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Syria Shoots Down Russian Plane

Russian IL-20 was shot down by 1960s era Syrian S-200 Air Defense System.

According to CNN, Syria shot down a Russian Plane.

Immediately, Russia blamed Israel.

Already the Russian propaganda story is unraveling, however.

A Russian IL-20 military aircraft was shot down.

The IL-20 was shot down by a Syrian S-200, “as Damascus tried to defend against strikes by four Israeli F-16s on government targets, the Interfax news agency reported.

Russia has summoned the Israeli envoy.

Apparently, Syria cannot discern between Russian planes, which are large, and Israeli F-16s, which are much smaller.

Israel did strike Syrian government targets, according to Haaretz.

It seems, however, the Israeli struck targets are near Latakia and the downed Russian plane was near Idlib. 

Latakia and Idlib are 88 kilometers apart.

Israel needs to summon the Russian envoy to explain that discrepancy.