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Pathetically Bad Russian “FSB” Propaganda

This is really horrendous propaganda, it’s too bad to be remotely true.

This ‘article’ implicates the SBU, Right Sector, and ISIS in an assassination plot to kill a ‘leader’ in the DNR.

It’s too detailed about who is hiring the ISIS guy but gives zero details about the intended target.

$10,000 is the price they’re going to pay.  US dollars to a guy living in Dagestan and is going to work in the DNR in Ukraine, right beside Russia?

Then there is this extraordinary video.  A few things struck me right from the beginning. The FSB “agents” run up to a known ISIS guy and do not have drawn weapons. They’re only carrying handguns to take down a supposedly dangerous man. Both the FSB agents and the suspect are wearing fairly new sneakers, and I’ve never heard of someone in tactical gear not wearing boots.

The video then shifts to his house, where obviously he has hidden something, but that is not shown or explained.

Then the video shifts to his “confession”, where he spills his guts about everything.  He is not intimidated, his clothes are still clean, he has no bruises, cuts, or bandages. The ‘suspect’ is not handcuffed.  The ‘suspect’ gives a full and complete confession, without pause.

Staged, phony, and completely fabricated…

Here’s the video.

On September 9, the FSB detained a member of the terrorist organization “Islamic State” (IG, banned in the Russian Federation) in the Smolensk region, which cooperated with Ukrainian special services, according to the FSB’s Public Relations Center.

According to the Russian special service, a native of Dagestan, Magomedov Medzhid Gabibulaevich, born in 1988, was preparing a murder of one of the leaders of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) on instructions from the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) and the “Right Sector” (banned in the Russian Federation). He was confiscated by an explosive device with a capacity of 1.5 kg of TNT, as well as a pistol with a silencer and ammunition.

The FSB Public Relations Center published a six-minute video of the detention, a search in Medzhid Magomedov’s apartment and his interrogation. He said that the SBU promised him $ 10 thousand for eliminating one of the leaders of the militia of the People’s Republic of Germany. “Esbehouse called himself Rustam, offered to get us weapons and, perhaps, on the territory of Russia to do some terrorist attacks. To understand how we can work, we were given the first order – the order was in the Smolensk region, they said that it was some kind of commander of some militia of the DNR, they said that after the operation they will give us $ 10 thousand, “said Magid Magomedov…

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