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Does The UN Need A Stiffer Backbone?

Yesterday, Russia blocked a report critical of China because it says Russian ships helped North Korea bypass sanctions. Russia Blocking UN Report Finding North Korea Is Violating Sanctions.

Russia is blocking publication of a United Nations report finding North Korea in violation of UN sanctions limiting its imports of fuel, including through some illegal transfers of oil at sea involving Russian ships, UN diplomats said.

A UN report citing the fact that Russian ships are aiding North Korea reflect negatively on Russia and is summarily blocked. The system allows Russia to veto such reports.

The Nicaraguan government is expelling a UN human rights team after a report was published which is critical of Daniel Ortega’s government, “blaming it for the violent repression of opposition protests.”

Elsewhere in Central America, the UN was taking critical hits.

While the human rights mission was preparing to leave Nicaragua, military vehicles surrounded the U.N.-backed anti-corruption mission headquarters in Guatemala’s capital. Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales is facing an attempt to strip his immunity so he can be investigated for alleged illicit campaign financing.

If UN reports can be suppressed by one nation, if UN inspection teams can be summarily dismissed, the question is why?  Why is the UN so feckless?  Why can one nation suppress a truthful report?


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