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Military Parade in Kyiv Marks 27 Years of Independence

A two-hour long video, showing Independence Day parade in Ukraine.

Filmed in Independence Square in Kyiv, where the 2014 Revolution of Dignity took place in the Maidan Nezalezhnosti.

President Poroshenko spoke, Michael Bolton not too far behind and to the side.

Members of Ukraine’s Army marched, including an all-female brigade. Contingents from 18 allied countries, mostly training Ukraine’s military marched. The ONLY person badly out of step was an American in the front row…

The American contingent looked bad. Frumpy, out of shape, and overall very slovenly. Yeah, yeah, we don’t do parades well, I know. We break things and kill people, get over it.

American HWMMVs are extensively featured in the equipment portion of the parade, including a UAV unit. All the old favorites are there, including updated T-64s, BMP2s, and a slew of modern anti-aircraft, artillery, missiles, and rockets. Even American Javelin missiles made an appearance. I finally learned the correct pronunciation of “Buk”, as in the Russian missile which shot down MH-17…

The last portion is all aviation assets, including the Hip (MI-8), but I didn’t see any HIND helicopters. SU-27s, IL-76s, and so on flew past. Fascinating equipment, modernized, and all well maintained.

Not surprisingly, none broke down, like in the middle of Red Square. *cough*

It is truly impressive how Ukraine has built an entirely modern military which will give any military force in the world a challenge. Russia, be aware, be very aware.