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Facebook Is Being Used By Russian Trolls, Again

I’ve been seeing a lot of very incendiary posts on Facebook.  These posts are being reposted by friends of mine, both conservative, liberal, and foreign.

Today a friend reposted something from Rita Lloyd, which was highly incendiary. I got to looking at the profile and it fits all the parameters of a troll account.

  • No identifying information
    • No location
    • No job
    • No marital status
  • No “opened on” date

Surprisingly, she has 4,272 friends.  “Her” friends were from all over the United States and a few outside the US.  But, when I looked at many of “her” friends, I noticed they, also, did not have any identifying information.

When I clicked on “her” “About” page, there is no information. I looked through “her” listing of recently added “friends”.  Her lastest friend was “America First“. I then followed up on “America First”.

Again, “America First” has a location of West Palm Beach, Florida, but no other identifying information. No dates, no job.  But “he” had updated his profile pic, the only indication of “his” sexual identity.

I counted 18 different America First accounts and it appears that anybody can stand up a group and call it America First.

Facebook has a process for reporting Russian troll accounts.  You can report the account as a Fake Account but with no process of identifying it as a troll. I turned in both Rita Lloyd and America First.

I actually feel sorry for Facebook. They now face the daunting task of determining which accounts are fake and which are genuine.  A lot of honest folks are going to be reported and turned in as fake and it’s going to be a bear to send somebody at Facebook information proving you are who you say you are.

Accounts like mine are easy to very without contacting me.  I post personal posts every day. I also cross-post my blog to my account. I also interact with quite a few accounts, both publicly and privately. I wonder if the folks at Facebook, tasked with determining fake accounts check communications and how?  How much in depth?

Bottom line, if I wanted to I could identify fake accounts all day long.  But it’s not my job. It’s Facebook’s job to catch and delete fake accounts. I will do my part and turn in every fake account that I find…  you should too.  Make the Russian trolls earn their paycheck.


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