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By far developments inside Russia are most interesting – while Russia tries its best to destabilize the West, its internal schisms are growing by the day by the actions of the very same regime.

NATO / EU / Russia Reports

NATO intercepted a Russian plane over the Black Sea. So why weren’t US F-15s in nearby Romania used?
It was business as usual for the U.S. Air Force squadron deployed to Campia Turzii in Romania.
UAWire – Lithuania: NATO’s Air Force accompanied Russian aircraft over the Baltic Sea once last week
NATO destroyers accompanied Russian military aircraft over the Baltic Sea last week, according to a statement made on Monday by the Ministry of …
War in Ukraine answers question why NATO must expand – media | UNIAN
Fox News host Tucker Carlson recently asked U.S. President Donald Trump, “Why should my son go to Montenegro to defend it from attack?” It is a fair question — one that many Americans were asking following Trump’s performance at the NATO summit — and it deserved a better answer than the president’s musing on the “aggressive” nature of Montenegrins. The reason NATO was created out of the ashes of World War II was precisely to make certain such destruction never happens again.
NATO’s purpose is to ensure we don’t have to defend Montenegro – The Washington Post
Trump and his critics are missing the real reason the alliance exists.
UAWire – Russia warns the USA against space arms race
Moscow expressed concern that the US House of Representatives approved a defense budget for 2019 that includes allocating funds to build a space- …
NATO spending is the elephant in the room as Trump and Conte meet
President Donald Trump and Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte are set to meet Monday in Washington, but their conversation might encounter one big stumbling block — defense spending.
UAWire – Poland intends to demand military reparations from Russia
The Polish Sejm intends to make a claim against Russia regarding the payment of military reparations, stated Arkadiusz Mularczyk, the Head of the Sejm Committee on the Payment of Military Reparations in an interview with Rzeczpospolita news outlet. “In the next convocation, the Parliament will have to prepare claims to Russia for compensation for damage inflicted on the country by the Soviet Union,” Mularczyk said. “I know that the Baltic States are ready to file such claims.” He also noted that it’s unlikely that the demand for reparations will be met because Russia is a country that does not respect international law. However, according to him, the claims should be filed anyway. The exact amount of compensation was not mentioned. Earlier, Polish authorities stated that Germany should pay Poland military reparations for material damage and crimes against the Polish people committed in 1939 to 1945.
First meeting of Moldova-Ukraine-Georgia assembly to be held in September – 01.08.2018 13:50 — Ukrinform News
The first meeting of an inter-parliamentary assembly of Moldova, Ukraine, and Georgia will be held at the end of September in Tbilisi.
Ukraine takes part in NATO multinational exercises in Georgia – 01.08.2018 14:15 — Ukrinform News
On August 1, 2018, the NATO Noble Partner 2018 multinational military exercises start in Georgia. Partners of the Alliance, including Ukraine, take part in these exercises.
NATO Noble Partner 2018 military drills kicking off in Georgia | UNIAN
NATO Noble Partner 2018 multinational military exercises will begin in Georgia on August 1. Georgia will host the Noble Partner multinational exercise for the fourth time.
Armies From 13 Countries Launch Drills In Georgia
Military exercises called Noble Partner 2018 kicked off on August 1 at the Vaziani base near Georgia’s capital, Tbilisi. Some 1,300 troops from Georgia, 1,170 from the United States, and around 500 others are taking part in the drills. The participating countries include NATO allies as well as non-NATO members Georgia, Ukraine, Armenia, and Azerbaijan.
Georgia Lashes Out At Russia Ahead Of U.S.-Led War Games
Georgia’s president, Giorgi Margvelashvili, condemned Russia’s illegal ocupation of part of his country on August 1 as he opened two weeks of military exercises with the United States and several o…
UAWire – Russia threatens to respond to EU sanctions against the builders of Crimean Bridge
European companies working in Russia may be affected by the sanctions of the European Union imposed against the Russian companies involved in …
UAWire – EU imposes sanctions against Russian companies involved in the construction of Crimean Bridge
The European Council imposed economic sanctions against Russian companies that took part in the construction of the bridge to the Crimea. The …
Novator reveals new Club system, missile and range details | Jane’s 360
Russia’s Novator Joint Stock Company has revealed details of a new export version of the Club missile system – designated Club-T – and its 3M-14E land attack cruise missile (LACM). Additionally, a senior representative has confirmed to Jane’s that the range of the LACM can be extended beyond that stipulated by the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) export control regime of which Russia is a member. Designed around a 8×8 transport erector vehicle (TEL), the Club-T is armed with six 3M-14E1 LACMs. Speaking to Jane’s at the Gulf Defence & Aerospace exhibition in Kuwait City, company representative Mikhail Pakhomov, head of the Foreign Connections Department at Novator JSC, also revealed that while the quoted range of the 3M-14E1 in the company brochure is 275 km, the missile’s range can be extended beyond 300 km if required. Ballistic and cruise missile systems, including the 3M-14E1, are limited by the MTCR treaty to having a maximum range of 300 km with a payload (warhead) of no more than 500 kg. The warhead for the 3M-14TE is quoted by Novator JSC as being 450 kg in weight, below that stipulated by the MTCR and the same as that used by earlier 3M-14E LACM and greater than that which equips the 3M-54E1 anti-ship cruise missiles (ASCM).
Russian Su-34 fighter-bomber aircraft skidded off the runway in Khabarovsk Krai – Defence Blog
On 31 July, one of Russian Air Force fighter-bomber aircraft slewed off the runway when its braking parachute failed during a landing at the Khurba air base in Khabarovsk Krai. According to a report from the local media, a Sukhoi Su-34 Fullback fighter-bomber jet skidded off the runway during landing at the Khurba air base, no one was injured. The incident occurred on Tuesday, July 31, but it became known only a day later, the TASS news agency said. According to the press service of the Eastern Military District, in the Khabarovsk Krai at the airfield Khurba fighter-bomber Su-34 skidded off the runway. As a result of an accident, no one was injured, the fighter-bomber is not damaged. The Sukhoi Su-34 (NATO reporting name: Fullback) is a Russian twin-engine, twin-seat, all-weather supersonic medium-range fighter-bomber/strike aircraft. It first flew in 1990 and entered service in 2014 with the Russian Air Force. The Su-34 fighter bomber has been developed by the Sukhoi Design Bureau Joint Stock Company, Moscow and the Novosibirsk Aircraft Production Association at Novosibirsk, Russia. Currently, there are just a few dozens of Su-34 jets operational, but their number is expected to reach 250 by 2020, as factories building the planes increase their rate of production, along with increased funding.
Six Russian Companies Added To EU Sanctions List Over Kerch Strait Bridge
The European Union has added six Russian companies involved in the recent construction of the Kerch Strait Bridge linking the mainland of southern Russia with the Crimean Peninsula to its sanctions…

Russia / Russophone Reports

More Than One–Quarter Of Russians Ready To Protest: Levada Poll
A new poll shows that more than one-quarter of Russians are ready to protest against the economic policies of President Vladimir Putin’s government — the highest number since Putin came to power i…
Putin’s Secret Police Prevent 2 Million From Leaving Russia – To Inform is to Influence
By Anna Nemtsova MOSCOW — Russia’s Federal Security Service, the FSB, is preventing millions of Russians from going abroad. Its own officers have been told “nevyezdnye” (no foreign travel), and earlier this year it announced stricter border controls for those who want to leave the country, citing the “changed geopolitical situation.” Several million Russians currently…
As Putin’s approval rating slips, Russians more positive about West than at any time since Crimea grab | UNIAN
As federal officials push ahead with the unpopular decision to raise the country’s retirement age, Russians’ attitudes about the West are more positive than at any time since Moscow annexed Crimea. As recently as May 2018, support for the West was dramatically lower.
UAWire – Lavrov explains why Russia forgave other countries’ debts
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stated that Russia wrote off the loans provided by the Soviet Union to other countries because they were 9 …
Window on Eurasia — New Series: Russian Officials Open Another Front against Non-Russian Languages with Call for ‘Unified’ Alphabet
aul Goble Staunton, August 3 – Officials in Murmansk are calling on Moscow to impose a single “unified” alphabet for non-Russian peoples, a step they present as necessary to ensure the timely production of school textbooks in these languages but one that in fact represents another attack on the vitality and even survival of non-Russian languages. Andrey Sakharov, the Murmansk oblast minister for domestic affairs and mass communications, says such a step is especially critical in the case of the Saami people who currently use “alphabets with different writing of the letters,” a reference to the fact that many of Saami use the alphabets of their co-ethnics abroad. He said that the oblast itself is not legally entitled to make such a change and consequently has appealed to Moscow officials to do so ( In the first instance, Sakharov’s proposal is about isolating the Saami of Russia from their co-ethnics abroad. But if as seems likely in the current environment, Moscow makes this into a more general law, then it could have far more serious consequences, ones that would prove disastrous for many non-Russian peoples within the Russian Federation. While all indigenous non-Russian nations are already required to have alphabets based on the Russian Cyrillic one, a Putin measure adopted to prevent the Tatars and other Turkic peoples from going over to the Latin script, there is significant diversity among the Cyrillic-based alphabets of non-Russian nations. Any move to “unify” them would have serious consequences. The Soviets used alphabet reforms in Central Asia and the Russian North to divide the peoples there not only from their pasts but from each other. Now, the Putin regime appears set to use another wave of alphabet reform to further weaken the non-Russian languages and prompt ever more of their speakers to go over to Russian.
Window on Eurasia — New Series: Moscow Moves Quickly to Ensure Even Greater Dominance of Russian Language in Non-Russian Schools
Paul Goble Staunton, August 2 – Less than a week after the Duma approved the law making the study of non-Russian languages voluntary while keeping the study of Russian mandatory, Russian education officials have taken steps that show that all the fears of the non-Russian opponents of this Putin program are rapidly proving to be true. In Daghestan, a North Caucasus republic in which fewer than one in 25 people is an ethnic Russian and in which there are no ethnic Russians at all in many of the regions outside the cities, the republic education ministry this past week forwarded to local school administrators a Moscow-approved plan for a textbook on Russian as a native language. In doing so, the authorities made no reference to the much-ballyhooed promises in the law passed on July 25 for the creation of special foundations to support non-Russian language instruction. In short, Moscow was ready to promote Russian well in advance; but it isn’t ready to help the non-Russians ( Local activists are furious. They feel they’ve been betrayed not only by their own officials who failed to stand up to Moscow but also by that government which has made promises to be more supportive of non-Russian languages. Those promises, designed to quiet dissent, have now been shown to be as worthless as many others the Kremlin has made.
Window on Eurasia — New Series: Putin’s Language Law Radicalizing Russians and Non-Russians
Paul Goble Staunton, August 1 – Vladimir Putin’s call for making the study of all non-Russian languages voluntary while insisting that the study of Russian remain compulsory has divided Russians and non-Russians for more than a year, but now that the Kremlin leader’s appeal has been embodied in a law passed by the Duma, this divide has only deepened. On the one hand, some Russians are now demanding that the government move even further along its Russification path and eliminate the study of the titular languages of the republics in those republics to promote the further integration of the country ( But on the other, some non-Russian activists are now talking ever more loudly about the need to pursue state independence because of Moscow’s language policies lest, by remaining in Russia, they lose first their language, then their distinctive legal status, and finally their existence as separate nations ( At present, both these trends remain marginal; but they are a clear indication that the passage of the law did not end the fight over languages but instead raised it to a new level for both sides (, a trend reflected in headlines like “The War over Languages ( Indeed, to a significant extent, the current situation recalls some of the national movements in the union republics at the end of Soviet times, those, among the most powerful like the ones in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, whose members felt that if they did not get out of the USSR then, they would be condemned to disappear in a generation or so. But in another and possibly even more important regard, the situation now could prove more explosive. The Putin regime, far more than its Soviet predecessor at the end, is far more committed to russianization and russification and thus has sent a message that some Russian nationalists now think they can push for even more radical “solutions” to the “national question.” To be sure, the Kremlin has gone after some of the more noxious Russian nationalist groups, but it has pursued non-Russian ones which talk about federalism or independence even more harshly. And that too is something Russian nationalists as well as non-Russian ones can easily see and draw conclusions from. But there is another group that is also paying attention to the consequences of Putin’s risky action: those in the regime who undoubtedly believe they have the most to lose by such a rocking of the boat. A half century ago their predecessors decided that Khrushchev had to go because of such “hare-brained” schemes. Consequently, if the tensions over the language law do continue to intensify, they may take action not to save the Russians or the non-Russians but to save themselves and their ill-gotten gains.
Window on Eurasia — New Series: Putin’s Stagnation Much Worse and Promises Much Worse Outcome than Brezhnev’s, Geltser Says
Paul Goble Staunton, August 1 – The term “stagnation” was first used politically in the Soviet Union by Mikhail Gorbachev in 1985 to describe the state of that country under the reign Leonid Brezhnev. But in fact, Yury Geltser says, it is “a very typical social phenomenon” that has been manifest repeatedly in Russia over the past century and today. The term can be defined, the Moscow businessman and analyst says, as a situation in which portions of society feel the need for some change but that their demands articulated or not are opposed by the ruling hierarchy through the use of “force, lies, and hypocrisy” ( Stagnation thus is a “socio-political” phenomenon, Geltser says; “but it is also a demographic one characterizing the arrival of a new generation which the powers that be are trying to force it to live according to the norms of the preceding generation.” And as time passes, the authorities have to take ever more draconian steps. It is a profound mistake to view stagnation as a time of reforms deferred, the analyst continues. “Contradictions must be resolved in a timely fashion. They must be removed before they acquire an antagonistic character.” By so doing, both sides can continue; if they become antagonistic, then one or the other of the sides must be “destroyed.” “The perestroika begun by Gorbachev with a delay of 25 or perhaps even 50 years was doomed to be transformed by the precise expression of Aleksandr Zinoviyev into ‘catastroika’ or more simply into a catastrophe” because one or another of the sides had to be destroyed given that the conflict had become antagonistic. That observation allows for the following conclusion: “a period of stagnation is that state of a social system when demand for social activity of the personality is lacking, but spontaneous or organized not by the state manifestations of such activity are suppressed in every possible way. It is an unstable state of a system approaching a critical and catastrophic state.” “The cause of stagnation is the lack of reform or a long delay in their implication. The growth of problems exceeds the capacity of those running the system to solve them. Contradictions aren’t resolved but rather become antagonistic.” The rulers try to hold things together quite often by searching for internal enemies or launching small foreign wars. The collapse of the USSR is instructive in this regard, Geltser argues. “The de-communization of Russian society and the attempt to return power to the Soviets ended with the disintegration of the USSR and a return to capitalist forms of production. The Soviets were replaced by a certain ‘simulacrum’ of democracy, the Duma.” In fact, “all election processes, including of the president, became a simulacrum of democracy” rather than the real thing. “The social activity of the population for the most part was transformed into a process of survival,” one that acquired “a degraded character. It could not secure the growth in the importance of the personality” but instead reduced it still further. “Russia was transformed not simply into a country on the periphery but into a colony of the US, having taken from its colonizer the most offensive form of state-monopoly capitalism,” one based on the collection of rents rather than the production of anything of value, Geltser argues. As a result, he continues, “Russia having just gotten out of one period of stagnation fell into a new but much more critical one.” By 2014, there was a new “crisis of generations,” outmigration was growing, but the protest movement had been weakened to the point that it could not successfully challenge the powers that be. This “new stagnation looks much worse than its predecessor: the economy continued to degrade rather than restore itself to the state of 1991; education, culture, and science are all in a horrific condition.” Forty percent of the population is poor. And that means that “the exit from stagnation could turn out to be even more catastrophic.” The contempt the intelligentsia shows toward ordinary Russians and their tolerance for putting up with whatever exists is misplaced. It ignores the geographic and especially climatic conditions of the country and reflects – and this is its “main error” – “an unjustified faith in meetings and revolutions.” Obviously, meetings will be a feature of society as stagnation intensifies and then ends, he continues. “But the main struggle of good and evil will occur not there. It rather will be an inalienable part of our daily life. And most often of all, it will be a moral struggle, a struggle with oneself.” “Therefore,” Geltser says, “the main question today is whether the people of Russia have sufficient moral strength to overcome this latest stagnation.” And “the task of honest people is to help it do so and thus to recognize what is its invincible strength” however powerful those in charge appear to be.
Window on Eurasia — New Series: Number of Believers in Russia Up, Role of Religion in Their Lives Often Remains Small, New Study Finds
Paul Goble Staunton, August 2 – Between 1998 and 2016, the share of Russians saying they are religious increased from 63 to 74 percent, with increases among young less and those among less educated more, according to a new study by Yana Roshina of the Higher School of Economics (Вестник РМЭЗ НИУ ВШЭ 2018.pdf; summarized at Women were more likely to say they were religious than men in both years; and Muslims of both sexes were far more likely than others to make that declaration. The share of believers among the peoples of the North Caucasus has always been above 95 percent and among Tatars and Bashkirs 82 percent. At present, Roshina continues, “almost 81 percent of Russian adults are Orthodox. In second place are Muslims – 7.7 percent. But at the same time “more than 14 percent of the Orthodox and five percent of the Muslims” who declare their adherence to these faiths indicated that they do not consider themselves believers. Only six percent of the population and only eight percent of believers visit a place of worship several times a month. Thirty-five percent of all and 48 percent among believers “do this not more often than once a month” and 32 percent and 43 percent respectively do not do so at all, the sociologist says. Women and the elderly do so more often than other groups. Nearly half of all non-Orthodox Christians go to church several times a month. Among Orthodox, only seven percent do; and among Muslims, only five percent. Non-Orthodox Christians have the highest incomes on average; Muslims have the lowest. Non-Orthodox Christians and Muslims are more likely than others to say that religion plays a positive role in their lives. And Roshin concludes that while the number of self-described members of particular faiths is growing, the role of religion for most remains relatively small or uncertain with many shifting their declarations depending on circumstances.
‘Elites Will Wipe Their Feet On Us’: Russians Protest Pension Change
What made tens of thousands of Russians join public protests against plans to raise the retirement age, in cities across the country on July 28-29?
Russia gives Polish prosecutors green light to visit Smolensk – media | UNIAN
Russia’s Investigative Committee has given Polish prosecutors the green light to visit the site of a plane crash which killed Poland’s president eight years ago. The exact date a Polish team will head to Smolensk, western Russia, is still unknown.
Russian Authorities Acquit, Rearrest Pussy Riot Members
Members of the Russian punk protest group Pussy Riot were arrested immediately after they walked out of a Moscow pretrial detention center on July 30. Activists Veronika Nikulshina, Olga Kuracheva, and Olga Pakhtusova spent 15 days in custody for storming the pitch at the soccer World Cup final in Moscow. Another Pussy Riot member, Pyotr Verzilov, was also detained upon his release from a different Moscow detention center on the same day. Pakhtusova said via Twitter that authorities had accused the activists of breaking the law on public gatherings.
Russian Police Rearrest Pussy Riot Members After Release
Russian police on July 30 detained four members of the Pussy Riot punk performance group immediately after they were released from custody, having served 15 days for a stunt they performed at the W…
Pussy Riot Activists Freed After Rearrest, Still Face Prosecution
Russian authorities have released four members of the Pussy Riot protest group, but they still face charges for a stunt they performed at the World Cup final in Moscow.
Siberian Prison Guards Accused Of Torturing Inmates
A Russian nongovernmental rights group says it has filed an official complaint over the alleged torture of inmates at a penal colony in the Siberian region of Zabaikalye.
Russian Inmates On Hunger Strike, Official Apologizes For Beating
A group of inmates in a Russian prison where a convict who was severely beaten by guards at another penitentiary is now serving his term have started a hunger strike, local authorities say.
Russian Police Fired After Rape, Killing Of Tajik Girl
Four Russian police officers in the city of Serpukhov near Moscow have been fired over their failure in 2017 to arrest a man who is now the chief suspect in the July 22 rape and killing of a 5-year-old Tajik girl.
Killing Of 5-Year-Old Girl In Russia Shocks Tajikistan
The family of a 5-year-old girl who was murdered in Russia returned to Tajikistan this week for her funeral. The girl’s parents were labor migrants working abroad, and the case has caused outrage among Tajiks.
France Bestows State Award To Russian Director Charged With Embezzlement
France has awarded detained Russian theater and film director Kirill Serebrennikov the Order of Arts and Letters.
Russian Author, Former Soviet Dissident Voinovich Dies At 85
Russian author and former Soviet dissident Vladimir Voinovich has died at age 85, Russian state media, his family, and friends are reporting.
Russian Plummets To His Death While Demanding Balcony Repairs
A man in the Volga River city of Engels fell to his death this month while demonstrating to officials the dangerous and dilapidated condition of his fourth-floor balcony.
IAAF Maintains Team Ban On Russia Over Doping, Allows More ‘Neutral’ Competitors
The governing body of world athletics, the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), has maintained Russia’s ban from international athletics over mass doping, although it will allow at some athletes to compete as “neutrals.”
Bashkortostan Court Sentences 21 Men To Prison On Terror Charges
A court in Russia’s mainly Muslim-populated Bashkortostan region has sentenced 21 alleged members of a banned Islamic group to prison.
Russian mafia godfather is gunned down by hooded assassin at party | Daily Mail Online
Macabre footage captures how alleged Russian mafia godfather Alexander Zhestokov, 39, was gunned down as he threw a party to celebrate his release from prison.
Russian Soldiers, Veterans Celebrate National Paratroopers Day
Russian soldiers and veterans gathered with their families in Moscow’s Gorky Park on August 2 to mark national Paratroopers Day. The paratroopers, wearing their signature berets and striped tank tops, repeated their tradition of swimming in public fountains.
‘Devilry’ In Siberia As Darkness Descends
Rumors are swirling after a mysterious climate event turned day to night over remote Russian villages.
The Russian navy was all set to impress Putin on Navy Day — and then this happened | Business Insider
Russia celebrated its Navy Day on Sunday with a naval parade on the Neva River in St. Petersburg, a day of pomp and military power that Russian President Vladimir Putin attended.
Upcoming series The Romanoffs will feature a star-studded cast

Over 2,300 Ukrainians detained and convicted in Russia – MFA | UNIAN
Deputy Director of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry’s consular service department Vasyl Kyrylych says over 2,300 Ukrainian citizens were detained and convicted in the Russian Federation in the past three years. The ministry said the data covered the period for the last three years.
Risks Rise As Sentsov’s Hunger Strike Enters 75th Day, Lawyer Warns
The lawyer for Ukrainian filmmaker Oleh Sentsov, who is serving a 20-year prison term in Russia and has been on a hunger strike for nearly two months, says the health risks for his client are risin…
UAWire – Ukraine identifies thousands of ‘traitors to the homeland’
Ukraine has established the full identities of more than 9,000 law enforcement staff members who are working in Crimea and are suspected of high treason, the Investigative Department of the Procuratorate of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea reported. First Deputy Prosecutor Nikolay Ivanets announced on July 26 that the process of identifying traitors had been completed. He clarified that the total employee count of the 18 law enforcement agencies operating in Crimea before the Russian occupation was roughly 18,600. “The investigative office of the ARC Procuratorate is carrying out the pre-trial investigation of 123 criminal high treason cases. During the pre-trial investigation, it determined the employee count of 18 law enforcement agencies which operated in the ARC and in Sevastopol before the occupation of the peninsula, roughly 18,600 people,” Ivanets observed. He emphasized that thanks to the activity of the investigative department, the prosecutor’s office has established the full identities of just over 9,000 people. “Evidence is being gathered primarily by the procuratorate’s investigators. Today we have the relevant registers which contain the necessary information on more than 4,000 law enforcement staff members,” the first deputy prosecutor said. Ivanets stressed the necessity of improving collaboration with the Security Service of Ukraine when identifying persons who transitioned to working for the illegally created agencies of the occupation authority, thereby committing high treason. According to him, the matter also concerns Ukraine’s State Border Guard Service.
Russia blocks all attempts of international organizations to hold monitoring in Crimea –
The Russian Federation blocks all attempts of the international organization to visit occupied Crimea and hold a monitoring there as Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine Serhy Kyslytsia reported on Facebook. “The Russian Federation continues to block all attempts of the international organizations, including the UN, the Council of Europe, UNESCO and OSCE to use the invitation of Ukraine and implement the decision of the governing bodies of these structures on the monitoring of occupied Crimea. Instead, Moscow cynically claims that it is open for the visits of Crimea as a part of Russia,” Kyslytsia said.
Amnesty International Says Russia Denies Access To Imprisoned Sentsov
Rights group Amnesty International says it has been denied access to Ukrainian filmmaker Oleh Sentsov, who is serving a 20-year prison term in Russia and has been on a hunger strike the past 81 day…
Crimean Tatar Activist Sets Himself On Fire To Protest ‘Lawlessness’
A Crimean Tatar activist has set himself alight in the Crimean capital, Simferopol, protesting plans by the Russia-imposed authorities to build apartment blocks on lands where Crimean Tatars houses…
Two Ukrainians Go On Trial In Russia-Annexed Crimea On Sabotage Charges
The trial has opened in Sevastopol of two Ukrainian nationals, Volodymyr Dudka and Oleksiy Bessarabov, who are charged with plotting sabotage in Russia-annexed Crimea.
Ukrainian Activist Released From Russian Prison After Four Years
A Ukrainian activist was released from a penal colony in Russia on August 3, after serving more than four years.
Biyuk-Karasu river, one of the largest ones in Crimea, dried out because of the severe drought there – One of Crimea’s largest rivers dried out –
Biyuk-Karasu river, one of the largest ones in Crimea, dried out because of the severe drought there
Since Crimea’s annexation in 2014, almost 70 percent of green cover of Crimea’s steppes disappeared – 70 percent of green cover of Crimea’s steppes disappeared since 2014 –
Since Crimea’s annexation in 2014, almost 70 percent of green cover of Crimea’s steppes disappeared
UAWire – Media: Crimean bridge starts breaking away from Crimea
The bridge is unable to bear the vehicle load, it is wobbling and shaking, reports news outlet. According to experts, the situation is also exacerbated by the seismological activity in the region. Serious discussions began among experts after the opening of the Crimean Bridge. Certain experts were in favor of it, others were opposed, and ordinary citizens did not remain on the sidelines. Recently a Crimean resident took a beautiful snapshot: the Crimean Bridge was hit by double lightning. It seemed like a beautiful and unique natural phenomenon, but became the subject of real debates. The thing is, a vast number of people are not confident that the Crimean Bridge is safe. A large number of specialists are also of the same opinion. Objectively speaking, the bridge cannot endure the bad weather, strong wind and storms. Crimean residents have already said that the bridge is literally cracking apart. When talking about the real situation, they say that the bridge cannot bear the weight of all the vehicles crossing it. In published video clips, one can see that at the entry to Kerch on Chkalov street, the Crimean Bridge is literally breaking away from the peninsula. Local residents have been sharing their impressions after traveling across the bridge. According to what they have tweeted, the entire bridge shakes and sways. People are worried that it will not withstand storms and will simply collapse. Most comments expressed a similar sentiment. It would appear to be a simple matter to connect the Crimean peninsula to Sochi’s resorts, but for some reason no such order was given under the Soviet Union. The scientists and government at the time knew that the bridge would break sooner or later. In addition to the negative and destructive effect of weather and seismological activity, the bridge will also be affected by the migration of ice in the strait. Either way, if the Crimean bridge does collapse, it will cause irreparable damage to the ecology and claim dozens of victims.
Russian PM Medvedev arrives in occupied Sevastopol | UNIAN
Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has arrived in the city of Sevastopol in Russian-occupied Crimea. The prime minister is expected to discuss the failure of the tourist season and deplorable state of infrastructure in Crimea, according to local media.
The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Pavlo Klimkin, called the Russian law that proclaims April 19 “The Day of Adopting Crimea, Taman and Kuban into the Russian Empire (1783)” an attempt to justify the crimes –
The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Pavlo Klimkin, called the Russian law that proclaims April 19 “The Day of Adopting Crimea, Taman and Kuban into the Russian Empire (1783)” an attempt to justify the crimes. About this Klimkin wrote on Twitter. “With yesterday’s action regarding Crimea, Russia demonstrates its weakness, snapping at the declarations of a number of civilized countries. It’s a pity fact to dig a little in history to find a correction for today’s crimes. The Russian Federation is looking for arguments in the past, and the civilized world finds them in international law,” Klimkin said. As reported, Russia approved a law that “establishes a new memorable date for Russia – April 19, the Day of adoption of Crimea, Taman and Kuban in the Russian Empire (1783).” Earlier the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Pavlo Klimkin, condemned the Kremlin’s intention to hold a referendum in the occupied Donbas because of the impossibility of free and fair expression of will in this region under current conditions. He wrote about this on July 20 on his Facebook page.
Canada: Crimea’s cultural heritage has been targeted by Russia – 30.07.2018 10:54 — Ukrinform News
Canada strongly condemns actions taken by Russia towards the forcible integration of the Crimean peninsula into Russia.
UAWire – Finland threatens to deport Russian family to Ukraine because of passports issued in Crimea
Married couple Natalia Kushnarenko and Mikhail Berezhnoy received passports of Russian citizenship in the Crimea but they live in Finland. The Finnish authorities threatened the family with deportation to Ukraine, Yle reports. The Finnish government emphasized that citizens are not allowed to receive a visa with Russian passport issued on the peninsula. As RIA Novosti reports, the family arrived in Finland in September 2017 on tourist visas that were received at the Consulate General of Finland in St. Petersburg. Last September, they submitted documents for a residence permit on the basis of their registered company in Finland. Later, they received a response from the Finnish authorities, refusing to recognize a passport issued by the Crimean government. RBC news agency quotes spokeswoman of the Russian embassy Natalia Vezhlivtseva, saying that the embassy “is closely monitoring the situation of the Russian family of Kushnarenko and Berezhnoy from Finland.” “The Russian citizens asked not to reveal any specific details of the actions carried out in the situation,” emphasized Vezhlivtseva.
Slovak delegation to visit occupied Crimea in defiance of Ukraine rules | UNIAN
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Slovakia does not intend to prevent a group of Slovak legislators from visiting the Russian-occupied Crimea. The visit is scheduled for August 1-4.
The Crimean bridge has already begun to separate from the Crimea and may soon collapseThe Crimean bridge has already begun to separate from the Crimea and may soon collapse – Youtube
“Crimea Declaration”: Will Donbas be swapped for Crimea | UNIAN
The Crimea Declaration of the United States is another confirmation of the American position, reiterating their non-recognition of Crimea annexation by Russia in 2014. This position was originally voiced at the time of the Obama presidency and later confirmed by various statements signed off by Donald Trump (for example, the NATO Summit statement explicitly states that the West does not recognize and will never recognize the annexation of Crimea). Now this position was fixed in a separate statement by the US Department of State. It is obvious that the each of the parties will keep holding its ground on the Crimea issue. At the same time, Crimea-related sanctions introduced by the United States and European Union will also remain in force. While EU sanctions are reviewed and extended every six months, the restrictive measures imposed by the U.S. have no review schedule, and are set to be lifted only when Ukraine’s territorial integrity is restored and Crimea returned. Moreover, the legislation is in place that actually puts Russia on a par with North Korea and Iran, which means the U.S. president cannot make an independent move to lift anti-Russian sanctions without the consent of the U.S. Congress. In general, America is trying to engage in dialogue with Russia on a range of issues of common interest: Iran, Syria, and DPRK. Bilateral dialogue is underway on Ukraine’s Donbas. On these issues, Russia will try to bargain with the U.S. for some concessions. In turn, Ukraine should closely monitor the situation and deliver its comments, including requesting from the U.S. administration information on the progress of bilateral U.S.-Russia discussions on Ukraine. Kyiv should also make use of bipartisan support of Ukraine in the U.S. Congress. Oleksiy Haran is a Professor of Political Sciences at Kyiv Mohyla Academy in Kyiv, research director of the Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation

Central Asia / Caucasus Reports

Russia Claims Political Motives In Armenian Charges Against Ex-Leaders
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says Moscow is “concerned” that Armenia’s new leadership is making what he called “political” moves against pro-Moscow former political leaders who have been …
Showstopper: Tigers Eat Uzbek Circus Monkey. Then Things Get Really Ugly
An animal trainer at an Uzbek circus claims that it was ultimately monkey business by the boss — and not just an unfortunate escape — that led to tigers eating his lovable little performing simia…

Belarus Reports

UAWire – Polish media: Russia wants to swallow Belarus
Russia is preparing to swallow Belarus. Moscow is demanding increasingly closer integration from Minsk as part of the Union State, and giving …
Belarusian Union Leaders Go On Trial In Case They Call Politically Motivated
The leader of a prominent independent trade union that played a role in street protests in 2017 is being tried on tax-evasion charges he contends are politically motivated.
Bishkek Irate Over Belarus Media Reports Appearing To Show Wanted Ex-PM
Kyrgyzstan is demanding an explanation from Belarus following media reports that showed a man who looks like former Kyrgyz Prime Minister Daniyar Usenov, who was sentenced to life in prison after a…
Pristine Wetlands Threatened By Belarus Road
A road is being built that cuts across one of Europe’s largest natural wetlands, in southern Belarus. Environmentalists say breeding grounds for rare birds are under threat.

Transnistria / Moldova Reports

UAWire – President of Moldova speaks against withdrawal of Russian troops from Transnistria
In his statement on the occasion of the 26th anniversary of the beginning of the peacekeeping operation in Transnistria, Moldovan President Igor Dodon said that he is in favor of keeping the so-called peacekeeping mission in the Dniester valley security zone, which includes Russian military personnel, Ukrinform news agency reports. “On July 29, 1992 … military troops were deployed to carry out a joint peacekeeping operation in the security zone on the banks of the Dniester. Despite any criticism, I am confident that the Dniester area needs the presence of a peacekeeping force and will support its continuance,” said Dodo. According to him, the main result of the peacekeeping operation is “restoring peace, creating conditions for the political process of negotiations, as well as avoiding crisis situations that could lead to the use of weapons between the conflicting parties.” The President of Moldova also emphasized the need for a negotiation process in the “5 + 2” format (Moldova and Transnistria – as parties to the conflict, Ukraine, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) and Russia – as intermediaries, EU and the United States – as observers) for the political settlement of the Transnistrian conflict. The peacekeeping mission on the Dniester banks was introduced in 1992 after the end of the armed conflict. This mission consists of soldiers from Russia (about 400 persons) and Moldova (300 persons), as well as 10 military observers from Ukraine.
Moldovan Opposition Leader Says New Tax Measures ‘Legalize Fraud’
Moldovan opposition leader Andrei Nastase has added his voice to strong international criticism targeting the recently approved legislation to cut taxation and introduce an amnesty on registering a…

Russia / Iran / Syria / Iraq / OEF Reports

Afghans are switching from Russian to US helicopters, but senators are concerned over the approach
Two U.S. lawmakers want American forces in Afghanistan to overcome challenges cropping up with the transition of helicopters for the Afghan Air Force.
Obama administration approved $200G grant to group with Al Qaeda ties | Fox News
The Obama administration approved a $200,000 grant to a group in Sudan with ties to Al Qaeda even though it had been designated a terrorist-financing organization by the U.S. years earlier, a conservative think tank revealed this week.


Trump receives new letter from Kim: White House | TheHill
President Trump has received a new letter from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un following up on their nuclear summit in Singapore, the White House said Thursday
Russia allows entry of thousands of North Korean workers: WSJ | Reuters
Russia is allowing thousands of fresh North Korean laborers into the country and granting new work permits in potential violation of U.N. sanctions, the Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday.
Russia ‘allowing thousands of North Korean labourers into country’ | Daily Mail Online
More than 10,000 new North Korean workers are said to have been registered in Russia since September, in potential violation of U.N. sanctions.
Report: Russia Hiring North Korean Workers In Apparent Violation Of UN Sanctions
Russia is allowing thousands of North Korean laborers into the country and giving them new work permits in what U.S. officials say appear to be violations of UN sanctions, The Wall Street Journal reported on August 2.
North Korea developing new missiles: reports
The report comes after President Donald Trump tweeted following a summit last month in Singapore with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un that “There is no longer a Nuclear Threat from North Korea.”
U.S. spy agencies: North Korea is working on new missiles – The Washington Post
Weeks after the Trump-Kim summit, factories are still producing intercontinental ballistic missiles and enriched uranium.
North Korea possibly constructing new ICBMs, missile program moving on ‘business as usual,’ official says | Fox News
North Korea is constructing new intercontinental ballistic missiles and is pushing forward with “business as usual” for its missile program despite claiming its weapon production and President Trump’s reassurance that the Hermit Kingdom is “no longer a nuclear threat.”

High-Quality Shots Of Unpainted Chinese J-20 Stealth Fighter Offer New Capability Insights – The Drive
China is giving us increasingly better views of their top fighter design which are helping to answer some important capability questions.
Can China’s J-20 or Russian SU-57 Really Match the US F-22 Raptor?
How can China’s New J-20 Stealth Fighter Jet be compared to US’s F-22 Raptor? China (Chengdu J-20) and Russia (SU-57) have been working on
UAWire – China to conduct the first test of Russian-made S-400 air defense systems
China plans to conduct its first firing tests of the newly acquired, Russian-made S-400 air defense systems in late July to early August, TASS news agency reports, citing a military-diplomatic source to TASS. “In late July to early August, the unit of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army that underwent training in Russia will carry out the firing against a simulated ballistic target at a Chinese firing ground,” the agency’s source said. Russia’s Federal Service for Military and Technical Cooperation did not comment on the information provided by the source. Another source told TASS that China received the first batch of S-400 missile systems last week. After the contract was signed, the systems were delivered to China. News that Russia signed a contract for sales of S-400 systems to China appered in November 2014. In November 2015, Putin’s aide on Military and Technical Cooperation, Vladimir Kozhin confirmed these reports. China became the first foreign buyer of these systems and will receive two batches.
Malaysia continues to face Russia-produced fighter aircraft problems – Defence Blog
Malaysia’s Defence Minister Mohamad Sabu has confirmed that country’s Air Force continues to facemaintenance problems and a lack ofspare parts of its Russian-made fighter jet fleet, according to a report in The Star Online newspaper on 31 July. According to the newspaper, the Defence Minister said that only four out of the 28 Russia-produced fighters jets owned by the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) are able to take to the skies. Usually, a certain number of aircraft are on the ground for maintenance and servicing in relation to the total fleet. But RMAF is faced with the maintenance problems of its Sukhoi Su-30MKM and MiG-29 fighter jets. The number of serviceable aircraft dropped sharply and there is no way to quickly bring them back into the sky. To date, the RMAF had 18 Sukhoi Su-30MKM and ten Mikoyan MiG-29 fighter aircraft. “Only four of the Sukhois are able to fly well,” aid Defence Minister, adding that the remaining 14 are under repair. In his reply during the motion of thanks on the royal address in Parliament Tuesday (July 31), Mohamed Sabu said the RMAF was unable to properly maintain the fighter jets’ airworthiness. He said the Defence Ministry had terminated the contractor engaged by the former administration and was looking at replacing them with local contractors.

The US ‘must not let this bill become law’: Beijing blasts defence bill designed to counter China | Business Insider
Beijing pushed back Thursday after Congress passed the 2019 National Defence Authorization Act (NDAA), insisting that this bill which aims to curb malign Chinese activities must not become law.
Japan, China Headed for Showdown ‘Down South’ | JAPAN Forward
While North Korea gets most of the attention these days, in the East China Sea a momentous collision is approaching. This is where China aims to humiliate and remove Japan as a threat to Chinese domination of Asia. And China’s claim to Japan’s Senkaku islands is a convenient excuse for picking this fight.
America and China: Destined for Conflict or Cooperation? We Asked 14 of the World’s Most Renowned Experts | The National Interest
The National Interest asked 13 scholars and experts to respond to the following question: Given growing tensions between the United States and China, where do you see the overall relationship headed? Towards a permanent state of competition? 
Britain Is Planning to Send an Aircraft Carrier to the South China Sea | The National Interest
How will China react? 
Official’s Testimony Sheds New Light On Chinese ‘Reeducation Camps’ For Muslims
A pending court case in Kazakhstan has provided new evidence that ethnic Kazakhs and other Muslim minorities in western China are being rounded up in “reeducation camps.”
China Indicts Former Top Internet Regulator on Corruption Charges – WSJ
Prosecutors indicted China’s former top internet regulator on charges that he took bribes and abused his power, advancing a case portrayed as a sign of President Xi Jinping’s continuing commitment to his far-reaching anticorruption campaign.
Chinese professor removed by police during live interview: report | TheHill
Chinese police officers removed a professor who has been critical of Beijing’s policies from his home during a live interview on Wednesday night,
GE Engineer Linked to China Stole Power Plant Technology, FBI Says – WSJ
A GE engineer with ties to Chinese companies was arrested for allegedly stealing files related to proprietary power turbine technology, which the FBI says he elaborately concealed to avoid detection.
Chinese-American engineer charged with stealing GE technology
A Chinese-American engineer faces charges of stealing valuable technology from General Electric, sneaking it out hidden in a picture of the sunset to take to China, the US Justice Department said.
Germany Is Getting Tougher on Chinese Money – Bloomberg
Even if there’s not much logic to the toughness, it should help the EU negotiate a stalled investment deal with China.
Long Swept Under the Rug, a Southeast Asian Territorial Dispute Gains New Importance
Editor’s Note: A version of this article was originally published by The Interpreter, which is published by the Lowy Institute, an independent, nonpartisan think tank based in Sydney. War on the Rocks is proud to be publishing select articles from The Interpreter. Who is right in the territorial dispute between the Philippines and Malaysia over Sabah is a question best not asked. In answer, each side will reaffirm their absolute sovereign claim to Sabah, on the northern part of the island of Borneo, and mutual recriminations will result. During the 2016 Philippine presidential campaign, one prominent candidate, Jejomar Binay (who ended up losing badly) promised to pursue the Philippine claim to Sabah. As expected, Kuala Lumpur was far from pleased. Not asking this question with two mutually opposed answers has been good for Philippine–Malaysia relations. In the past year, the Philippine and Malaysian coast guards have participated in coordinated patrols in the Sulu and Celebes seas, spurred on by the actions of Sulu-based pirates and the siege of Marawi. From 2001 onwards, Malaysia played the role of third-party facilitator of the peace talks between Manila and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front that traversed four Philippine presidents. Wisely, President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte and Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad chose not to discuss the Sabah question during their first meeting as leaders of their respective countries last week.

Foreign Policy Reports

How Artificial Intelligence Will Reshape the Global Order | Foreign Affairs
The debate over the effects of artificial intelligence has been dominated by two themes. One is the fear of a singularity, an event in which an AI exceeds human intelligence and escapes human control, with possibly disastrous consequences. The other is the worry that a new industrial revolution will allow machines to disrupt and replace humans in every—or almost every—area of
UAWire – France, Spain and Portugal to build gas pipeline for supply of American liquefied gas to EU
French, Spanish and Portuguese leaders approved the EU decision regarding the supply of liquefied gas from the United States, according to the …
UAWire – US threatens sanctions for participation in Nord Stream 2 pipeline
European companies participating in the “Nord Stream 2” pipeline will incur the serious risk of sanctions from the US stated Frank Fannon, US …
U.S., Italian Leaders Say They Will Keep Russian Sanctions In Place
U.S. President Donald Trump and Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte both are saying that they have no plans to try to lift sanctions against Russia.
Argentina-Russia Cocaine Plot Suspect Extradited From Germany, Jailed In Moscow
A man the Federal Security Service (FSB) claims was behind an alleged attempt to smuggle nearly 400 kilograms of cocaine from Argentina to Russia has been extradited from Germany and is in a Moscow…
A new world order will likely arise only from calamity – The Washington Post
In a nuclear age, it is terrifying to consider what might have to occur for a new order to emerge.
Spain’s Dictator Is Dead, but His Popularity Lives On – Foreign Policy
Francisco Franco ran Spain with an iron fist for decades—and created myths about his rule that are only now starting to come undone.
German AfD leaders condemn member for calling Hitler attacker a traitor | Reuters
Leaders of the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) condemned a party member on Thursday for branding a German officer who tried to kill Adolf Hitler a traitor.
Anti-Semitism on the rise in Germany as Jewish business owners and students are targeted online | Fox News
Anti-Semitic content on the Internet has jumped from 7.5 percent to over 30 percent in the decade between 2007 and 2018, according to a newly released study by Monica Schwarz-Friesel, a professor of cognitive science at the Technical University in Berlin and an expert on anti-Semitism.
Labour suspends councillor over anti-Semitic Facebook post claiming ‘Jews drink blood’ | Daily Mail Online
Video shared by West Sussex councillor Daniem Enticott’s account shared alleged Jews ‘drink blood and suck baby’s d**k’ and a ‘ritual’, and added a post calling ‘Talmud’ Jews ‘parasites’ and rapists.
The British Left’s meltdown over anti-Semitism should be a warning
The unexpected victory of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in the Democratic primary in The Bronx in June caused quite a stir, given her membership in the Democratic Socialists of America and her controversial policy positions. Nonetheless, she has been enthusiastically embraced as “the future” by the chairman of the Democratic National Committee.
U.S. sides with Russia in WTO national security case against Ukraine | UNIAN
The Trump administration is siding with Russia in a potential landmark case over an issue that threatens to tear the World Trade Organization apart: What actions can countries take in the name of national security, even if it violates their WTO commitments? Both countries argue the WTO has no right to weigh in on the case Ukraine brought against the transit restrictions.
Slovak President Calls Local Russian Night Wolves Chapter Security Risk
Slovak President Andrej Kiska says a recently established local base for a Russian motorcycle club known for its allegiance to the Kremlin presents a security risk for the EU and NATO country.
UAWire – Slovak president: Russian Night Wolves biker gang was involved in annexation of Crimea
President of the Slovak Republic Andrej Kiska said in an address on July 31 that the Russian motorcyclist club, the “Night Wolves”, took part in …
Kosovo president rejects Serbian counterpart’s partition proposal | News | Al Jazeera
Any division of Kosovo, which seceded from Serbia 10 years ago, would be ‘unacceptable’, President Hashim Thaci says.
Kosovo president rejects Serbian idea of partition on ethnic lines | Reuters
Kosovo President Hashim Thaci ruled out on Tuesday partition of the country with Serbia along ethnic lines, an idea raised in Belgrade to settle a long-running dispute that is hindering both sides’ ambitions to join the European Union.
US court hears case against Germany over Namibia genocide | News | Al Jazeera
Lawyers for Herero and Nama people and for the German government present argument in lawsuit demanding reparations.
Africans take Germany to court in New York over ‘forgotten genocide’
Between the 19th and 20th centuries, Imperial Germany administered several parts of Africa including modern-day Togo, Cameroon and Tanzania. What was then known as German South West Africa (today’s Namibia) is where some of the darkest chapters of Germany’s colonial rule unfolded.
Socialist Venezuela Falling Apart As President Maduro Shockingly Blames Party
As Democrats embrace socialist policies here at home, the biggest socialist experiment in Latin America is falling to pieces.
Venezuela’s Maduro Suspect in Probe as U.S. Keeps Pressure On – Bloomberg
President Nicolas Maduro is a principal suspect in a U.S. investigation into the embezzlement of more than $1 billion from the South American country’s state-owned oil company, the Miami Herald reported, as the U.S. adds to the pressure on the socialist leader.
In Maduro’s Venezuela, having U.S. dollars can make all the difference. – The Washington Post
With inflation soaring, the people with dollars form a new elite.
Pope Francis officially updated Catholic Catechism, calling the death penalty “inadmissible” – Vox
The Catholic Catechism will argue that “dignity of the person” prohibits capital punishment.
What does Pope’s death penalty shift mean for Catholic politicians? – CNNPolitics
Pope Francis earned a standing ovation when he told Congress in 2015 that he supports protecting human life “at every stage of its development.” When he added that “this conviction” includes working to end the death penalty, the response was far more subdued.
Wikileaks’ Julian Assange will be removed from the Ecuadorean Embassy ‘imminently’ | Business Insider
LONDON – Julian Assange will be kicked out of the Ecuadorean Embassy in London – where he has lived in diplomatic isolation since 2012 – “imminently,” a source has told The Times of London.CNN reports that Downing Street is in “ongoing” discussions with Ecuador and the United States over his fate.

Strategy / History / Capability Publications

Augmented Reality Is Key To Future Fighter Cockpits | Combat Aircraft content from Aviation Week
AR opens the possibility of an infinitely tailorable cockpit for a future generation of pilots.
Countering Next-Generation Space And Missile Threats | Defense content from Aviation Week
The U.S. is looking to overhaul its constellation of missile warning satellites and seeking sensors that can track emerging threats.
Autonomy Is Ready To Enable Manned-Unmanned Combat Aircraft Teams | Aviation Week & Space Technology content from Aviation Week
Citing a shortfall in combat capacity, the U.S. Air Force Association’s Mitchell Institute proposes the near-term fielding of manned-unmanned fighter teams.
Air Force’s future ISR architecture could feature drone swarms and hypersonics — with AI underpinning it all
Here’s the the exclusive first look at the Air Force’s next generation ISR infrastructure.
F-15 Eagle: The Air Force’s Old Fighter No Nation Wants to Fight | The National Interest
Like fine wine, it keeps getting better. 
“Retired” F-117 Stealth Fighters Seen Flying Over Nevada
Ten years after retirement, at least two Nighthawks are still flying missions doing who-knows-what.
Following Israeli deployment, U.S., European allies map out larger role for F-35 fighter – U.S. News –
Norway, Britain and Italy will have 40 F-35s by the end of 2018, with the first U.S. jets in 2021; Israel is already operating several of the game-changing jets
Strange notches on F-35 raise questions over first combat with Israel – Business Insider
The somehow blurry image is interesting for at least a couple of reasons: first of all, it shows the aircraft flying at high altitude off (rather than…
Cargo Bases in Space: Air Force General Wants Them Within a Decade – Defense One
The service’s mobility chief is already talking with SpaceX and other companies about the possibilities of orbiting supply dumps.
Air Force begins in-house JSTARS maintenance amid Northrop Grumman’s shortfalls
The Air Force began conducting its own depot maintenance for JSTARS July 17 at Robins Air Force Base, Georgia, in an effort to field the Air Force’s premier ground surveillance and battle management aircraft quicker amid contractor shortfalls.
It will be a breakthrough! In the West, the Russian S-500
Russia has always been distinguished by the reliability of its air defense systems, ranging from the C-125, the S-200 and the S-300, as well as the S-400 Triumph, one of the best air defense systems in the world at the moment. However, the release of the new Russian S-500 anti-aircraft missile system into mass production will be a breakthrough for Russia, the Military Watch Magazine writes. At present, the S-400, S-300V and A-135 systems with a good potential for repelling the attacks of existing missiles and aircraft carry missile defense in Russia. But with the advent of hypersonic weapons against the opponents of Russia, there may be a situation where the systems at the disposal of Moscow can not cope, so the development of the S-500 is a task of strategic importance for Russia. The portal emphasizes that the C-500 can become the world’s first anti-aircraft system capable of repelling hypersonic missile attacks. The S-500 refers to a new generation of surface-to-air surface-to-air missile systems. This is a Russian anti-aircraft missile system, which is being developed by Almaz-Antei Concern OJSC as a new generation of anti-aircraft missile systems, in which it is proposed to apply the principle of separate solutions to the destruction of ballistic and aerodynamic targets. According to information from open sources, the S-500 missile has a radius of 600 kilometers and will be able to detect and simultaneously strike up to ten ballistic supersonic targets flying at speeds of up to seven kilometers per second, including low-flying satellites. The main characteristics of the SAM are currently classified. The timing of the system’s arrival in the army is also not publicized.
Marines receive new advanced air defense system as air threats loom
The Corps plans to buy six new G/ATOR systems, to the tune of $225M.
Sig Sauer awarded contract for M4A1 upgrade for U.S. Special Ops – Defence Blog
A new framework deal for the acquisition of the Suppressed Upper Receiver Group (SURG) has been signed by the Sig Sauer company and the U.S. Special Operations Command, officials said on 27 July. The contract, announced Friday by the U.S. Department of Defense, provides acquisition of the Suppressed Upper Receiver Group (SURG). The SURG weapon is an upgrade of the M4A1 lower receiver group in support of U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) Procurement Division. According to the DoD, Sig Sauer Inc., Newington, New Hampshire, was awarded a USD48 million five-year, indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity, firm-fixed-price contract. The majority of the work will be performed in Newington, New Hampshire, and is expected to be completed by July 2023.
U.S. Navy awards conceptual design contracts for the new multimission guided-missile frigate – Defence Blog
The U.S. Navy has awarded contracts to five companies to exercise options for Guided Missile Frigate (FFG(X)) Conceptual Design, said in the statement by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) on 30 July. The U.S. Navy wants a frigate that can keep up with the aircraft carriers and have sensors networked in with the rest of the fleet to expand the overall tactical picture available to the group. “The FFG(X) will normally aggregate into strike groups and Large Surface Combatant led surface action groups but also possess the ability to robustly defend itself during conduct of independent operations while connected and contributing to the fleet tactical grid.” The U.S. Navy in 2017 initiated a new program, called the FFG(X) program, to build a class of 20 multimission guided-missile frigates (FFGs). According to the DoD, the Austal USA LLC has received a USD6.3 million contract; General Dynamics Bath Iron Works has received a USD7.9 million contract; Huntington Ingalls Inc. has received a USD7.9 million contract; Lockheed Martin Inc. has received a USD6.9 million contract; Marinette Marine Corp., doing business as Fincantieri Marinette Marine has received a USD7.9 million contract. The Conceptual Design effort will inform the final specifications that will be used for the Detail Design and Construction Request for Proposal that will deliver the required capability for FFG(X). The conceptual design phase will reduce cost, schedule, and performance risk for the follow-on Detail Design & Construction contract. Work will is expected to be completed by June 2019. The U.S. Navy intends to award the contract for the first FFG(X) in 2020. It will buy one in 2020 and one in 2021, followed by two each year after that, for a 20-ship class. According to theNavy Recognition, FFG(X) is an agile, multi-mission platform designed for operation in littoral and blue water environments. Its missions are set to be Anti-Submarine Warfare, Surface Warfare, Electromagnetic Maneuver Warfare, and Air Warfare. FFG(X) will operate independently or integrated with a Task Force to conduct offensive and defensive Surface, Anti-Submarine, and Air Warfare.
U.S. Navy Dolphins Hunt Mines During RIMPAC Exercise
The Dolphins locate deadly sea mines in return for a delicious fish treat.
The world’s deadliest torpedoes – Naval Technology
Long-Awaited Display of Restored Memphis Belle Set For 2018
The B-17F “Flying Fortress” was one of the first to make it through 25 WWII bombing missions
Revealed: How Washington and Moscow secretly stopped THIS country becoming a nuclear power | World | News |
A NEW book has outlined the way US and USSR diplomats worked together to prevent South Africa testing a nuclear bomb in the Kalahari desert – underscoring the importance of international cooperation in an increasingly dangerous world.

IW/EW/IO/Cyber Reports

Facebook Is Failing to Aid Inquiry Into ‘Fake News,’ British Lawmakers Say – The New York Times
In a report to be released Sunday, a parliamentary committee accused Facebook of providing “disingenuous” answers to questions and of withholding information.
A withering verdict: British MPs report on Zuckerberg, Russia and Cambridge Analytica | UNIAN
The DCMS select committee’s far-reaching interim report on its 18-month investigation into fake news and the use of data and “dark ads” in elections offers a wide-ranging, informed and sustained critique that carries with it the full weight of parliament. UK select committee criticises Facebook response and urges tighter internet regulation.
Weaponized information seeks a new target in cyberspace: Users’ minds – To Inform is to Influence
July 30, 2018 Richard Forno Senior Lecturer, Cybersecurity & Internet Researcher, University of Maryland, Baltimore County The Russian attacks on the 2016 U.S. presidential election and the country’s continuing election-related hacking have happened across all three dimensions of cyberspace – physical, informational and cognitive. The first two are well-known: For years, hackers have exploited hardware and software…
Senators ponder how to counter foreign influence operations
Senators wrestling with how to counter Russia and other foreign influence operations heard Wednesday from experts who said that not only did Russia continue its influence campaign after the 2016 presidential election, it “stepped on the gas.”
Facebook Identifies an Active Political Influence Campaign Using Fake Accounts – To Inform is to Influence
I am amazed that the NY Times has picked up on this new alleged Russian influence campaign so quickly.  Quite literally, I am amazed.  I noticed a surge starting on 23 July and started warning colleagues, friends and family of the start of a new Russian propaganda campaign.  Perhaps, just perhaps, we might respond. Educate…
Why Facebook’s New Troll Find Is Scary – To Inform is to Influence
I spoke with a Bloomberg reporter on Tuesday about this issue.  Russian trolls are learning from their past mistakes and hiding the origin of pages and domains they use to spread their fake news, propaganda, and disinformation. They use US physical addresses when spreading anti-American messages, Anglicized names, have fake American friends and followers, and…
New Russian Fake News Site Pops Up: The NY Evening – To Inform is to Influence
The 2018 US midterm election is hereby in session.  More Russian fake news sites are popping up. The quote is fake, it is old (2017 allegations), and let’s take a look at the source. The NY Evening @TheNYevening Bio: Truth, Justice and Wisdom  New York, NY Joined November 2016 The first line, “Truth, Justice and…
Information Warfare: A Big Problem Is Getting Bigger | Farnborough Airshow 2018 content from Aviation Week
If the problems for nation states are difficult to solve in the cyber domain, they are close to intractable at present when it comes to the related but very different area of information warfare.
MV-Lehti On Trial In Finland For Targeting Jessikka Aro – To Inform is to Influence
A Russian sponsored Neo-Nazi Finnish hate group, MV, has been targeting Finnish journalist Jessikka Aro for many years now. I picked up on it in 2015, after reading and reviewing an article she wrote. As a journalist, Jessikka is thorough, her facts are solid, so MV cannot go after the story. Instead, they went after…
One Hotel in Silicon Valley is a ‘honeypot hotbed for Russian and Eastern European escorts’ | Daily Mail Online
The suspected ‘honeypot’ prostitutes allegedly seek out tech execs in one place in particular, the lounge of the upscale Rosewood Hotel in Menlo Park.
Cyber Command chief will weigh in on split from NSA
CYBERCOM’s chief is working to provide an assessment to Pentagon leadership on whether CYBERCOM and NSA should split.
Eligible Receiver 97: Seminal DOD Cyber Exercise Included Mock Terror Strikes and Hostage Simulations – To Inform is to Influence
Eligible Receiver 97 was my introduction to Information Operations and cyber.   </end editorial> Washington, D.C., August 1, 2018 – An early classified Defense Department cybersecurity exercise named “Eligible Receiver 97” (ER97) featured a previously unpublicized series of mock terror attacks, hostage seizures, and special operations raids that went well beyond pure cyber activities in order to…
Army Wrestles With SIGINT vs. EW « Breaking Defense – Defense industry news, analysis and commentary
This internal budget battle in the Army could cede the actual battlefield to high-powered Russian and Chinese jammers, electronic warfare advocates fear, with the same lethal consequences for US troops that Ukrainian forces have suffered since 2014.
Ukrainians Arrested In Alleged Massive U.S. Hacking Effort
Three Ukrainian men have been arrested for allegedly hacking more than 100 U.S. companies and stealing millions of customer records, U.S. officials say.
U.S. charges three Ukrainians in payment card hacking spree | Reuters
Three Ukrainians have been arrested on criminal hacking charges including stealing payment card numbers, in attacks on more than 100 U.S. companies that cost businesses tens of millions of dollars, the U.S. Justice Department said on Wednesday.
Greek Court Approves Moscow’s Second Request To Extradite Russian Cybercrime Suspect
A Greek court has approved a supplementary request from Moscow to extradite a Russian cybercrime suspect, who is also wanted in France and the United States.

US Domestic Policy Reports

The US Military Should Be Doubling Down on Space – Defense One
Commercial innovation is slashing costs and boosting capabilities fast enough to remain useful even as antisatellite weapons improve.
EXCLUSIVE: Pentagon To Start Creating Space Force — Even Before Congress Approves It – Defense One
Within months, DoD will start standing up a new combatant command, a new space-procurement agency, and a new Space Operations Force.
Pentagon Delays Space Force Report – Defense One
The day after Defense One published details from an 11th-hour draft of the much-anticipated report, the Pentagon has delayed its release.
Opposition to a Space Force Simmers in the Senate – Defense One
But Republicans who oppose the president’s push appear largely content to hold their fire until next year.
Pentagon moves to cut procurement red tape in a bid to catch up with technology –
U.S. Senate Sends Trump Bill Enabling Him To Waive Russian Military Sanctions
The U.S. Senate has approved legislation allowing the president to waive penalties against countries that purchase weapons from sanctioned Russian defense companies if they are seeking closer ties …
A draft law on powers in the field of national defense for 2019, which is abbreviated as “defense law”, was drafted in the US Congress – Bill on U.S. defense: Ukraine, sanctions and loopholes for Russia –
A draft law on powers in the field of national defense for 2019, which is abbreviated as defense law, was drafted in the US Congress

Putin Says He’s Invited Trump To Moscow; White House ‘Open’ To Idea
Russian President Vladimir Putin said on July 27 that he has invited U.S. President Donald Trump to Moscow and that both he and Trump were ready for further summits.
White House updates online transcript of Trump-Putin news conference – CBS News
Earlier this week, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow accused the White House of editing the video and transcript to exclude a question about whether Putin wanted Trump to win
In Diplomatic Disconnect, Trump Talks Nice With Putin, As Congress Talks Tough
In Congress, lawmakers from both parties are gearing up for new measures targeting Russia for past, and possibly future, election meddling. It’s in sharp contrast to the rhetoric often heard from…
Lawyer Who Met With Donald Trump Jr. Has Ties To Russian Officials, Emails Show | TIME – YouTube
TIME Published on Jul 27, 2018 The Moscow lawyer said to have promised Donald Trump’s presidential campaign dirt on his Democratic opponent worked more closely with senior Russian government officials than she previously let on.
Bipartisan bill would require Senate’s approval to withdraw from NATO | TheHill
A bipartisan group of senators introduced legislation on Thursday to require President Trump to get the Senate’s approval before he withdraws th
Trump Brings Old U.S. Enemies in From Cold – Bloomberg
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Suspected Russian spy caught working inside US embassy in Moscow – CNNPolitics
A suspected Russian spy was employed for more than a decade at the US Embassy in Moscow before being fired last year, a senior administration official tells CNN.
Senate approves release of documents regarding alleged Russian agent – POLITICO
The Senate Intelligence Committee interviewed Butina as part of its lengthy investigation into Russian influence on U.S. elections in 2016.
Leaked chats show alleged Russian spy seeking hacking tools
Six years ago, a Russian-speaking cybersecurity researcher received an unsolicited email from Kate S. Milton.
How Russian Hackers Amplified the Seth Rich Conspiracy Until it Reached Donald Trump and the CIA – Defense One
A new report claims that Russian hackers altered dates in stolen documents to frame the DNC staffer for the theft.
Briton ran pro-Kremlin disinformation campaign that helped Trump deny Russian links
A British IT manager and former hacker launched and ran an international Russian-influenced disinformation campaign that has twice provided US President Donald Trump with fake evidence and false arguments to deny that Russia interfered to help him in the election.
U.S. Senator Paul, Who Praised Trump-Putin Summit, To Visit Moscow
Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov will meet in Moscow on August 6 with U.S. Senator Rand Paul, one of the only Washington legislators who applauded a recent summit between the U.S. and…

Transatlantic Relations at a Crossroads: A Conversation with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker | Center for Strategic and International Studies
JOHN J. HAMRE: Well, Mr. President, we’ve already watched you. And it was really wonderful to watch you and President Trump with some very important, and I think historic, observations today. I think everybody started the press conference with a great deal of apprehension, and I could feel the sign of relief in the room. And to think that we are going to be working together again. And I want to say a special thank you to you, Mr. President, because it showed your leadership, your skill in leading the European Commission and the European community. We’re delighted to have you here. 
Kudlow says trade negotiations with the EU to begin “immediately” – CBS News
Kudlow said the U.S. will be &quot;very accommodati[ng]&quot; to the EU as they begin talks over a new trade deal
Trump Adviser Kudlow Says U.S. to ‘Immediately’ Start EU Trade Talks on Agriculture – WSJ
A top Trump administration official said Sunday that the U.S. will “immediately” start negotiating with the European Union to forge trade agreements on farm and energy products.
Trump Calls On U.S. Attorney General To End Russia Probe ‘Right Now’
U.S. President Donald Trump has called on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to stop an investigation into ties between Russia and his 2016 election campaign “right now,” in a tweet that set off a fire…

Intelligence, Security Officials Warn Of Russia’s ‘Pervasive Methods’ To Weaken, Divide U.S.
Leaders of the U.S. intelligence and security community told a briefing at the White House that Russia is continuing to use “pervasive methods” to exploit and intensify differences in U.S. society and that they remain concerned about U.S. election security.
With hacking of US utilities, Russia could move from cyberespionage toward cyberwar
Even before the revelation on July 23 that Russian government hackers had penetrated the computer systems of U.S. electric utilities and could have caused blackouts, government agencies and electricity industry leaders were working to protect U.S. customers and society as a whole.
Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill confirms Russian hacking attempt
Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri says Russian hackers tried unsuccessfully to infiltrate her Senate computer network, raising questions about the extent to which Russia will try to interfere in the 2018 elections.
Russian Hackers Targeted The Most Vulnerable Part Of U.S. Elections. Again : NPR
Campaigns are easy marks for hackers, and this week, a Democrat running for re-election in a deeply red state announced that her staff recently came under attack.
Concerns rise about Russian attempts to disrupt US electrical grid: report | TheHill
Russian-spy hookers targeting tech leaders in Silicon Valley?
Suspected Russian “honeypot” prostitutes targeting tech execs and VCs in an infamous Silicon Valley lounge provide a salacious illustration of the region’s spy problem — but much of the espionage here looks like business as usual, according to a new report. The West Coast is seeing a “full-on epidemic of espionage” centered largely on Silicon Valley’s technology industry, the report said. A former U.S. intelligence official told online magazine Politico that local Russian and East European prostitutes may be getting money from Russia to target high-powered techies and VCs at the posh Rosewood hotel’s lounge on Sand Hill Road in Menlo Park, a drinking establishment known for so-called “cougar nights” on Thursdays. “Sex workers targeting executives at high-end bars and nightclubs such as the Rosewood Sand Hill … and other spots have been identified as potentially reporting back to Russian intel officers,” the former official said, according to Politico. The Rosewood, in a statement, disputed the report. “Rosewood Sand Hill holds itself to the highest standards and does not tolerate illegal or immoral activity,” the statement Friday said. “The statements made in the Politico article regarding our hotel are unfounded and without validity. We will continue to maintain the highest levels of security as we always have to ensure the safety, privacy and integrity of our guests and local patrons.”
San Francisco is a ‘nirvana’ for China’s main intelligence agency — and the center of an intensifying spy war | Business Insider
San Francisco and Silicon Valley are top targets for China’s main intelligence agency and Beijing’s efforts to steal billion of dollars in US trade and technological secrets are only set to increase, according to a new report from Politico.
UAWire – Media: Russian agent Butina was ready to testify in Paul Erickson’s case
Maria Butina, a Russian woman detained in the US, was ready to cooperate with the investigation and give testimony about her partner Paul …
Jeanne Shaheen: Senators targeted in “widespread” hacking attempts by Russia – Video from Face the Nation with Margaret Brennan today – CBS News
&quot;There has been one situation that we have turned over to authorities to look into, and we’re hearing that this is widespread&quot;
Senate Dem: ‘Widespread’ phishing attacks targeting political parties, senators | TheHill
Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.) on Sunday warned of “widespread” phishing attacks against Senate offices and political parties across the country, revealing that her office had already notified authorities of one suspicious experience.

Trump says media an enemy in attack on ‘fake, fake disgusting news’ – Business Insider
He began the speech with a 10-minute remembrance of his 2016 election night victory, bemoaning that Pennsylvania wasn’t the state to clinch the White House…
Donald Trump Attacks ‘Disgusting’ Media In Pennsylvania As Crowd Chants ‘CNN Sucks’
He also defended Russian President Vladimir Putin during the Wilkes-Barre rally.
Poll: Majority of Americans say FBI showed bias in Trump, Clinton probes | TheHill
A majority of Americans believe the FBI exhibited political bias in its handling of its high-profile investigations involving President Trump and his 2016 Democratic presidential rival Hillary Clinton, according to a new poll.
Washington Republicans rattled by Koch shift from Trump
Republicans in Washington are growing increasingly worried in the wake of a move by one of the GOP’s biggest backers to break from President Trump’s agenda.
How the Koch-Trump Rift Could Shape the Midterms | NYT News – YouTube
The New York Times Published on Aug 1, 2018 Charles G. Koch, one of the Republicans’ biggest donors, has been critical of President Trump’s protectionist trade policies. Mr. Trump is hitting back, creating tensions that could affect the party in the midterm elections.
When will Democrats condemn the left’s growing turn to violence?
Last week, a man was indicted for threatening to kill Republican Rep. Diane Black. “They were serious enough threats that the grand jury did take action,”…
U.S. Treasury Grants Russia’s Rusal More Time For Bid To Waive Sanctions
The U.S. Treasury Department says that it has extended the deadline for investors to divest holdings in the sanctioned Russian companies En+, GAZ Group, and Rusal from August 5 to October 23.

Manafort bookkeeper: He approved ‘every penny’ on personal bills | TheHill
Paul Manafort’s former personal bookkeeper Heather Washkuhn on Thursday dismissed claims that Manafort could not be responsible for his own personal spending because it was managed by others, explaining that Manafort approved “every penny” of his
Feds Tip Their Strategy in Paul Manafort Prosecution
Prosecutors dumped all the receipts in Manafort’s pricey suit pockets to try to tie him to a web of shady foreign companies.
Manafort trial Day 3: An ‘M’-shaped flower bed and a Rick Gates guarantee – POLITICO
Mueller prosecutor Greg Andres said in court Thursday morning that the government fully intends to call Gates, who cut a plea deal earlier this year and agreed to cooperate with the prosecution of Manafort.
Internet loses it over Manafort’s jacket – YouTube
CNN Published on Aug 2, 2018 Paul Manafort feathers his nest with a $15,000 ostrich jacket, but where are the feathers? CNN’s Jeanne Moos reports.
Manafort case judge warns Mueller team they ‘can’t prove conspiracy’ without star witness | Fox News
The federal judge in the trial of ex-Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort told Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team on Thursday they cannot prove a key part of their case unless prosecutors call Manafort’s former business partner to the stand.
Paul Manafort trial Day 3: Bookkeeper testifies about overseas accounts, cash flow problems, unpaid bills – The Washington Post
Updates from the courtroom where Trump’s former campaign chairman is facing bank and tax fraud charges.
Prosecutors highlight Manafort’s lavish tastes – YouTube
CNN Published on Aug 2, 2018 Adding to their portrait of Paul Manafort’s wealth, prosecutors walked jurors through the hundreds of thousands of dollars the former Trump campaign chairman spent on a karaoke machine, landscaping, home improvement and what one landscaper described as one of the biggest ponds in the Hamptons. CNN’s Jessica Schneider reports.
U.S. Special Counsel Mueller Wants To Interview Singer Agalarov, Lawyer Says
U.S. Justice Department Special Counsel Robert Mueller wants to interview Emin Agalarov, an Azerbaijani-Russian pop star and former son-in-law of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, a lawyer for Ag…
Special Counsel Sets Witness List For Former Trump Aide Manafort’s Trial
The U.S. special counsel investigating alleged Russian interference and related matters during the 2016 presidential campaign has released a list of 35 potential witnesses for the trial in Virginia…
U.S. Prosecutors Say Manafort Hid Money He Earned In Ukraine
U.S. prosecutors have depicted President Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, as a tax evader who hid millions of dollars he earned from his political work for former Ukrainian P…
Manafort was hiding Yanukovych’s money on 30 accounts – prosecutor – 01.08.2018 12:06 — Ukrinform News
Paul Mananafort, U.S. President Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman, opened more than 30 bank accounts in three foreign countries to &quot;receive and hide&quot; his income from Ukraine, Reuters has reported, citing public prosecutor Uzo Asonye.
Mueller: Manafort made $60M from Ukraine work – YouTube
CNN Published on Jul 30, 2018 Special counsel Robert Mueller says that Paul Manafort earned $60 million from his work as a political consultant in Ukraine.
Manafort used over 30 accounts in three countries to conceal income from Ukraine –
Paul Manafort, the former counselor and the ex-leader of Donald Trump’s election campaign, had more than 30 bank accounts in three countries across the globe. Reuters reported that, commenting on the latest developments in his case. This was necessary ‘to “receive and hide” his income from Ukraine, a federal prosecutor said on Tuesday’, the news agency wrote. Manafort will remain in custody until the end of the hearings in his case, which kicked off today, August 1. The official is charged with financial and tax frauds.
At Paul Manafort Trial, Defense Puts The Blame On Mueller Witness Rick Gates
The first trial of Trump’s former campaign chairman is now underway in Virginia.
On Manafort Trial Day 2, A Central Question: How Much Power Did Rick Gates Wield? : NPR
Manafort’s defense, judging by his attorney’s opening statement, rests in trying to undermine the credibility of his longtime business partner, Rick Gates. Gates is cooperating with prosecutors.
Takeaways from day two of the Paul Manafort trial – CNNPolitics
The criminal trial of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort pressed on for its second day at a steady clip Wednesday, even as his former boss President Donald Trump called the investigation of Manafort as part of an inquiry into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election a “hoax.”
U.S. Prosecutors Detail Lavish Spending Of Trump’s Ex-Campaign Chief
U.S. prosecutors drilled deep into Paul Manafort’s lavish lifestyle and spending habits, as they continued building their case that President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager committed ba…
Mueller prosecutors rebuked repeatedly by trial judge with a history of colorful rulings | Fox News
The federal judge presiding over the trial of ex-Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort rebuked Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team repeatedly on Tuesday, highlighting vulnerabilities in the first prosecution arising out of Mueller’s ongoing Russia probe.
Live updates: The Manafort trial – CNNPolitics
Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort’s trial is underway in a high-profile test of Robert Mueller’s investigation. See latest updates.
Mueller names 35 witnesses for first Manafort trial – POLITICO
Jurors are expected to hear from a slew of bankers, accountants and luxury-good vendors.
The evidence Paul Manafort doesn’t want the jury in his first trial to see – CBS News
Less than a week before his first trial is to begin, Manafort makes last ditch effort to stop special counsel from showing the jury evidence of his work for Ukrainian politicians
Special Attorney of FBI presented more than 300 of documents in the case of Paul Manafort –
‘Azarov will speak ten-twelve minutes in Russian. He has to criticize Tymoshenko for the mess she left behind and presentation of the electoral platform. Victor Yanukovych will speak five-seven minutes in Ukrainian where he should present his program “Ukraine for people”,’ allegedly Manafort said
Why is Paul Manafort risking it all to face Mueller charges in court? | US news | The Guardian
The decision to take his chances at trial has startled observers, and raised question as to whom he might be protecting
Paul Manafort’s Trial Starts Tuesday. Here Are the Charges and the Stakes. – The New York Times
Questions about Russian involvement in President Trump’s 2016 campaign are not on the docket but hang heavily over the proceedings.
The former head of Donald Trump’s campaign headquarters, Paul Manafort, demanded that the photos with him and former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych be removed from the case –
The former head of Donald Trump’s campaign headquarters, Paul Manafort, demanded that the photos with him and former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych be removed from the case. This is reported by Bloomberg. The photos were taken during the work of Paul Manafort in Ukraine, when he helped Viktor Yanukovych during the election campaign. Defenders of Manafort believe that these materials are inappropriate and biased to the progress of the trial. However, the team of special prosecutor Robert Mueller stated that these documents better show how Manafort earned money in Ukraine, and the people who are present on photographs are those who transferred money to the political consultant. In the pictures next to Manafort, you can see Viktor Yanukovych, during the filming of commercials.
On The Eve Of His Trial, A Deeper Look Into How Paul Manafort Elected Ukraine’s President
Documents released as part of Paul Manafort’s upcoming financial fraud trial show how, years before he worked for President Donald Trump’s election campaign, he engineered the return of Viktor …
Paul Manafort gambles against all odds at trial | TheHill
The former campaign chairman is risking prison time for a very small chance of a presidential pardon.
Dershowitz: Mueller Hoping Manafort Will Choose to Testify Against Trump Rather Than ‘Die in Prison’ | Fox News Insider
Alan Dershowitz said that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is hoping that Paul Manafort will opt to testify against the president, rather than face a lengthy prison sentence.
Paul Manafort trial the biggest test yet for special counsel Robert Mueller – CNNPolitics
The biggest test of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election begins Tuesday with the trial of Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort.
Report: Mueller referred lobbyists, including Tony Podesta, to Manhattan prosecutors – Vox
Authorities are looking into whether they failed to register their work lobbying for a nonprofit linked to the Ukrainian government.
Former Trump campaign chairman Manafort is first to face trial in Russia probe
Paul Manafort’s trial, which begins Tuesday, is the first case brought by special counsel Robert Mueller to go before a jury.
Manafort First Up As Russia Probe Reaches Trial
U.S. President Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, will become the first person to go to trial on charges stemming from the sprawling U.S. investigation into Russian meddling in…
Tony Podesta under investigation following special counsel referral
NBC News previously reported that special counsel Robert Mueller had been looking into Tony Podesta and his Democratic-leaning lobbying firm as part of its broader investigation into the finances of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort.
Feds probing Tony Podesta, Obama lawyer, ex-rep on foreign lobbying after Mueller referral | Fox News
The U.S. Attorney’s office in Manhattan is investigating whether three prominent Washington power players engaged in illegal foreign lobbying, after Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office referred the matter to federal prosecutors, according to a source with knowledge of the matter.



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