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Russia Cannot Afford An Adequately Equipped Modern Military


Russia is rattling its saber, or, rather, its military, but it is mostly a paper tiger. 

Russia can only afford extremely limited military actions. It invaded South Ossetia and Abkhazia in Georgia. It invaded Crimea and Donbas in Ukraine. It has de facto occupied Transnistria in Moldova. Russia, however, cannot afford to invade the Baltic countries, cannot invade Poland or Belarus, and cannot afford a full-out invasion of Ukraine. 

Russia does not have sufficient modern or modernized equipment to support such actions, it does not have the diplomatic bank to survive the global damnation it would receive, and the Russian economy cannot support a prolonged action. 

Internally, Russia is already on shaky ground with the Russian citizens. Awareness of a fabricated reason for an invasion may result in a colored revolution, and we know that is Putin’s greatest fear. 

Russia cannot afford to launch a large invasion in the foreseeable future.

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Russian Can’t Afford To Give Its Next-Gen Battle Tanks to Most of its Army

The small order means Moscow’s Army will still rely on older tanks for its armored fighting power.By 


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