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Syrian IADS Kills Russian VKS Il-20M COOT ELINT Aircraft

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Most of the reports are coming out of Russia. First the Russians blamed the French, claiming a French FFG launched SLCMs at Syrian targets near Latakia. The kill was then repeatedly attributed to AAA despite the aircraft being lost over the Med. Most reports claim that ASCMs or ASMs were used.

Finally, the Russian MoD provided a briefing in which they blamed the Israeli AF, claiming four F-16Is attacked targets near Latakia using GBU-39 Small Diameter Bombs, and used the hapless VKS Il-20M COOT as cover.

Given the difficulty in trying to keep four jets on the same bearing off a coastal SAM site against a crossing COOT this is a scarcely credible tale – the Russian MoD has a track record of absolute whoppers, so should we be surprised?

We have yet to see a briefing by the Israelis that might shed a little more light on the matter.

What is abundantly clear is that Russian and Syrian IADS deconfliction and IFF failure is the cause of the aircraft loss. Confusing a track for a lumbering turboprop COOT – Russia’s answer to the EP-3C Aries – with tracks for multiple F-16s and gliding SDBs makes little sense.

This is sad for the families of the 15 VKS airmen lost, but blame falls clearly on the Syrians and Russians for not doing their deconfliction properly, and also for poor fire control discipline. Both Russia and Syria have established track records for shooting without paying attention to what they are shooting at. This time it has cost them. Another self-inflicted injury.

Russian Il-20 downed by Syrian missile after Israeli F-16s used it as cover during attack – MoD — RT World News

The Russian military says an Israeli raid on Syria triggered a chain of events that led to its Il-20 plane being shot down by a Syrian S-200 surface-to-air missile. Moscow reserves the right to respond accordingly.

Russian MoD Blames Israel for Attack Which Led to Downing of Il-20 by Syria – Sputnik International

The Russian Defense Ministry held a press conference to discuss the destruction of a Russian military aircraft with people on board off the coast of Syria, which happened at the same time that Israeli and French forces were mounting aerial attacks on targets in Syria.

Russia ‘reserves right to respond’ after saying Israel’s actions led to downing of Il-20 by Syria — RT World News

The Russian military has accused their Israeli counterparts of causing Syrian air defense forces to shoot down a Russian Il-20 plane. The air defenses were responding to an air raid by Israel on Latakia.

Russian Aircraft Went Off Radar Near Hmeymim Airbase in Syria, Military Reports – Sputnik International

A Russian Il-20 aircraft went off radar near Hmeymim airbase in Syria Monday evening, coinciding with an attack on the province of Latakia.

Russia: Israel gave warning a minute before attacking – Israel National News

Russian defense ministry asserts that Syrian anti-aircraft systems activated after Israeli attack had downed Russian plane.

Russia Registered Rocket Launches From French Frigate in Mediterranean on Monday – Sputnik International

Russian airspace control means registered missile launches from French frigate in Mediterranean late on Monday, Russian military reported.

Russian military plane with 14 on board disappears during Israeli strikes on Latakia — RT World News

A Russian military Il-20 aircraft with 14 service members on board went off the radars during an attack by four Israeli jets on Syria’s Latakia province, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

Report: Syria mistakenly downs Russian plane as it repels alleged Israeli strike | The Times of Israel

Russia implies France or Israel responsible for missing aircraft; Syria claims 2 killed after Israel fires missiles from Lebanese airspace toward chemical weapons-linked facility

‘Israel launches series of strikes on targets near Syria’s Latakia’ – Syria – Haaretz.com

Unusual strikes attributed to Israel by Arab media ■ Missiles hit area near Russian military base injuring 10; Syrian military source says some were intercepted

Russian minister blames Israel after military aircraft shot down over Syria with loss of 15 lives – AOL News

The military aircraft was said to have been caught in the crossfire as four Israeli fighters attacked targets in the northwest of the country.

i24NEWS – Russia blames Israel for downing of military jet by Syrian air defenses

Russia’s ministry of defense confirmed on Tuesday that one of its military jets was accidentally shot down by Syrian government air defenses as they confronted four Israeli F-16s in the coastal region of Latakia, killing 15 Russian servicemen. Israeli pilots carrying out attacks on Syrian targets “used the Russian plane as a cover, exposing it to fire from Syrian air defenses,” a statement by the Russian military said. Moscow accused Israel of “deliberate provocations” in Latakia and blamed the Israeli air force for “pushing” the Russian Il-20 military jet into the line of Syrian missiles. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu told his Israeli counterpart Avigdor Lieberman Tuesday that Moscow may consider measures to respond to the downing of a Russian plane over Syria, as he lay “full” blame on Israel’s air force. “The full blame for the shot-down Russian plane and death of the crew is on the Israeli side,” Shoigu told Lieberman in a phone call, according to a ministry statement, adding that Russia “reserves the right to future response measures.” Russia, which is backing Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad’s government forces in the country’s civil war, has largely given Israeli warplanes a free hand over Syrian skies turning a blind eye to frequent strikes on Iran-backed forces and armaments.

Russian military aircraft downed by Syrian forces, killing 15; Moscow blames Israeli aggression | Fox News

Russia’s military on Tuesday said one of its aircraft with 15 people on board was shot down by Syrian government missiles and blamed the Israeli Air Force for pushing its Il-20 jet into the line of fire of Syrian missiles.

Russia blames Israel after military plane shot down off Syria – BBC News

The aircraft vanished after Israeli jets put it into the path of Syrian air defence, Moscow says.

Russia blames Israel after military plane downed near Syria | News | The Times

Russia’s Defense Ministry has blamed the Israeli Air Force after one of its military aircraft disappeared over the Mediterranean off the coast of Syria.The Il-20 aircraft with 14 people on board went off radar yesterday at about 8pm UK time on its way back to a Russian base near the city of Latakia

Syria shoots down Russian military jet, but Moscow blames Israel – Al Arabiya English

Russias defense ministry said on Tuesday that one if its military aircraft with 15 people on board disappeared from radar screens over Syria because

The Aviationist » Russia Reports Il-20M “Coot-A” Electronic Intelligence Aircraft Lost in Syria During Israeli Air Strike Near Latakia

By Tom Demerly | Confusion surrounds the causes of the loss. U.S. military says they believe the aircraft was shot down by Syrian Air Defense. Russians mention the proximity of Israeli F-16 Jets and French frigate in the area at the time of the incident.

Russian IL-20 Surveillance Plane Went Down Off Syrian Coast During Israeli Missile Barrage – The Drive

The Il-20 disappeared as Syrian air defenses responded to an Israeli strike. Russia has insinuated that a French frigate may have been involved.

Syria may have shot down a Russian plane while fending off an Israeli missile strike | Business Insider

Syrian forces reportedly responded to a number of Israeli missiles that were launched towards the city of Latakia, when it accidentally shot the Russian maritime patrol aircraft.

Syria accidentally shot down Russian military plane, admits Kremlin

Blames Israel for putting Il-20 in path of anti-aircraft batteries, reserves right to take ‘appropriate measures’.

CNN: Syria accidentally shot down Russian Il-20 electronic reconnaissance aircraft – Defence Blog

Russian Air Force Ilyushin Il-20 electronic reconnaissance aircraft with 14 servicemen on board disappeared over the Mediterranean Sea, an official with Russia’s Defense Ministry told reporters on 18 September. Air traffic controllers at Khmeimim Airbase “lost contact” with the aircraft on Monday evening, during an attack by Israeli F-16 fighters on Latakia. The Russian maritime reconnaissance aircraft was 35km off the coast of Syria when it vanished. According to the CNN, the Il-20aircraft with multiple personnel on board was inadvertently shot down by Syrian regime anti-aircraft artillery on Monday after the Syrians came under attack by Israeli missiles, according to a US official with knowledge of the incident. The US official said the regime was actually trying to stop a barrage of Israeli missiles. A second official confirmed that Israel was responsible for the missile strikes on the Syrian regime. The US found out about the incident because Syrian forces broadcast an emergency search and rescue radio call on an international frequency. The US then got a direct message from another country about the type of aircraft and circumstances of the incident. The official would not identify that country, but it is likely that Russia is the only nation that would know exactly what type of aircraft was shot down. A spokesman for the Pentagon told CNN that the missiles were not fired by the US military but would not speak as to who was behind the strikes. An Israel Defense Forces spokesman declined to comment on the reports. But Russia’s official also said that at the same time, the Russian radars fixed missile launches from the French frigate Auvergne, which was in that area.

Syria accidentally shoots down Russian plane – CNNPolitics

A Russian maritime patrol aircraft with multiple personnel on board was inadvertently shot down by Syrian regime anti-aircraft artillery on Monday after the Syrians came under attack by Israeli missiles, according to a US official with knowledge of the incident

Russian military plane with 14 on board goes off radar in Latakia during Syria strike amid reports it was ‘accidentally shot down’

The Russian Defence Ministry reported losing contact with the Il-20 aircraft carrying 14 crew members at around 8pm last night

Report: Syrian Regime ‘Inadvertently’ Shoots Down Russian Military Plane – The Daily Beast

Russia’s Defense Ministry says a French frigate had been launching a missile when the aircraft disappeared.

Syrian Missile Downs Russian Military Jet Over The Mediterranean, Killing All 15 On Board | HuffPost

Russia blamed Israel for the crash, saying the plane was caught in the crossfire as four Israeli fighters attacked targets in northwestern Syria.

Syria conflict: Russia’a military aircraft ‘SHOT DOWN’ during assault in Latakia province | World | News | Express.co.uk

A RUSSIAN il-20 aircraft carrying 14 Russian soldiers has gone off radar in Syria during an attack by Israel in the Latakia province, the Russian Defence Ministry has claimed.

Syrian air defences ‘intercept missiles’ targeting Latakia | Syria News | Al Jazeera

State media blames Israel for strikes that targeted ‘state technical industry institutions’.

Syria Hit By Missiles Just Hours After Russia and Turkey Make Deal

Syrian air defenses are reportedly engaging missiles over the west coast city of Latakia.

Unclaimed missile strike pounds Syrian town hosting Russian naval base | Business Insider

Syria’s coastal city of Latakia, which hosts a large Russian naval base and military presence, has come under attack from an unclaimed missile strike that Syria attributes to Israel.

The Aviationist » Russia has deployed at least one Il-20 Coot spyplane to Syria

By David Cenciotti A frequent visitor of the international airspace over the Baltic has been deployed to Syria.