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Russia’s Defense Ministry to Ink Contract for 12 Su-57 Stealth Fighters Soon | The Diplomat

The Russian defense ministry and United Aircraft Corporation are expected to sign the contract for 12 Su-57s this week.

First Public Flight of Russian Su-57 Stealth fighter at Army 2018

Russian aero-engine manufacturer confirms super cruise feature for Su-57 fighter jets; Moscow to re-pitch aircraft project to India – Firstpost

United Engine Corporation (UEC), Russia’s sole aero-engine manufacturer, has confirmed that the proposed

Russia ready to re-pitch fifth generation fighter aircraft project to India – IBTimes India

India, which was to co-develop the FGFA with Russia, withdrew from the project citing lack of super-cruise capability among other shortcomings. Super-cruise is one of the key features of a fifth generation fighter plane as it allows the plane to cruise at more than the speed of sound for extended periods without the need to engage afterburners.

With New Engine, Russia to Re-pitch Su-57 Stealth Fighter Project to India – News18

The second stage engine, internally known as Izdelie-30, marked its first test flight in December 2017 on board a Su-57 fighter jet and further developments are going on.

With new engine, Russia to re-pitch Su-57 stealth fighter project to India | world news | Hindustan Times

United Engine Corporation (UEC), Russia’s sole aero-engine manufacturer, has confirmed that the proposed “second stage” engine for the Su-57 stealth fighter jet will have a super-cruise feature

India Russia: Not shutting any doors on fifth generation fighter program: Russia – The Economic Times

“We have advanced on the fighter jet and have a supply order from the Russian defence ministry. We have not shut any doors, we understand that it is a complicated issue from the financial point of view as well. So, when India is ready to return to the project, we are open to negotiate its future.”

Russia’s Mach 3 MiG-41: Everything We Know | The National Interest

Deliveries to the Russian Armed Forces are expected to start in the mid-2020s, according to TASS. However, that date is almost certain to shift to the right.

UAWire – Kremlin: Indonesia applied for loan to buy Russian Su-35 Fighter Jets

Indonesia has applied for a bank loan as part of a signed contract for the procurement of Russian Su-35 Fighter jets, reported theDeputy Director of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation of Russia, Vladimir Drozhzhov. “There are several directions that we had to follow simultaneously with the signing of the contract. Work continues. A bank loan must be secured and now we are handing this arrangement, “said Drozhzhov. Earlier, sources informed that Indonesia would receive a commercial loan from Russia for the purchase of 11 Su-35 Fighter jets. Reports said that it would be commercial and not a state loan. Russia signed the contract for the supply of 11 multifunctional fighters Su-35 Indonesia in mid-February. The amount of the contract exceeds $ 1 billion. As noted, in accordance with the Indonesian law, the supply of modern aircraft to the country is based on the offset obligations and countertrade. In return, Russia pledged to purchase Indonesian goods, such as rubber, palm oil and other Indonesia’s traditional exports.

The First U.S. Hypersonic Weapons: Arrow and Hacksaw

The U.S. is racing to catch up with Russian and Chinese hypersonic weapons.

First U.S. Air Force Rapid Response Hypersonic Weapon: AGM-183A | Defense content from Aviation Week

Tactical boost glide hypersonic developments accelerate as Pentagon ponders space-based surveillance and warning system.

How the US Is Preparing to Match Chinese and Russian Technology Development – Defense One

The Pentagon’s R&D chief adds some numbers and details to the laundry list of priorities.

Northrop To Fly High-Capacity Data Link For High-Altitude UAVs | Defense content from Aviation Week

Northrop Grumman is to flight test an RF comm link that can provide fiber-like data capacity from high-altitude surveillance aircraft direct to FOBs.

Shooting Down Nukes From Space Is Harder Than It Sounds

Three decades after Reagan’s “Star Wars,” putting missile interceptors in orbit is still a bad idea.

Watchdog Says USAF Is Wasting F-22s On Patrols And Deployments, Should Consolidate Force – The Drive

A new report says the jets and their pilots are too busy with missions that don’t require their unique capabilities to prepare for conflicts that do.

F-35 landing gear collapses after in-flight emergency

An F-35A was left sitting nose down at Eglin AFB.

Marines Need Special Lightning Rods To Shield Their F-35s In Japan From Storms – The Drive

Lightning strikes remain a serious danger to the stealthy fighter jets that could hamper their operations from bases without adequate protection.

Pentagon Estimates F-35 Concurrency Costs Total $1.41B | Defense content from Aviation Week

The DOD has notified Capitol Hill of an updated “concurrency” cost estimate for F-35 low rate initial production (LRIP) lots 1-12 that has declined by 2%.

Air Force to fly F-15s, F-22s and F-35s controlling attack drones from the air | Fox News

The Air Force and DARPA are now testing new hardware and software configured to enable 4th and 5th Generation aircraft to command drones from the cockpit in the air, bringing new levels of autonomy, more attack options and a host of new reconnaissance advantages to air warfare.

Why China and Russia Will Totally Hate the ‘New’ F-35 | The National Interest

The new version, to emerge in the early 2020s, will add new long-range precision-tracking weapons such as the Small Diameter Bomb II and also integrate a computer-generated automatic ground collision avoidance technology.

Biggest-ever British warship joins forces with most powerful American stealth fighter jets | Fox News

Britain’s largest-ever warship, the HMS Queen Elizabeth, is joining forces with the American-made most powerful stealth fighter jets in the world.

New technology promises more efficient spectrum use

A new technology can make radios ignore the signals of their own broadcasting, allowing for more simultaneous communication and expanding the available spectrum.

Army undergoing ‘unprecedented’ change in face of threats

The Army is being driven to move faster by pacing adversary threats.

Here’s how the Army is tackling AI

The Army is looking to acquire the right talent in the artificial intelligence sphere.

Russian firm may sell a drone resembling the US Predator to a Mideast customer

China has dominated the combat UAV market in the Middle East. Now it appears Russia is making its own moves in the region.

DARPA wants an AI system that can basically make sense of everything

The proposed AI system would able interpret and expose scientific knowledge and underlying assumptions in existing models to extract useful information

Toward a 21st-Century US Navy Mining Force – Defense One

Standoff weapons and other initiatives promise a renaissance in U.S. naval mine warfare.

The USA tested a brand new MALD-X decoy, which is capable of misleading detection and air defense systems – U.S. tests missile capable of tricking air defense systems –

The USA tested a brand new MALD-X missile, which is capable of misleading detection and air defense systems

How A Billion-Dollar Satellite Gets to the Launch Pad – Defense One

Before an ultra-secure communications military satellite soars into orbit, it has to fly to Florida aboard the U.S. Air Force\’s largest plane.

How Rocket-Makers Ensure 3D Printed Parts are Strong Enough for Space – Defense One

Measure it against an industrial standard for welding called AWS D17.1 Class A.

Better Wargaming Is Helping the US Military Navigate a Turbulent Era – Defense One

Two leaders of the Joint Staff’s Studies, Analysis, and Gaming Division evaluate the two-year-old effort to increase, improve, and boost the impact of …

US Soldiers May Take Flying Ubers to the Front Lines – Defense One

That’s the premise of a new partnership between the U.S. Army, NASA, and the ride-hiring company.

US Air Forces’ HH-60G fleet is experiencing maintenance challenges – Defence Blog

The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) issued a report on 16 August regarding the aging HH-60G Pave Hawk fleet that is experiencing maintenance challenges. According to the report, the aging HH-60G fleet has declined and maintenance challenges have increased, in part due to extensions beyond the designed service life of the helicopters. About 68 percent of the 96-helicopter fleet were mission-capable as of fiscal year 2017, below the Air Force desired mission-capable rate of 75 percent. The fleet is experiencing maintenance challenges. For example, the helicopters undergoing depot-level maintenance spent an average of 332 days undergoing such maintenance in fiscal year 2017 compared with 233 days in fiscal year 2007, more than a 40-percent increase.

Why Did Paul Allen Build the World’s Largest Aircraft? – Defense One

The six-engine, twin-fuselage Stratolaunch has no commercial customers paying to give their rockets a lift. Are there secret military ones?

Russia to Demonstrate Active Camouflage for Soldiers, Tanks

The camouflage will turn Russian soldiers, armored vehicles into chameleons.

Russian student competitions are rebuilding a military-industrial pipeline

By showcasing the work of high school students at a major military expo, Russia is promoting its renewed military industrial pipeline.

Russian weapons company unveils 13-foot ‘gold killer robot’

A well-known Russian weapons manufacturing company has unveiled a 13-foot golden walking killer robot that looks like something out of…

The Russian maker of the AK-47 just unveiled a new AK-308 rifle with a large 7.62 mm NATO round | Business Insider

The Russian maker of the AK-47 unveiled a new rifle on Monday called the AK-308, which it is expected to demonstrate at the Army-2018 Forum on Tuesday.

Scientists confirm that there’s ice on the moon

Why war evolved to be a man’s game – and why that’s only now changing

Men have come to dominate military combat but new evidence suggests this might be more an accident than an inevitability of evolution.