region seized by Russian-backed separatists I was shocked to witness first-hand the suffering caused by this brutal conflict in eastern Ukraine. A few weeks earlier a brave Ukrainian soldier had been killed by a sniper in the same spot.…”

Gavin Williamson MP on Twitter: “Britain and its allies are firmly committed to Ukraine sovereignty as it faces down blatant Russian aggression.”

Gavin Williamson MP on Twitter: “Our commitment to Ukraine remains unwavering. The UK will ensure that the Ukrainian Navy and Ukrainian forces have the skills and the technical ability to deal with increasing threats.”

Judith Gough on Twitter: “Farewell and thank you to Defence Secretary @GavinWilliamson for making the trip to #Ukraine. Productive meetings, a trip East to the Line of Contact, and a firm foundation for closer 🇬🇧 🇺🇦 bilateral military cooperation and exchanges.…”

Gavin Williamson MP on Twitter: “We stand side by side with our Ukrainian friends in the face of shared threats and in defence of tolerance, justice and democracy.”

Gavin Williamson MP on Twitter: “It was a real privilege to visit Ukraine for the first time. In my meetings with President Poroshenko and Defence Minister Poltorak, I reaffirmed the UK’s unwavering commitment to the sovereignty of their great nation.…”

UK in Ukraine 🇬🇧🇺🇦 on Twitter: “Official welcome ceremony for UK Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson who has arrived for a bilateral meeting with his Ukrainian counterpart the Minister of Defence of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak on his first visit to Ukraine #GlobalBritain #UKinUkraine…”