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Ukraine Intercepts Russian Military Satellite Data

Breaking codes was an art. During World War II, when the Allies broke the Enigma code, it enabled the Brits and the Americans to successfully move strategically against the Nazis. 

With this announcement, Poroshenko: Ukrainian specialists intercept data of Russian military satellitesUkraine is telling the world that it has already strategically beaten Russia at least once, enabled by breaking a strategic means of communications.

This will, in a friend’s words, make the Russians “apoplectic”.  

We already know Russia struggles with long-range secure communications, moving special platforms into Syria to enable communications with Moscow. 

Secure communications via satellites requires secure encryption. There are a variety of techniques with pros and cons to each. Obviously, Ukraine has broken the Russian code. It is even possible the US did and forwarded the intercepted intelligence to Ukraine. It is even possible that the information was collected by a completely different “int” and Ukraine is injecting an element of doubt into the hearts and minds of the Russians, so that the Russians doubt the efficacy of their secure communications. This is strategic psychological operations.

We can confirm Ukraine forces blunted a Russian attack exactly the way and at the same position, Zholobok, indicated by President Poroshenko.  Situation stabilized in Donbas after deadly attack on Ukrainian positions – Poroshenko

Russia doesn’t know the truth about this and Ukraine isn’t telling. 

I would say Ukraine has now taken the initiative away from Russia and their own kind of offensive.  Russia should be afraid.  Very afraid. 

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Poroshenko: Ukrainian specialists intercept data of Russian military satellites

According to him, it has become possible owing to the specialists in the IT area

08:30, 9 September 2018

President Petro Poroshenko claimed that Ukrainian specialists learned to intercept the data of Russian military satellites. The Head of the State reported this during his working visit to Vinnytsia, as RBK-Ukraine advises.

‘Before the Independence Day, they have traditionally tried to spoil the holiday. Troop on the site of Zholobok settlement in the zone of attack tried to burst open the line having concentrated artillery, rocket launchers, mortars. Satellite imagery, work of the intelligence etc provided a timely opportunity to bring up reserves and meet the enemy…,’ Poroshenko claimed.

According to him, this was made possible by the specialists in the relevant realm.

‘This was made possible by the specialists of communicational occupations, satellite technologies, specialists in satellite technologies. We have been intercepting Russian satellites and this means that a very strong school has already been set up in Ukraine,’ he added.



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