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Salisbury CW Attack / Syria / Iran / Russia Ad Hoc Update (150)

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The Anna Shapiro story is… interesting. My thoughts on her are that she is not a target for Russian secret services for assassination and is in search of attention. Whatever it takes to get more modeling jobs, eh? Ms. Shapiro, get a proper stylist, give your hair a treatment so it doesn’t look so dry, get your hair trimmed, get a decent dress that doesn’t look…  like bad upholstery, do up your makeup nicely (not overdone and certainly not underdone like it is now) and get a decent photographer.  Smile like you’re enticing someone, not like you’ve just been slapped in your lips and it hurts to smile.  Bottom line, she probably was threatened by a Russian troll, who do manage to mess with people’s minds if you aren’t familiar with their copy and paste methodology. Also, the Russian press appears to be misrepresenting her statements. We’ll know when we know. 

Let me amend the above commentary on her picture. It is an old picture after I did a little basic research. Shapiro’s hair is trimmed, treated, but appears thin. Her attire is now utterly non-Soviet… which is always a good thing.

Other than that, the COOT shootdown appears entirely human-caused. The Russian Information Warfare machine, however, is saying one thing while Putin is saying another. 

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If last week was an “epic fail” for the Russian propaganda machine, this week is shaping up to be another one. The French Ambassador to the US, Gerard Araud, provided probably the best summary for the week so far: “Russian ‘fake news’ machine going mad”.

Despite the Vozhd’s public statement absolving Israel of responsibility, and PM Netanyahu’s offer to send the Chief of Air Staff of the Israeli AF to Muscovy to brief the Russians, the Russian propaganda machine continued to churn out anti-Israeli items, and continued its posture of presenting Israel as the responsible party. Google News searches show a lot of Western media citing the retraction, but there are very few reports from Russian media or proxies presenting this. The initial Russian MoD blameshifting is possibly still the most common report on a Google News search.

It appears that most of the “Russian ‘fake news’ machine” did not get the Vozhd’s memo, or somehow refuses to accept its veracity. Bizarre barely describes it – or maybe Russian propagandists simply had difficulty accepting the fact that their dubious blameshifting was wrong, ill considered, and damaging to Russia’s strategic interests in the Middle East, so much so that their President had to intervene?

Most Western “analysts” commenting on the Syrian missile attack on the COOT have produced quite lame explanations, despite the wealth of detailed Russian and English language material on the S-200V / SA-5 GAMMON system on the web – the best and most accurate appraisal is by Khodarenko in Meduza, he is a former PVO missileer who has intimate understanding of the S-200V system (which he describes in some detail), and states: “But this was likely a mistake by specific people on the combat crew: the group’s commander, the target-acquisition officer, the guidance operator, and the launch officer. The equipment, as a rule, was probably not at fault.” – while also choosing his language very carefully not to expose himself. More bad taste stories on Salisbury from Russia. Finally, the other Russia related story making waves in the media is Polish Pres. Duda’s quip on Fort Trump, that has gone viral.

In the UK, Wiltshire police rule out Novichok in the illness of the two diners in a Salisbury restaurant – Anna Shapiro, a Russian model who claims to be the daughter of a Russian General, and her English husband Alex King, reported to be critically ill following a seizure. Shapiro told the UK tabloid media that she believed she was the target of a Russian poisoning attack following death threats she said she had received. Wiltshire police are reported to be skeptical – possibly as she does not have the kind of background to make her of interest to the regime.

Other media traffic on Syria and Iran has largely been displaced by the COOT story and especially its aftermath.

Netanyahu: Israel Ready to Assist Russia in Il-20 Incident Probe – Sputnik International

TEL AVIV (Sputnik) – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reassured Russian President Vladimir Putin in a phone call on Tuesday that Tel Aviv is ready to provide Moscow with all necessary information to facilitate the probe into the downing of a Russian military plane in Syria, Netanyahu’s press service said.

Il-20 Accidentally Downed by Syria: Putin Calls Incident Tragic Chain of Events – Sputnik International

A Russian military aircraft went off radar near Hmeymim Airbase on Monday, which coincided with Israeli strikes on Syrian targets in Latakia. On Tuesday, the Russian MoD stated that the plane was downed by Syrian air defenses after Israeli jets used it as cover. In light of the revelations, Sputnik has rounded up the key details about the incident.

‘Israel Will Have a Price to Pay’ After Downing of Russian Aircraft – Sputnik International

Following a event-packed start to the week in Syria, in which a ceasefire in Idlib was reached and a Russian aircraft with 15 service members aboard was downed near Latakia, “Israel will have a price to pay,” a former UK diplomat told Sputnik.

TASS: Russian Politics & Diplomacy – Kremlin comments on Russian military plane incident in Syria

Peskov refrained from making any comments or speculations regarding the likely effects on Russia’s relations with Israel

TASS: Military & Defense – Defense chief vows response to Israel’s actions that caused fatal crash of Il-20 aircraft

The Russian defense minister says Israeli F-16s delivered strikes on Syria using the Russian Il-20 recon plane as cover

TASS: Russian Politics & Diplomacy – Kremlin: Putin’s opinion of Mediterranean plane crash relies on Defense Ministry’s data

Putin in a conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu accepted Israel’s proposal for presenting its own data regarding the Ilyushin-20 incident to Moscow

TASS: Military & Defense – Syria downed Russia’s plane because Israeli F-16s used it as cover — Russian top brass

The bombing raid was not far from France’s frigate The Auvergne

Russia summons Israel envoy after plane downed in Syria – Khaleej Times

The Israeli ambassador has been summoned to the foreign ministry over the situation.

Syria mistakenly downs Russian plane, Moscow blames Israeli ‘provocations’ – Middle East Monitor

Russia has accused Israel of being indirectly at fault for the downing of a Russian military plane by the Syrian regime after Damascus mistook the aircraft for an Israeli jet. Russia’s Defence Ministry said the Il-20 reconnaissance aircraft, with 15 Russian service personnel on board, was mistakenly brought down last night by anti-aircraft batteries of Moscow’s ally. The Syrian air force had simultaneously been responding to Israeli fighter jets that were mounting air attacks on targets in the coastal region of Latakia. “We view the actions of the Israeli military as hostile,” Russian Defence Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov told Russian state television this morning. “As a result of the irresponsible actions of the Israeli military, 15 Russian service personnel perished.” Missiles, believed to have been from Israel, were fired from the sea at several locations in Latakia last night but were intercepted by air defences. According to the ministry, the Israeli F-16 jets carrying out the strikes used the Russian plane as a cover to allow them to approach their targets on the ground without being hit by Syrian anti-aircraft fire.

Russia blames Israel after military plane shot down near Syria | Euronews

The Russian Il-20 plane had fourteen people on board as it was coming in to land at Russia’s airbase in Syria and was shot down off the Syrian coast.

Putin says Israel didn’t down Russian aircraft; Netanyahu offers condolences – Middle East News –

Earlier, Russia blamed downed military aircraft on Israel’s ‘deliberate provocations’ striking Syria ■ France denies involvement, U.S. says plane shot down by Syrian air defense systems

Putin: Syrian Downing of Russian Jet Was ‘Tragic, Accidental’

Russian president steps in to ease tensions after his defense minister blamed Israel

Putin sees ‘chance events’ behind jet downing as Israel blames Syria – France 24

President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday that the shooting down of a Russian military plane near Syria’s seacoast was accidental as Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu expressed sorrow at the deaths but blamed the Syrian military.

Putin seeks to defuse Israel crisis after Russian plane downing | Israel News | Al Jazeera

Russian leader strikes conciliatory tone as officials blame Israel after Syria mistakenly shoots down Russian plane.

Russian aircrew deaths: Putin and Netanyahu defuse tension – BBC News

Fifteen personnel died when an aircraft was downed by Syrian fire after Israel launched an air raid.

Putin sees chance circumstances behind downing of Russian plane off Syrian coast

France’s envoy to the United States on Tuesday accused Moscow of spreading fake news after Russia’s Defence Ministry said a French frigate in the Mediterranean had launched missiles on Syria.

Putin tries to defuse row with Israel over spy plane deaths | World | The Times

President Putin has sought to defuse a growing rift between Israel and Russia after the fatal downing of a military aircraft over Syria, admitting the crash was caused by a “chain of tragic circumstances”. The diplomatic crisis which seemed to be developing between Israel and Russia came after the

Russian ‘fake news’ machine going mad, says French envoy to U.S. | Reuters

France’s envoy to the United States on Tuesday accused Moscow of spreading fake news after Russia’s Defence Ministry said a French frigate in the Mediterranean had launched missiles on Syria. … “Russian fake news machine getting mad: accusing the French to have shot down a Russian plane (in fact victim of a Syrian « friend(ly) » fire),” France’s ambassador to Washington, Gerard Araud tweeted, in English.

Pompeo expresses sorrow over downing of Russian plane – Israel National News

Secretary of State says downing of Russian warplane underscores an urgent need to resolve the Syria conflict.

Trump says ‘seems to me’ Syria shot down Russian plane | Reuters

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that Syria likely shot down a Russian military plane near its coast, adding that the United States and other countries are close to eliminating the presence of Islamic State in Syria and the region.

U.S. Downplays Russian Plane Shoot-Down, Vows To Continue Fight Against IS

U.S. officials expressed sorrow over the shoot-down of a Russian military surveillance plane off the Syrian coast and said it would not affect the U.S. campaign against Islamic State (IS) fighters.

US Gave No Support to Israeli Airstrikes That Led to Russian Aircraft Shootdown |

The U.S. had no oversight or forewarning of the strikes that led to the plane’s downing off Syria, a military spokesman said.

U.S. Says Jet Downing Highlights Need to End Iran Transit of Arms to Hizbullah — Naharnet

Naharnet is the leading Lebanese news destination, breaking the news as it happens!

Israel determined to stop Iran in Syria, PM tells Putin

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed Tuesday that Israel would keep acting against its arch foe Iran in Syria, after a Russian aircraft was accidentally downed there by Syria during an Israeli missile strike. Netanyahu also “expressed sorrow” over the deaths of the 15 Russian crew members

Israel expresses ‘sorrow’ for Russian deaths, blames Syria and Iran for downing jet | The Express Tribune

‘Israel holds the Assad regime, whose milita­ry shot down the Russia­n plane, fully respon­sible for this incide­nt’

Putin absolves Israel over Syria strike, but crisis with Moscow reaches all the way to Tehran – Middle East News –

Monday’s incident near Latakia, in which 15 Russian soldiers were killed in a downed plane, might see Russia toughen its stance toward Israel and curtail the air force’s freedom of action in Syria

Who Really Shot Down Russia’s Plane? | The National Interest

These are the complicated circumstances surrounding the incident and what they mean for Russia and Syria.

Russia’s Claim That Israeli F-16s Used Their Doomed Il-20 Spy Plane As Cover Doesn’t Add Up – The Drive

It’s not clear how the Kremlin might respond after the embarrassing incident in which Syrian forces accidentally shot down the Russian aircraft.

Syrian Air Defenses Downed a Russian Spy Plane with Russian Missiles

The Syrians were responding to an attack by Israeli fighter jets.

Syria accidentally shoots down Russian military plane with missiles sold to them by Russia | NEWSREP

A Russian military aircraft with 14 people on board was reportedly inadvertently shot down by allied Syrian forces as they attempted to engage incoming

Russian military plane shot down by Syrian government

An unnamed US official said it believes the aircraft was accidentally shot down by Russia’s ally, Syria.

Syria’s air defences kill 15 Russian airmen in the latest embarrassing blunder | Business Insider

Syria’s air defences have again proven ineffective and even dangerous as they killed 15 Russian servicemembers flying aboard an Il-20 spy plane during an air battle over the Mediterranean on Monday night.

Russia says Syria shot down one of its military planes, blames Israel: RIA

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday that Syrian forces were to blame for the downing of a Russian military jet off Syria’s coast but he offered “all necessary information” to investigate the incident.

Why Russia can’t blame Israel over its aircraft loss in Syria

In their attempt to shoot down Israeli aircraft on Monday night, Syrian air defense units ended up bringing down a Russian military transport Il-20 aircraft instead. Although the Russian defense ministry has reacted with outrage toward Israel, Russian president Vladimir Putin has taken a softer tone.

Russia blames Israel after Syria shoots down plane – YouTube

CNN Published on Sep 18, 2018 Syria anti-aircraft fire downed a Russian military plane after an Israeli attack on Syrian positions, killing 15 people on board, according to the Russian government. CNN’s Arwa Damon and Matthew Chance report.


S-200V Video including consoles and displays (Iran):

Mikhail Khodarenko | A military expert explains what could have led Syria to shoot down a Russian warplane — Meduza

Before dawn on September 18, Syrian air-defense forces shot down an Ilyushin Il-20 Russian military surveillance plane over the Mediterranean Sea, killing all five servicemen aboard. Russia’s Defense Ministry later blamed the incident on the Israeli Air Force, which earlier that night carried out airstrikes against multiple targets on the Syrian coast. According to Moscow, the Syrians were aiming for an Israeli F-16 jet and accidentally hit the Russian aircraft. Israel, meanwhile, says its planes were already back in Israeli airspace when the Ilyushin Il-20 was shot down. At Meduza’s request, military analyst, air-defense specialist, and former Joint Staff employee Mikhail Khodarenko explains how the Syrians could have destroyed an allied warplane. All this happened because Syria’s combat crews didn’t actually know the situation in the airspace above the battlefield. And it was of course due to the fact that they committed a whole series of live-fire mistakes. Most importantly, when acquiring a target, they should have carefully determined its nature and statehood. Apparently, this wasn’t done. They also should have determined its coordinates, and obviously they didn’t do this, either. Carrying out live fire without this data is impossible. Because the S-200 missile system has certain features, we can hypothesize about what might have happened. For example, these missile systems are perfectly capable of firing based on what is called monochromatic-radiation mode, which does not determine the distance to a target, and acquisition and destruction occurs entirely through angular coordinates. The target-indication screens on S-200s are very small — no bigger than a matchbox. Without precise information about the distance to a target, mistakes are possible. To change the firing mode to determine the target’s distance, you must select the “range ambiguity” option. But this takes a certain amount of time, and the Syrians apparently were in a hurry to fire their weapon, so they didn’t bother checking the range. They opened fire without understanding whom they were targeting. It’s also possible that the rocket’s homing-system failed, sending it into frequency-search mode and leading it to lock onto a nearby object with the largest reflective surface — in this case, the Ilyushin Il-20. We can’t speculate about a friend-or-foe identification system, because we don’t know if one was installed. And we have absolutely no clue if the combat crew activated it.

Russian Company to Award Salisbury Poisoning Suspects With Trademark for Chemicals Production

Russia’s Golden Brand company has applied to trademark the phrase “Petroff & Boshiroff,” its spokesperson told The Moscow Times on Wednesday. “After the name gets registered, we will gift it to Bashirov and Petrov, and they can start a company if they want,” a spokesperson for the company said. “We did it as a marketing tool; it’s good for public relations,” she added. The trademark will allow its holders to manufacture and sell industrial chemicals and perfume, as well as operate fitness centers and travel agencies, the Moskva news agency reported. The men who identified themselves as Petrov and Boshirov on state television last week said they took a leisure trip to Salisbury to see the “world-famous” cathedral and its spire. In an interview the British government labeled “an insult to the public’s intelligence,” the men said they ran a sports nutrition business.

Two People Who Recently Got Ill in Salisbury Not Exposed to Nerve Agent – Police – Sputnik International

Earlier, local police cordoned off streets in Salisbury and an Italian restaurant as a “precautionary measure” after a man and woman fell ill amid reports of “possible nerve agent poisoning.” At least one of the patients was thought to be Russian.

Russian Model, Her British Husband Revealed to Be Poisoned in Salisbury – Report – Sputnik International

The couple fell ill after having dinner in a local restaurant, meters away from the café where, in March, former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter had lunch before being hospitalized, allegedly poisoned with what the British authorities described as a nerve agent “Novichok,” invented in the Soviet Union.

TASS: World – Source: EU summit in Salzburg not to adopt new anti-Russia sanctions over Skripal case

The summit is due to be held on September 20

‘Fort Trump’: US considers permanent base in Poland

The president appears to be supportive of Poland’s goal to have U.S. forces based there permanently.

Poland’s president recommends “Fort Trump” as name for US military base – Vox

Poland’s President Andrzej Duda says a permanent US military base in Poland should be named “Fort Trump.”

Fort Trump? Polish President Makes Pitch For U.S. Permanent Military Base

Polish President Andrzej Duda has made a pitch for a permanent U.S. military base in his country and suggested that it be called Fort Trump. Duda made the comments during a visit to Washington D.C following a meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump on September 18. Trump said his administration was “looking at” the proposal.

Poland’s president wants ‘Fort Trump’ military base to deter Russia

Polish President Andrzej Duda asked President Trump to construct a permanent U.S. military base in his country to deter Russia, publicly suggesting that it be named “Fort Trump.”

‘Fort Trump’? Polish President urges US to consider opening base – CNNPolitics

Polish President Andrzej Duda urged President Donald Trump on Tuesday during a joint news conference to deploy more US troops and military equipment to Poland, even suggesting the US establish a permanent military base and name it “Fort Trump.”

Polish President’s ‘Fort Trump’ Military Base Idea Sets Internet Ablaze

Twitter users lit up at the suggestion, as did President Donald Trump.

Poland used to be okay with Trump. Then, he posted a photo. – The Washington Post

“The message is clear: Americans do not respect Poles,” one researcher argued.

Of Cold War Poland and Today’s Hot Topics – Russian Roulette Episode 62 by CSIS

In this episode, Jeff sits down with Seth G. Jones, director of the Transnational Threats Project and a senior adviser to the International Security Program at CSIS, to discuss Seth’s forthcoming book, A Covert Action: Reagan, the CIA, and the Cold War Struggle in Poland , and the legacy of Cold War political warfare. (Read more at…-roulette-episode-62)

Wiltshire Police confirm no nerve agent exposure for Salisbury diners – BBC News

Two people fell ill at a restaurant but police have ruled out exposure to a nerve agent.

Couple who fell ill in Salisbury not exposed to novichok, police confirm | UK news | The Guardian

Nationality of pair not revealed after a witness on Sunday reported they were Russian

Couple who fell ill in Salisbury not exposed to novichok, police say | Metro News

Two people who fell ill in a Salisbury Prezzo restaurant on Sunday were not exposed to a nerve agent, test results have confirmed. A man, aged 42, and a woman,…

Salisbury Novichok scare NOT being treated as suspicious after couple fall ill eating at Prezzo – Mirror Online

The man and woman were taken to Salisbury District Hospital on Sunday after emergency services were called to the eaterie, close to where Sergei and Yulia Skripal had dined before they collapsed

Pair taken ill in Prezzo, Salisbury, were not exposed to nerve agent | Salisbury Journal

POLICE have confirmed that two patients taken ill in Salisbury on Sunday night were not exposed to “any kind of nerve agent”.

No link to Skripal case in new Salisbury scare: police

A couple who fell ill in the British city of Salisbury at the weekend had not been in contact with the nerve agent used to poison a Russian ex-spy and his daughter, police said Tuesday, confirming there was no link between the incidents. The incident sparked fears that their illness was caused by traces

Russian-born woman claims she was target in Salisbury scare | UK news | The Guardian

Anna Shapiro says her husband is still in hospital; police say no novichok was found. Police are continuing to treat an incident in Salisbury that triggered a fresh nerve agent scare as not suspicious, despite one of those caught up in it claiming she and her partner were targeted by Moscow. In a bizarre twist to the novichok saga, Russian-born Anna Shapiro told a British red-top newspaper that she and her husband were the couple who had been dining at the Prezzo restaurant on Sunday and who had fallen ill at the premises. Shapiro, 30, an events organiser and model, told the Sun her father was a Russian general. She claimed Moscow wanted her dead because she had turned her back on her homeland. She said her 42-year-old husband was still being treated at Salisbury district hospital and was seriously ill. She had discharged herself. Police sources reacted with deep scepticism to Shapiro’s account. It is understood that police do not yet fully understand how the couple apparently became ill but tests ruled out poisoning with novichok or any other sort of nerve agent and have not so far suggested that any crime was committed.

Who is Anna Shapiro – Russian model claiming to be targeted with poison by Putin in Salisbury?

Anna, 30, was born in Nizhny Novgorod, in the then-Soviet Union in 1988. Her father was a general in the Russian army and played for the military orchestra. But she became an Israeli citizen in 2006 — against her family’s wishes. Anna also works as an event-space company director. She moved to London in 2008 and studied for three years at Westminster Law School. Anna met businessman Alex King, 42, soon after and they were married last month. … She fears the couple were targeted by would-be assassins who laced their food with rat poison. The terrified Russian model said she found her husband collapsed in the men’s toilet “foaming at the mouth”. … Anna believes she was targeted by Russian president Vladimir Putin’s assassins — just like the Skripals. She had recently fled London after receiving a string of death threats. She told The Sun: “I was targeted by Putin’s henchmen. They want me dead as I oppose Putin and have turned my back on my country. Russia is capable of anything.”

Salisbury: Russian model says Vladimir Putin tried to kill her in Prezzo attack | Daily Star

A RUSSIAN model living in the UK claims she was the intended victim of a poisoning in Salisbury two days ago.

‘He wants me DEAD,’ Russian model says Putin tried to POISON her in Salisbury poisoning | UK | News |

A RUSSIAN lingerie model who fell in Salisbury last week has claimed Vladimir Putin targeted her with rat poison in the popular Italian chain restaurant, Prezzo.

Salisbury ‘poisoning victim’ is Russian model who claims she was targeted by Putin with rat poison in Prezzo – Daily Record

Anna Shapiro, 30, and husband Alex King both fell ill on Sunday in the Wiltshire city and were rushed to hospital where Alex reportedly remains fighting for his life

Salisbury ‘poisoning victim’ is Russian model who claims she was targeted by Putin with rat poison in Prezzo – Mirror Online

Anna Shapiro, 30, and husband Alex King both fell ill on Sunday in the Wiltshire city and were rushed to hospital where Alex reportedly remains fighting for his life

Russian model claims Putin tried to kill her with rat poison – Daily Sabah

Russian model Anna Shapiro claimed Wednesday that she and her husband Alex King were the target of a poison attack ordered by the Kremlin in Britain’s…

Russian model describes panic after falling ill with husband in Salisbury Prezzo restaurant | Metro News

A woman has told of the panic after she and her husband fell ill at a Salisbury restaurant. Russian-born Anna Shapiro, 30, and her husband Alex King both became violently ill in the city’s Prezzo. Mr King, 42, is reportedly still in hospital while tests are carried out.

Russian model Anna Shapiro claims to be woman who fell ill in Salisbury Prezzo | Salisbury Journal

A WOMAN has told how she and her husband fell ill at a Salisbury restaurant, sparking fears they had fallen victim to Novichok poisoning.

Tragedy? Farce? Confusion? The Method Behind That Russian Poisoning Interview – The New York Times

When two Russians were trotted out to deny British accusations that they tried to kill an ex-spy, few believed them. Maybe no one was really meant to.

Smirking Russians are now the butt of the joke | Comment | The Times

Ah, the theories. The theories and the jokes. Last week, as you’ll know, the two Russian suspects accused of seeking to murder the former spy Sergei Skripal did a bizarre, hilarious interview on Russian television, in which they professed a love of Salisbury’s tourist sites and ended up vaguely implying that they might also have a different sort of love for each other. British social media was delighted. My favourite gag was the suggestion that MI5 should have anticipated the first half of this, and perhaps changed the Wikipedia entry for Salisbury Cathedral to say it was “designed by the famous architect Dale Winton”.

Russia backs off threats after US Marine Corps show of force in Syria – Business Insider

Following a show of force by the US Marine Corps in Syria, Russia has backed off its earlier threats to conduct operations in an area of strategic significance for the Russians, the Syrians, and the Iranians.

UAWire – US carrier strike group enters Mediterranean

A US Navy carrier strike group, headed by Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Harry Truman, has begun an operation in the Mediterranean Sea, the …

Putin wants to claim the victory in Syria – but he needs to watch out for his old ally Iran 

There can be no better example of Russia&rsquo;s increasingly complex role in the endgame to Syria&rsquo;s brutal civil war than yesterday&rsquo;s shooting down of a Russian aeroplane by Russian-made anti-aircraft missiles operated by the Syrian military.

UN Syria envoy thanks Erdoğan, Putin for Idlib agreement, asks speedy application – Daily Sabah

A U.N. representative for Syria on Tuesday praised the agreement reached between Russia and Turkey that has averted what officials had warned could have…

Russia and Turkey created a buffer zone in Syria. Now will it hold? | PBS NewsHour

Charles Lister of the Middle East Institute describes what’s motivating Turkey and Russia to enforce the buffer zone in Idlib, Syria, as well as what the U.S. thinks of the agreement, in an extended version of his interview on Monday’s PBS NewsHour.

TASS: World – UN welcomes Russian-Turkish agreements on Syria’s Idlib — envoy

The UN has warned against any actions that might deteriorate the situation in Syria following an incident with Russia’s Il-20 plane

How Putin’s Syrian War Is Humbling Trump – Foreign Policy

The Kremlin is filling the vacuum created by the U.S. retreat from the Middle East—now, with a buffer zone in Idlib.

Once Upon a Time, America Needed Syria – Foreign Policy

Americans have forgotten that their long history of intervention in the Middle East started in Damascus. Now it might end there.

Assad Has Won and America Must Go | The National Interest

What does Washington think it can accomplish in Syria?

ISIS Sees Opportunity as Syria’s Rebellion Falls – Defense One

Religious extremists will try to inherit the energy of the all-but-defeated rebellion, just as they did in Iraq after the surge.

Gutfeld: Did John Kerry violate the Logan Act? – YouTube

Fox News Published on Sep 17, 2018 Former Secretary of State John Kerry’s secret meetings with a regime that is openly hostile to the American people sure seem a little like collusion?