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Zakharchenko “Liquidation” – Update (3)

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The predictability of this staple Muscovy theatre beggars belief – it is truly nauseating. The Gleiwitz play does indeed come to mind.

UAWire – DPR militants extract confessions under torture from Zakharchenko assassination suspects

Militants in Donetsk have arrested 14 people on charges of planning the assassination of their leader, Alexander Zakharchenko. Four suspects confessed under torture to collaborating with Ukraine, reported Verkhovna Rada Human Rights Commissioner Pavel Lisyanskiy on Facebook, citing his own source in Donetsk. “Behind all the arrests in Donetsk and the DPR after Zakharchenko’s death is the operational headquarters of the DPR Ministry of State Security, which was created to ‘investigate’ Zakharchenko’s death. Now they are making claims about two sabotage and reconnaissance groups. And they have already spoken about a Ukrainian trail. They currently interrogate 14 people regarding these groups. According to the source’s information, four have already confessed to collaborating with Ukraine, but it’s a fake. The statements were beaten out [of them],” Lisyanskiy writes. According to him, the Donetsk “KGB officers” were assigned the task of announcing the successful conclusion of the investigation after Zakharchenko’s funeral. Lisyanskiy adds that attorneys and relatives are not permitted into the Donetsk pre-trial detention center, and that communications with the DPR detention centers are being jammed. Zakharchenko’s funeral was held on Sunday, September 2 in Donetsk. Government employees and students were forced to attend. According to the separatists, the event had a turnout of as many as 120,000 people. Delegations arrived from Russia and the unrecognized republics of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. DPR “Minister of Revenue” Alexander Timofeev, who was wounded in the same explosion that killed Zakharchenko, was also present. Zakharchenko received a fatal head wound in an explosion in the Separ cafe in the center of Donetsk on the evening of August 31. According to the Russian media, the cafe belonged to his chief of security, and the bomb was planted in the chandelier.

Window on Eurasia — New Series: Six Versions of Zakharchenko’s Liquidation

Paul Goble Staunton, September 2 – Whenever Moscow wants to hide its own role or alternatively wants to maintain as much freedom of action in the future, its official media outlets put out a variety of explanations for any event, some of which may even appear “objective” because they cast a negative light on what the Russian side may have been doing. So has been the case in the days since the death of Aleksandr Zakharchenko, the head of the self-proclaimed “Donetsk Peoples Republic” in the Russian-occupied Donbass. The odds are good that the Kremlin decided Zakharchenko was getting in the way of its plans, but other possibilities exist for someone so notoriously violent, corrupt and anti-Ukrainian. Consequently, it is a good idea to keep track of the various versions of reality that Moscow has been putting out, not because most of them are true but rather because they say a lot about how the Kremlin intends to use an action for which it is likely to have been the prime creator. Ukrainian political analyst Volodimir Volya offers a list of six versions all of which have surfaced in the Moscow media and been discussed in their Ukrainian counterparts (

They include:

  1. Internal conflicts within the DNR over property and power there.
  2. The Ukrainian special services which wanted to sow disorder in the pro-Moscow camp possibly to set the stage for a Ukrainian advance.
  3. A representative of Ukrainian rightwing radical groups taking revenge for their losses, a charge that would hurt Kyiv with its Western allies.
  4. Ukrainian veterans of the conflict, also interested in revenge and also suggesting that Kyiv isn’t in control of its own regime.
  5. Representatives of Ukrainian business angry at Zakharchenko’s confiscation of their property.
  6. The Russian special services either setting the stage for a new generation of leaders in the Donbass or for a new and expanded attack on Kyiv possibly by making Zakharchenko into “a dead hero” rather than a living problem.

Putin Has Blood On His Hands In The Murder Of Zakharchenko – To Inform is to Influence

From a trusted friend in Kyiv, Tetyana Stadnyk, shared this and the following picture with me, today. Near the Russian embassy in Kyiv today. The message is clear.

Militants use death of Zakharchenko for discreditation of Ukraine’s Armed Forces –

The pro-Russian militants use the death of Zakharchenko for the discreditation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Dmytro Hutsuliak, the spokesperson of the Defense Ministry of Ukraine claimed this referring to the information of the Chief Intelligence Department as reported. “The command of the Russia occupation troops uses the death of the head of the terrorist grouping Alexander Zakharchenko to discredit the Ukrainian law enforcement structures. Particularly, the Russian promoters continue to spread the gossips on the involvement of the Ukrainian special service in his death,” he noted.

Tens Of Thousands Attend Funeral For Slain Ukraine Separatist Leader Zakharchenko

Tens of thousands of people gathered on September 2 in the separatist stronghold of Donetsk in eastern Ukraine to mourn a top rebel leader who was recently killed in a bomb attack.

Alexander Zakharchenko: Mass turnout for Ukraine rebel’s funeral – BBC News

The head of the Russia-backed rebels in Donetsk, Alexander Zakharchenko, died in a bombing on Friday.

Slain Separatist Leader Mourned In Donetsk

People in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk gathered to mourn separatist leader Aleksandr Zakharchenko, who was killed in an explosion at a cafe on August 31. Tens of thousands of mourners lined up on September 2 to view his flag-draped casket before it was carried out of Donetsk’s Opera and Ballet Theater building and paraded through the city, which has been controlled by Russia-backed separatists since 2014.

Tens of thousands gather for funeral of Ukrainian rebel leader | Ukraine News | Al Jazeera

Alexander Zakharchenko was the highest-profile member of Moscow-backed rebels to be killed in Ukraine’s war.

Zakharchenko’s successor. “Signor Tomato” as Putin’s new shadow in Donbas | UNIAN

Russian propaganda faces a new ambitious task. It is necessary to make a super-hero from a small-scale fraudster. It was such a person going by the name of Dmitry Trapeznikov who was at the behest of Moscow appointed “head” of the occupied part of Donetsk region. There is no doubt Moscow will do its best to provide deification for the new Kremlin Gauleiter. After all, they one managed to do the same for an ex-poultry dealer with ambitions “to reach London with his troops.” Moreover, anyone doubting the result could always be thrown into Donbas dungeons.

Putin Admitted Russian Troops Invaded Ukraine – To Inform is to Influence

While not quite definitive proof, the book by France’s former President Hollande does allow us to make conclusions that Russia was and is, indeed, responsible for the invasion of Donbas, Ukraine and is continuing to do so.  Russia’s strategy, during the Minsk talks, was to prolong talks and delay the ceasefire as long as possible,…

No end to Russia’s war until Kremlin achieves goals in Ukraine |Euromaidan Press |

Article by: Oleksandr Lashchenko The Trilateral Contact Group in Minsk has agreed on yet another ceasefire, called the “back-to-school” truce. Although Russian-backed militants have somewhat reduced artillery and mortar shelling, gunfire is fairly common and explosions are regularly recorded by the OSCE SMM. Bohdan Yaremenko, chairman of the Maidan of Foreign Affairs Foundation and Bohdan Bondar, head of the Main Command Centre of the Armed Forces of Ukraine explain… Oleksandr Lashchenko: Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz recently expressed hope that this time there would be a real ceasefire. General Bondar, what’s happening again? Why isn’t the truce observed? Bohdan Bondar: If the international community could declare more clearly that Ukraine and Russia are both parties to this war, then, perhaps, this so-called truce would be respected by both sides and we’d have better results.