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New Russian Fake News Site KhushSpot

The picture so prominently highlighting Konstantin Kilimnik in the lower left of the picture.

Today a friend posted an article from

The article was titled “Putin’s American Agents of influence influential in All Major Political Parties”.  It named names, identified people involved, etc. One of the people named in the caption of the accompanying picture was Konstantin Kilimnik, a person named in multiple news stories.

The article never mentions his name, however. Manfort, et al, yes. Why feature the picture so prominently, with Konstantin Kilimnik highlighted in the caption and not at all in the article?

I looked up the WHOIS information for KhushSpot.

  • No contact information.
  • No address.
  • No details.
  • Nothing marking who, what, where, when, or why.

khushspot(dot)com was created February 2018, according to iCann.

I then asked my friend to prove to me that Khushspot is not Russian.

For lack of any evidence to the contrary, I believe is a Russian fake news site. Either that or they’re too lazy to fill out any contact information in the About section…

Bottom line:  C’mon people, check out your news sources.  If they’re fake they were created in early 2018 or late 2016.  There will be no identifying information. No names, no phone number, no street address, not even a systems administrator email address that isn’t anonymized.


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