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Welcome Back From Donbas, Ukraine. Next Stop, Prison. Russell “Texas” Bentley.

By all accounts, Russell “Texas” Bentley is famous.

He’s been written up in quite a few articles. I put a few in this blog, towards the bottom.

He’s on YouTube.

He’s being funded via PayPal. He’s being funded via Western Union. He’s being funded by GoFundMe, JustGiving, and Indiegogo.  Well, at least he was…

His picture is famous in some circles.

He’s not really famous, however, he’s infamous.

He is an American fighting alongside Russian forces in Donbas, Ukraine, against the legitimate Ukrainian government.

I can hear his mother now.  “You chose poorly, Russell”.  Sound effect, a phonograph needle scratching across a record…

Everything is coming to a screeching halt for Mr. Bentley. He’s coming home, and according to this he’s already back in the States.

I guaran-damn-tee you he is going to met at the airport by DHS/TSA and perhaps the FBI and gently escorted to a very friendly facility, complete with a toilet, a clean bed, three square meals per day, showers, and interrogations. He might even get a visit from a publicly provided attorney. He will be charged with aiding and abetting terrorism in a foreign country.

He’s not too smart, see the below email in the embedded Tweet.

Let’s wait to see where he really is. If he dies in Ukraine, it will be a sad and lonely death.

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