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Russia’s Newest Alternate Reality, Paul Collinson and Jeffrey Fields, “Panorama” Exposed As Fake By Pravda!

On 6 September, Russian Konstantin Kosachev (Константин Косачев, Senator at the Russian Federation Council and chairs its Foreign Affairs Committee) wrote about the Skripal assassination attempt:

And actually, the evening for the British followers of Sherlock Holmes stops being breathy. Let’s go for the second day of sensational revelations, but there’s nowhere to be found in the devil of the photos of the two

I can imagine someone trying to commit something. But I can’t imagine these people living in a vacuum to the extent that they haven’t been identified for a long time by the photos of dozens, hundreds, thousands of classmates, classmates, colleagues, yes and just neighbors with back.

Where is it all?

Maybe they’re really British actors?

I suspect something went wrong in London…

Maybe they’re really British actors

This was the birth of yet another possible conspiracy theory.

I thank my friends in Ukraine and the Czech Republic for their assistance. We began tracking this down and found a LOT.

A Russian “news” site named “Panorama” ran with the suggestion/joke by Kosachev and made up this story, Suspects in the poisoning of the Skripals turned out to be British actors,

Suspects of poisoning the former GRU officer Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia in Salisbury – Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov turned out to be British actors Paul Collinson and Jeffrey Fields, and the video from the surveillance cameras on which they were sealed turned out to be shots from the series “KGB Spy” which appeared on British television in the early 2000s. This was reported on his Facebook page by producer Michael Killigan.

Almost immediately Pravda debunked the story, Fake about the post of director Killigan about the killers of Skripals.  

The Russian Internet, social networks and messengers flooded the news that the alleged director Michael Killigan was exposed in Facebook by the British special services. According to the data from the fake, the poisoners of the family of the Skripals, shown by Britain to the whole world, are allegedly actors from the cult series about the KGB from the beginning of the “zero” ones.

It didn’t take long for The Sun, a British publication, to pick up that the story was fake, Russia’s fake news machine claims Skripal poison suspects are British TV actors from spy show.

Even though the story has been exposed to be fake, the story is catching fire.  This story is a mixture of fake and trying to say it’s real, The poisoners of the Skripals are “actors”: Russians caught on the fake about the KGB series mocked the network.

It’s only taken three days for this story to be “suggested”, a “news” outlet ran with the idea, this was quickly proven fake by Pravda, then the exposure happened in the UK, but still some outlets are running the story as it parts of it are real.

The fact that Pravda exposed the story as fake is notable. Conspiracy theories abound in Russia, so this is the first time I’ve seen Pravda say another Russian source was fake.

Maybe there is hope in Russia, after all.



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