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When Alternate Reality Collides With Actual Reality – Russia’s Self Inflicted Money Meltdown

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Helsinki and Salisbury blowback is snowballing now. To describe Russia’s elites as delusional is to use polite language. The tirade of nonsense emanating from Muscovy beggars belief.

Kazianis has a point – and Nemtsova captures the deeply irrational agendas driving the regime.

It is not as if Muscovy had not had an abundance of warning signals sent by the West since 2014.

Anna Nemtsova | The Kremlin Is Quaking as New Sanctions Multiply

Putin’s instinct is to prepare for a long and painful siege, but the Russian people may not be up for that.

Mandatory Sanctions Imposed on Russia After UK Chemical Weapons Use

Administration making “a number of carve-outs” under the sanctions required by law; “not everything that is mandatory under the act we will be proceeding with at this time.”

Law meant Trump had no choice but to impose sanctions on Russia | News | The Times

Britain hailed Washington’s announcement of new sanctions against Russia last night as evidence of the strength of international support it enjoys in standing up to Moscow over the Salisbury poisoning.James Clapper, President Obama’s director of national intelligence, has a different view: Britain o

Russian PM Compares Further Anti-Moscow Sanctions to Economic Warfare – Sputnik International

Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev warned the United States on Friday that sanctions it plans to impose in August over the ex-spy poisoning might be treated as a declaration of economic war.

TASS: Russian Politics & Diplomacy – Russian premier compares new sanctions to declaration of economic war

Medvedev was asked what sanctions could be imposed on Russia in the future and how they can affect the country’s economy

Medvedev Warns That U.S. Sanctions Banning Banks, Currency Use Would Be ‘Economic War’

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev says that Moscow would consider it a “declaration of economic war” and would retaliate “economically, politically, or, if needed, by other means” if the United States imposes bans on Russian banks or their use of a particular currency.

Russia accuses US of waging ‘ECONOMIC WAR’ and vows to take revenge | Daily Star

RUSSIA has warned the United States that ramping up sanctions would be a “declaration of economic war” and would be responded to by “other means”.

Russia calls US Novichok sanctions ‘economic war,’ says it may respond – Business Insider

‘It would be needed to react to this war economically, politically, or, if needed, by other means,’ Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said. ‘And our…

Russia likens US sanctions to economic war — and threatens response ‘by other means’

Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev reportedly warned the U.S. on Friday that sanctions it plans to impose against Moscow over the nerve-agent attack of a former spy living in Britain could be treated as a declaration of an economic war.

Russia ‘is ready for economic war with US’ over sanctions | World | The Times

Moscow warned today that it would consider any American sanctions that target Russian banks to be the start of an economic war with Washington and that it would retaliate with a range of measures.Dmitry Medvedev said: “If they introduce something like a ban on banking operations or the use of any cu

Russian Prime Minister Medvedev warns US against further sanctions – Daily Sabah

Russia’s prime minister sternly warned the United States on Friday against ramping up sanctions, saying that Moscow will retaliate with economic, political…

Russia threatens WAR with US after Trump sanctions: ‘Our American friends must understand’ | World | News |

RUSSIA would regard any US move to curb the operations of Russian banks or their foreign currency dealings as a declaration of “economic war”, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said on Friday.

Moscow to retaliate in sanctions war with US | The Times

President Trump’s hopes for a thaw in relations between Moscow and Washington appeared to have been dashed last night as Russia signalled it was ready for a full-blown economic war over the US’s decision to impose sanctions in response to the Salisbury nerve-agent attack.The Kremlin was drawing up r

Russian Ruble Leads World Currency Losses on New U.S. Sanctions

Ruble Slumps as Russian Media Publishes Text of Sanctions Bill

Russian Stocks, Ruble Take Hit on Uncertainty Over U.S. Sanctions – WSJ

Newly announced U.S. sanctions—and the potential for a second round of actions in 90 days—roiled Russia’s currency and blue-chip stocks as the country braced for further economic pain amid uncertainties over the Trump administration’s commitment to enforcement.

Russian ruble drops to 2-year low as further sanctions spell trouble – MarketWatch

The Russian ruble drops more than 3% against the U.S. dollar Wednesday and extends its dive to a 2-year low on Thursday, as further U.S. sanctions appear at the horizon.

Ruble Tumbles as U.S. Sets Out New Sanctions on Russia – The New York Times

Moscow’s financial markets were in turmoil after the United States announced the measures it would take in response to the use of a rare nerve agent.

Ruble is down and stock market in Moscow plummets as Russians ask what that Helsinki summit was all about – The Washington Post

The ruble plummeted in the wake of the new measures, which Moscow called an “unfriendly act.”

Ruble Falls to Multi-Month Lows Against Dollar, Euro Amid News of US Sanctions – Sputnik International

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Russian ruble sank to multi-month lows in early Thursday trade on Moscow Exchange (MOEX) after about new US sanctions against Russia.

Russian Markets Reel As U.S. Sanctions Spiral Escalates

Russia condemned a new round of U.S. sanctions as draconian on Thursday after news of the measures sent the ruble tumbling to two-year lows and sparked a wider asset sell-off over fears that Moscow was locked in a spiral of never-ending sanctions. Moscow has been trying to improve battered U.S.-Russia ties with mixed success. Russia’s political and business leaders were quick to chalk up a summit last month between U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin as a victory. But that initial triumphalism quickly turned sour. Anger over what some U.S. lawmakers saw as a too-deferential performance by Trump and his failure to confront Putin over Moscow’s alleged meddling in U.S. politics galvanized a new sanctions push against Moscow.

Russia Stocks, Bond and Rouble Slide After U.S. Sanctions Threat – TheStreet

Russia's currency fell to a multi-month low against the U.S. dollar, as bond yields rose and stocks tumbled, after the Kommersant newspaper printed the draft of Senate bill that proposed new U.S. sanctions on state-owned banks.

U.S. sanctions slam Russian ruble, Turkey’s lira tumbles – One America News Network

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The Russian ruble is getting slammed amid US sanctions | Markets Insider

The ruble fell to its lowest level versus the dollar since 2016. The US hit Russia with new sanctions for the March chemical attack on a former Russian sp…

Rouble slides towards two-year low on U.S. sanctions ‘bill from hell’ | Reuters

The rouble slid towards its lowest level in nearly two years on Wednesday and investors sold off bonds and stocks after the Kommersant daily published what it said was the full text of a draft U.S. law detailing possible penalties against Russia.

TASS: Russian Politics & Diplomacy – Russian lawmaker calls US ‘mastermind behind Skripal poisoning’

The US Department of State earlier said Washington was imposing new sanctions on Russia over the Skripal case

Russia calls US ‘mastermind behind nerve agent attack’ after sanctions | Daily Star

THE nerve agent attack on a former Russian spy and his daughter on UK soil was “masterminded” by the United States, a Russian lawmaker has sensationally claimed.

Russia denounces new U.S. sanctions as illegal, mulls retaliation | Reuters

Russia condemned a new round of U.S. sanctions as illegal on Thursday and said it had begun working on retaliatory measures after news of the curbs pushed the rouble to two-year lows over fears Moscow was locked in a spiral of never-ending sanctions.

Russia Considers Retaliation For ‘Categorically Unacceptable’ New U.S. Sanctions

Russia says it is preparing “countermeasures” to what it calls “categorically unacceptable” new sanctions being imposed by the United States over the poisoning of an ex-Russian spy in England.

Russia slams ‘unpredictable’ US after new sanctions | Financial Times

Rouble and shares hit after Washington acts against Kremlin over Skripal poisoning in UK

TASS: Russian Politics & Diplomacy – Washington is unpredictable — Peskov on potential Aeroflot sanctions

The Washington administration earlier said it was imposing sanctions on Russia over Moscow’s alleged involvement in the Salisbury poisoning

‘No logical reason: US sanctions on Moscow about internal politics, not Skripal case’ — RT World News

Although the US says it is sanctioning Moscow over the Sergei Skripal case, the measures are actually due to internal US politics which have led to a “sanctions war” in Washington, writer and journalist Neil Clark told RT.

Russia Alleges U.S. Sanctions for Nerve Agent Attack in U.K. ‘Not Backed by Facts’

Russia’s embassy in the United States on Thursday called new U.S. sanctions draconian and said the reason for the new restrictions — allegations it poisoned a former spy and his daughter in Britain — were far-fetched. The United States on Wednesday announced it would impose fresh sanctions on Russia after Washington determined Moscow had used a nerve agent against a former Russian double agent, Sergei Skripal, and his daughter, Yulia, in Britain. Russia has repeatedly denied responsibility for the attack, and Russia’s embassy in Washington said in a statement that Washington’s findings against it in the case were not backed by evidence. “On Aug. 8, 2018 our Deputy Chief of Mission was informed in the State Department of new ‘draconian’ sanctions against Russia for far-fetched accusations of using the ‘Novichok’ nerve agent against a U.K. citizen,” the embassy said in a statement. “We grew accustomed to not hearing any facts or evidence.” The U.S. announcement fueled already worsening investor sentiment about the possible effect of more U.S. sanctions on Russian assets and the ruble slid by over 1 percent on Thursday against the dollar, a day after falling toward its lowest level in nearly two years. The Russian embassy said Moscow continued to advocate for an open and transparent investigation into the poisoning.

Russian skies could become too expensive for US airlines if Washington targets Aeroflot — RT Business News

American carriers would face huge financial losses if Russia increases tariffs for the use of its airspace in response to possible US sanctions targeting the country’s largest airline Aeroflot, an expert has told RT.

Russia rejects poisoning claim, slams ‘far-fetched accusations’ from US | The Times of Israel

Promising sanctions, US says Russia behind UK poisoning of ex-spy and daughter; Moscow denies ‘far-fetched’ accusations about attack that led to death of British woman

‘A Gross Provocation’: Russian Policymakers React to U.S. Sanctions Scare Targeting Debt

The full text of a draft U.S. legislative bill detailing possible sanctions against Russia and obtained by the Kommersant business daily has sent Russian markets and the ruble into a tailspin on Wednesday. U.S. senators introduced legislation last week that would impose stiff new sanctions on Russia through restrictions on new Russian sovereign debt transactions, energy and oil projects and Russian uranium imports. Despite concern from the markets, Russian policymakers struck a more defiant tone in their reactions to the language in the leaked bill. Here’s what they had to say: “These [authors of the sanctions bill] are senators of the past, of a bygone era. They will in fact step off the stage soon.”

Moscow to work on retaliatory measures in response to new US sanctions – Foreign Ministry — RT World News

Moscow will work on retaliatory measures to counter the new round of US sanctions, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said.

Kremlin accuses US of ‘demonising Russia’ with new sanctions | Daily Mail Online

Senior Russian MP Konstantin Kosachev accused the U.S. of behaving like a ‘police state, threatening and torturing a suspect to get evidence’ by implementing the new sanctions.

Kremlin Rejects US Claims of Skripal Case Links, Calls Sanctions ‘Unacceptable’ – Sputnik International

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has addressed the most recent round of sanctions introduced by the US against Moscow.

Kremlin denounces new US sanctions as illegal | TheHill

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov came out swinging Thursday morning against a new round of U.S. sanctions against Russia.

Kremlin calls new US sanctions illegal, says financial system stable

The Kremlin on Thursday said a new batch of sanctions on Moscow announced by the United States was illegal under international law and that Russia’s financial system was stable.

Finance Min.: Russia to Rely on Domestic Investors if US Sanctions Russian Debt – Sputnik International

The Russian Finance Ministry has commented on a recently introduced US bill, aimed at introducing sanctions against Moscow’s national debt.

Russia rips new U.S. sanctions over Sergei Skripal poisoning as ‘unlawful’

Russian officials slammed a new round of U.S. sanctions the Trump administration levied to punish Vladimir Putin’s government for using a chemical weapon.

Russia hits back after US sanctions over Skripals | News | The Times

Russia was drawing up retaliatory sanctions against the United States yesterday amid soaring tensions over Washington’s announcement that Moscow would be punished for a nerve agent attack on British soil.US airlines could be prevented from using Russian airspace and the supply of rocket engines cruc

Kremlin: New U.S. sanctions are ‘absolutely illegal’ – POLITICO

The fresh set of sanctions are the result of a just-concluded investigation into Russia’s alleged use of the illegal nerve agent Novichok.

UAWire – Kremlin does not believe in the US sanctions against Russian national debt

According to RIA Novosti, thanks to the demand of domestic investors, state borrowing program will be fully implemented, the Finance Ministry …

UAWire – US considers cutting Russia off from dollar system

The US has decided to help the Russian government attain “victory over the dollar”, a goal proclaimed by Russian President Vladimir Putin in May, writes. The bill to expand the sanctions (“Defending American Security from Kremlin Aggression Act of 2018”), put forward by a group of senators from both parties of US Congress, in addition to prohibiting investments in Russian government debt and demanding the return of Crimea to Ukraine, proposes to recognize Russia as a state sponsoring terrorism, and to prevent key participants in the country’s banking system from making dollar transactions. According to a document published by Kommersant on Wednesday, severe new restrictions are envisaged for the largest state banks, which account for 70% of the banking system’s assets. Sberbank, VTB, Rosselkhozbank, Gazprombank, Promsvyazbank, the Bank of Moscow and Vnesheconombank would be banned from making any transactions with US legal entities. This would include American banks whose corresponding accounts enable the Russian banks to transact in dollars. It will be virtually impossible for the Russian banks to operate with cashless dollars. Under these conditions, freezing or the mandatory conversion of dollar deposits into rubles “will be unavoidable”. Four countries currently feature on the US government’s list of terrorism sponsors: North Korea, Iran, Sudan and Syria. Financially, the North Korean scenario would be pessimistic and unlikely, but the Iranian scenario could be considered provisionally optimistic.

British MP Calls on Gov’t to Target Russian Money Flow Amid New US Sanctions – Sputnik International

The British Foreign Office earlier welcomed Washington’s decision to introduce a new batch of anti-Russia sanctions, related to the alleged poisoning of the ex-GRU colonel, Sergei Skripal, in the UK in March. London also claimed that the US had sent “an unequivocal message to Russia that its provocative, reckless behavior will not go unchallenged.”

UK Def Sec Accuses Russia of ‘Malign Behavior,’ Hints at Skripal Poisoning Link – Sputnik International

Gavin Williamson has been accusing Russian of many things, including the poisoning incidents in Salisbury and Amesbury despite any tangible proof of Moscow involvement in either one.

U.S. Sanctions Put Russia on Edge – WSJ

Russian officials and companies were bracing for further economic pain, as the U.S. decision to punish the Kremlin for an alleged nerve-agent attack in the U.K. diminished hopes of a bilateral thaw.

Putin had it coming: Trump levies new sanctions against Russia over UK nerve agent attacks

The Trump administration deserves credit for its decision on Wednesday to introduce further sanctions on Russia in response to that nation’s nerve agent attack on four individuals in Britain.

Trump administration imposes more sanctions on Russia after Skripal poisonings – CNNPolitics

The Trump administration will impose more sanctions on Russia under a chemical and biological warfare law following the poisoning of a former Russian agent and his daughter in the UK earlier this year, the State Department announced Wednesday.

More ‘crushing’ sanctions ahead for Russia in Senate bill if passed

While likely to be heavily debated and amended before going to a final vote, the measures detailed in the bill are set to be a more powerful tool against Moscow, and several analysts foresee its passage taking place before the midterms.

The tightening vice of US sanctions on Moscow | Financial Times

A unified Russia policy from Washington would be more effective

UAWire – Russia promises ‘mirror response’ to new US sanctions

If the United States imposes sanctions against Russia because of the &quot;Skripal case,&quot; Moscow will mirror its response to Washington, said the …

Why has Trump stayed unusually quiet on US sanctions against Russia? | US news | The Guardian

Perhaps Trump is experiencing Putin derangement syndrome, in which a victim believes Russia’s president is a great guy

U.S. Punishment of Putin Tests His Trump Card – Bloomberg

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Russia Looks to Hurt U.S. in Space After New Sanctions

After Trump sanctioned Moscow for trying to kill a spy, Russian lawmakers are targeting a U.S. weakness—the Russian-made engine found in American rockets.

UK pleased, Russia angry at US sanctions over Skripal case | Euronews

Washington’s announcement of new sanctions against Russia over the Skripal poisoning has been welcomed in London, and condemned in Moscow.

US Novichok Sanctions: Kremlin’s Claim its Financial System Secure – Inaccurate

Russia’s financial stability assessments from the independent international observers highlight risks and further slowdown in growth. The risk factors include “weak governance” and “increas…

New sanctions would hurt Russia — but hurt American industry more | TheHill

The collateral damage to U.S. companies should not eclipse the pressure brought to bear on their Russian targets.

Houston, we have a problem: Russia threatens to stop supplying engines crucial for US space program — RT Business News

Moscow will retaliate over the latest sanctions proposed by Washington and one such response may be cutting off sales of rocket engines crucial for the US space program, said senior Russian lawmaker Sergey Ryabukhin.

Russia threatens to ban sale of key rocket engines to US as row over ‘obnoxious’ sanctions intensifies

Russia has threatened to ban sales of a key rocket engine to the United States in response to new sanctions over the Skripal poisoning.

US Urges Russia to Allow Chemical Weapons Inspections Amid Skripal Sanctions – Sputnik International

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – The US government unveiled sanctions against Russia related to the Skripal affair, parts of which Moscow can prevent only if they meet demanding conditions including allowing international observers into the country to conduct intrusive chemical weapons inspections.

Another wild week in the Russia soap opera – CNN

The relationship between Washington and Moscow has taken on the dimensions of a soap opera, with another breathless week of twists and turns.

Donald Trump is no one’s fool as Russia is finding out

We should know by now, shouldn&rsquo;t we?

Harry J. Kazianis | Trump’s sanctions on Russia show his strategic kindness isn’t sign of weakness | Fox News

President Trump has taken strong action that proves the absurdity of charges by his critics that he is too close to Russia and its leader, President Vladimir Putin.

Trump’s president-to-president strategy is a winning one | TheHill

From Russia to Iran to North Korea, Trump is driving the global agenda.

The US must make Vladimir Putin pay for his nerve agent attack

Nearly five months after Russia’s nerve-agent attack on British soil, Washington this week finally came up with a meaningful response: major new sanctions on Vladimir Putin’s regime.

Jennifer Rubin | A solid decision on Russia — for a change – The Washington Post

New sanctions are long overdue.

Concerns grow about Russian defectors’ safety in U.S. after brazen Skripal poisoning

Trump critics and Russia hawks argue the president has emboldened Putin through reluctance to challenge the Russian leader for his country’s aggressive actions.

A journalist sees her worlds collide in nerve agent attack | Fox News

On a sunny afternoon, four figures in hazmat suits trawl among the swings and slides of Salisbury’s Queen Elizabeth Gardens, looking for clues.