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Much on AI and robotics, and many interesting updates on programs, especially in the US.

Capability / Strategy / History Publications

The Algorithms of August – Foreign Policy

The AI arms race won’t be like previous competitions, and both the United States and China could be left in the dust.

Beyond Killer Robots: How Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Resilience in Cyber Space   – War on the Rocks

Recently, one of us spent a week in China discussing the future of war with a group of American and Chinese academics. Everyone speculated about the role

Differentiating a port from a shipyard is a new kind of problem for AI

Researchers at IARPA and Lockheed Martin used artificial intelligence to identify more than 100 objects a second in satellite imagery. They were right 83 percent of the time.

Marines want to use artificial intelligence to help find and neutralize sea mines

Some technology includes remotely operated vehicles, unmanned underwater vehicles and aerial drones combined with sensors to detect and analyze ordnance.

DIA announces winners in massive intelligence technology contract

The HELIOS contract seeks to develop technologies that can enhance the intelligence gathering capabilities within the elusive agency and prevent

Congress’s Quantum Science Bill May Not Keep the US Military Ahead of China – Defense One

China aims to “leapfrog” US military in 10 years with unhackable computers and stealth-defeating radar.

Russian roboticist sees all-but-lethal autonomous weapon systems by 2030

As more robots take the role of humans on the battlefield, figuring out what tasks will remain in human hands is vital.

SpaceX: We’ll Consider Launching Space Weapons If Asked – Defense One

Elon Musk’s rocket startup says it might join the space arms race.

Cognitive Science Helps Explain How We Blunder Into War – Defense One

A new book explores how common flaws in human reasoning drew the U.S. into Vietnam — and how tomorrow’s leaders can avoid them.

Top 10 military innovations novelties Russian defense industry Army-2018 Moscow Region Russia – YouTube

DefenseWebTV Published on Aug 28, 2018 Editorial team of Army Recognition Defense and Security present the top 10 military innovation of the Russian defense industry at Army-2018 International Military Technical Forum in the Patriotic Park Expo, Moscow Region, Russia. Summary of this video: 00:35 BMP-1AM Basurmanin based on BMP-1 tracked IFV fitted with BTR-82A turret armed with 30mm automatic cannon 00:54 New T-90M also nicknamed Proryv-3, upgrade of T-90M with new armour and remotely operated weapon station 01:33 Listva 15M107 remote-controlled demining based on BPM-97 6×6 armored vehicle chassis 02:00 Russian-made Kronshtadt Group Orion-E MALE (medium-altitude long-endurance) UAS Unmanned Aerial System 03:29 Kalashnikov Group project of military engineer and combat tasks robot 04:04 Russian Company Technica SL-STS Sarma Special Forces 4×4 all-terrain vehicle 05:01 RADA MMS BVSVT 500 coaxial drone helicopter and small drone helicopter 06:40 UBIM tracked engineer armoured vehicle based on T-90 main battle tank 08:14 Kamaz-5350 Patrol 4×4 combat armoured vehicle fitted with mine rollers and operated by remote control 08:39 New Buk-M3 Viking medium-range air defense missile system with it new radar able to track and engage up to 36 targets simultaneously.

India fires world’s fastest supersonic cruise missile from Russian Su-30 fighter jet — RT World News

India has for the first time fired a BrahMos missile from a Sukhoi Su-30 plane, with the country’s Defense Ministry claiming the air-launch a success.

Design of New Russian Maritime Patrol Aircraft Nearing Completion

The United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) continues fulfilling the contract with the Russian Defense Ministry to upgrade antisubmarine warfare Il-38 aircraft. They are operational in the Russian naval aviation. The Ilyushin Company is extending the life cycle of remaining aircraft and equipping them with modern onboard complexes. The aircraft are engaged both in defense and rescue operations. In the meantime, the Russian Navy plans to order a new-generation antisubmarine patrol aircraft. Its design for the naval aviation is nearing completion, the UAC said.

After cuts, 2019 drone budget still largest ever for Pentagon

Fewer Reapers and more quadcopters suggest one direction for future drone acquisitions.

Dedicated drone tracker can now detect swarming robots

Developed in conjunction with a NATO military, the new software can meet both military and law enforcement needs.

Could drone scraps lead back to an enemy pilot?

Retracing drone flights from data left on surviving circuits could improve base security and counter-drone technologies.

J-Stars Demise Paves Way For Radical Shift In U.S. Air Force Strategy | Aviation Week & Space Technology content from Aviation Week

U.S. Air Force hits point of no return on multidomain operational strategy.

The U.S. Air Force Plans to Arm F-15s, F-22s and F-35s with the Ultimate Weapon | The National Interest

The Air Force and DARPA are now testing new hardware and software configured to enable 4th-Generation aircraft to command drones from the cockpit in the air.

U.S. Navy Narrows LRASM Export To Seven Nations | AWIN_Defense content from Aviation Week

NATIONAL HARBOR, Maryland—The U.S. Navy has finalized its list of countries that can purchase the AGM-158C Long Range Anti-Ship Missile (LRASM) and Lockheed Martin anticipates exporting the cruise missile in three …

Air Force finds new KC-46 deficiencies, jeopardizing planned delivery date

The Boeing-made tanker has encountered yet another set of issues.

F-35 inventory soars in new Pentagon spending bill

Lawmakers finalized a $674.4 billion defense spending bill. Here’s what’s in it.

F-35 Factory Copes With Growth Spurt As Lot 11 Negotiations Drag On | Combat Aircraft content from Aviation Week

Can Lockheed Martin’s global production system meet ambitious delivery, pricing targets?

Modernization or death: Heed history’s lessons on the F-35

Modernizing America’s aerial arsenal with advanced capabilities is not an optional activity.

The US Navy is going to need a bigger boat, and it’s getting ready to buy one

The U.S. surface Navy is moving rapidly toward buying a new large surface ship that will replace the aging cruisers.

US Army to Up-Armor Two More Brigades – Defense One

An infantry unit will get Strykers, and a Stryker brigade will shift to tanks, part of the Pentagon\’s focus on great-power competition.

The Corps’ new, ‘pajama-like’ tropical uniforms will be available in June

The new tropical uniforms come at a time when the Corps has been fixated on the Pacific.

New in 2018: ‘Fast drying’ and ‘lightweight’ tropical uniform and boots

Marines in Hawaii have been testing the new tropical uniforms.

Retired Marine Four-Star Patents Jet-Killing Drone Boat – Defense One

John Allen also has a patent on a quadcopter mothership.

Raytheon to upgrade UK’s ‘R2D2’ naval defense system

The State Department approved a $75 million deal for Raytheon to million upgrade and maintain Phalanx Close-In Weapon Systems operated by Britain’s Royal Navy.

Czech Republic, Slovakia eye joint armored vehicle, howitzer acquisitions

This closer defense cooperation format could also include neighboring Poland and Hungary.

Special Reports – Comms on the Move

ENGAGEMENT ZONE! The ADF’s ground-based air defence capabilities are about to get serious! | ADBR

DARPA-Funded Work May Help Troops See Around Corners – Defense One

By setting up multiple sensors, researchers have learned to “see” what’s out of sight.

DARPA contract aims to design circuits in months, not years

DARPA wants to change the game for high-efficiency circuitry.

Point and Nuke – Foreign Policy

Remembering the era of portable atomic bombs.

Row over whether USA Australia or UK gets the wreck of Endeavour | Daily Mail Online

A team of marine archaeologists said they believe they may have found the resting place of the vessel – used by the British explorer on a voyage of discovery to Australia in 1768.