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Iran Ad Hoc Update – Persian Spring (7)

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The Tehran regime appears determined to bring Armageddon upon itself – and the only explanation that makes any kind of sense is a replay of Putin’ Crimea / Donbass game – start a war to shift public attention away from the internal rot infesting the country. The report on the mass exodus of almost half a million Afghan migrant workers is self-explanatory.

The scale of the protests is being compared to January.

If the regime succeeds in starting a shooting war, Western / Israeli / Arab air power would eviscerate the very IRGC forces the regime needs to suppress its rebelling population.

Will Russia or China make major sacrifices to save the Tehran regime that has treated both “allies” with disrespect if not contempt? There is no evidence this will happen and would be contrary to the self-interest driven philosophy of both Muscovy and Beijing.

Iran Starts Naval Exercise Near Vital Strait, U.S. Says – WSJ

Iran began a major naval exercise near the Strait of Hormuz Thursday, in an apparent response to rhetoric from President Trump in recent days that he would ratchet up pressure against Tehran, U.S. defense officials said.

Iran deploys 50 small boats to Strait of Hormuz for large-scale ‘swarming’ exercise | Fox News

Iran began a large-scale exercise in the Strait of Hormuz on Thursday involving more than 50 small boats, practicing “swarming” operations that could potentially shut down the vital water way if ever deployed for real, U.S. officials said.

Iran naval drills underway amid tensions with U.S. | Reuters

The United States believes Iran has started carrying out naval exercises in the Gulf, apparently moving up the timing of annual drills amid heightened tensions with Washington, U.S. officials told Reuters on Thursday.

Defense Department says Iran conducting naval exercises in the Persian Gulf – YouTube

Israel warns Iran of military response if it closed key Red Sea strait | Reuters

Israel would deploy its military if Iran were to try to block the Bab al-Mandeb strait that links the Red Sea to the Gulf of Aden, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday.

UAWire – Israel threatens Iran with military action if Bab el-Mandeb Strait is blocked

If Iran attempts to close off the Bab el-Mandeb Strait, which serves as the only outlet from the Red Sea, there will be countermeasures taken by …

Iran news: Netanyahu issues stark WARNING to Islamic Republic | World | News |

ISRAEL’S Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has warned Iran will be met with a military response if it attempts to block the Straits of Bab al-Mandab in the Red Sea, after Houthi rebels allegedly fired missiles at a Saudi Arabian oil tanker.

Benjamin Netanyahu: Israel would help Saudis destroy Iranian blockade

Israel will help break any blockade that Iran tries to enforce in a vital shipping lane that passes between the Red Sea and the open ocean, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday.

A mysterious attack on Saudi oil tanker, amid Trump-Iran duel – Middle East News –

Washington fears Iranian-led attack on troops in Iraq ■ Israeli politicians say fight to stop Iran in Syria proved successful, but military remains skeptical

‘Either Everyone Sells Oil Through Strait of Hormuz or No One Does’ – Iranian MP – Sputnik International

Iran has moved naval forces into the Strait of Hormuz, the source of 20% of the world’s oil, in a display of force aimed showing its ability to shut down the artery. The move follows Tehran’s adoption of a strategy of ‘smart economic resistance’ aimed at disarming US sanctions. Sputnik spoke to specialists about the details of Tehran’s approach.

US military watching closely as Iranian ships gather at key oil shipping route – News – Stripes

The Iranian navy is increasing its presence at the Strait of Hormuz, sparking concerns that Tehran is showcasing its ability to block international access to the world’s most important oil transit point.

Iran could block off major oil transit chokepoint Strait of Hormuz | Daily Mail Online

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard has sent 100 boats to the Persian Gulf for naval exercises. US officials believe the military group could be about to shut off the Strait of Hormuz.

Iran planning Gulf ‘swarm’ drill involving 100 gun boats within days, US officials say | Fox News

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard is expected to put 100 gunboats in the Persian Gulf sometime in the next 48 hours to practice swarm tactics simulating actions which could potentially shut down the Strait of Hormuz, where roughly 10 percent of the world’s oil passes through each year, two U.S. officials said Wednesday.

Iranian navy stirs Persian Gulf, prompts Pentagon concern

Pentagon monitors Iranian naval activity in key choke point for international oil shipments.

Iran preparing major military exercise in Persian Gulf: report | TheHill

Iran just heated up tensions with Trump in a major show of force to practice closing the Strait of Hormuz | Business Insider

Iran is about to launch a major military exercise in the Persian Gulf to show they can close the Strait of Hormuz, according to CNN, citing two US officials.

War With Iran Could Destroy Trump’s Presidency | The American Conservative

A war with Iran would define, consume and potentially destroy the Trump presidency, but exhilarate the neocon never-Trumpers who most despise the man. Why, then, is President Donald Trump toying with such an idea? Looking back at Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen, wars we began or plunged into, what was gained to justify the cost in American blood and treasure and the death and destruction we visited upon that region? How has our great rival China suffered by not getting involved? Oil is the vital strategic Western interest in the Persian Gulf. Yet a war with Iran would imperil, not secure, that interest. Mass migration from the Islamic world, seeded with terrorist cells, is the greatest threat to Europe from the Middle East. But would not a U.S. war with Iran increase rather than diminish that threat? Would the millions of Iranians who oppose the mullahs’ rule welcome U.S. air and naval attacks on their country? Or would they rally behind the regime and the armed forces dying to defend their country?

In The Haute Seat: Glimpse Into Lifestyles Of Iran’s Elite Kids Spurs Anger

The “luxury” wedding of an ambassador’s son and other perceived excesses draw fire on social media, with most Iranians fearing tougher days ahead amid a currency crisis and with U.S. sanctions looming.

Things Are So Bad In Iran That Afghan Migrants Are Going Home

Thousands of Afghan migrants in Iran are returning home amid an economic crisis that has seen unemployment soar and the value of Iran’s national currency plummet.

Iran’s foreign minister says China ‘pivotal’ to salvaging its nuclear deal | Reuters

Iran’s foreign minister said on Friday China was “pivotal” to salvaging a multilateral nuclear agreement for the Middle Eastern country after the United States pulled out of the pact earlier this year.

China Rejects U.S. Request to Cut Iran Oil Imports – Bloomberg

The U.S. has been unable to persuade China to cut Iranian oil imports, according to two officials familiar with the negotiations, dealing a blow to President Donald Trump’s efforts to isolate the Islamic Republic after his withdrawal from the 2015 nuclear accord.

US Reportedly Fails to Make China Halt Iranian Oil Imports Amid Sanctions Threat – Sputnik International

Earlier, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying announced that Beijing stands firmly against unilateral US anti-Iranian sanctions and is seeking to keep trade relations with Tehran in line with international agreements.

Trump is pushing for a summit that would deeply humiliate Iran’s leaders — but they need it too | Business Insider

President Donald Trump has set out on a puzzling and ambitious policy towards Iran that looks increasingly focused on a summit that would deeply humiliate the Islamic Republic’s leadership.

Caroline Glick: Trump’s Offer to Talk to Iran Was Shrewd Move in Complicated Showdown | Breitbart

Trump’s offer to talk with Iran was a shrewd, albeit high-risk move made in a complex and highly dynamic and dangerous standoff.

Iran’s rejection of a Trump summit shows its contempt for compromise | Fox News

President Trump exposed Iran’s diplomatic hypocrisy when he suddenly offered to meet with Iranian leaders if they wished.

‘Taken Hostage’: Trump Duped by Saudis on Iran Oil Sanctions – Tehran Official – Sputnik International

President Trump’s offer of “no preconditions” talks with Iran’s comes as a surprise break from months of escalating rhetoric in the wake of his walkout from the landmark Iran nuclear deal.

The Ugly Destination of Trump’s Iran Policy | The National Interest

To the extent Iranian leaders might be sounding a little testy these days, no one should be surprised.

Iran death penalty charges in economic crisis ‘breach international law’: Amnesty

LONDON: Iran’s application of the death penalty to individuals arrested during the country’s economic crisis would be in “direct breach of international law,” the world’s leading human-rights organization has said. At least 29 people have been arrested for “economic disruption,” Iranian officials announced last weekend, with many facing charges that carry the death penalty.

Iran revolt exposes Obama’s mistakes – Washington Times

President Obama said regime change in Iran couldn’t happen. But it’s happening.

Iran news: President SUMMONED by angry MPs as Trump sanctions continue to cause CRISIS | World | News |

IRANIAN lawmakers have demanded President Rouhani appears in parliament to answer their questions on the current state of the country’s economy, according to state media this week.

Iran Protests Spread to 10 Cities in Widest Unrest Since January

Citizen journalists’ reports confirm protests in which participants chanted slogans calling for end to Islamist rule

Unrest Spreads To Shiraz, Mashhad; Slogans Focus On Dictatorship

A new round of anti-government demonstrations has been taking place in major Iranian cities for the third day on August 2, with demonstrators chanting slogans against the dictatorship, clerical rul…

Iranians call for Khamenei to quit during overnight protests – Al Arabiya English

Protests resumed Wednesday night in Iranrsquo;s city of Karaj, in Alborz Province, over the high cost of living, inflation and the deteriorating

Anti-Khamenei protests gather steam as Iran wades through economic slump – Daily Pakistan

TEHRAN – A new spree of protests has erupted in Iran after the chaotic economic situation riled the residents of the Muslim-majority state who raised rare slogans decrying Supreme Leader Ayatollah Al

‘Have Shame, Khamenei’: Hundreds of Iranians Protest Currency Slump in Isfahan

Hundreds of Iranians in Isfahan joined a protest on Tuesday to denounce the Islamic Republic’s handling of the nation’s economic problems.

WATCH: Iranians cry out death to the dictator in economic protest

Ahead of renewed American sanctions and amid high inflation, hundreds of Iranians angrily take to the streets in multiple cities to demand solution to economic woes; police break up demonstrators.

Iranian security forces clash with Isfahan protesters for second day – Middle East – Jerusalem Post

Eyewitnesses reported protestors throwing stones and fires burning at the sites of the demonstrations, and security forces using tear gas and water cannons against the demonstrators

Iranians Protest Prices in Key Cities Ahead of Sanctions Return – Bloomberg

Scattered protests over economic hardship appeared to have been held in several of Iran’s major cities, days before the return of U.S. financial sanctions.

Iran’s widespread and growing protests push citizens to brink | Fox News

Iranians protested for a third day in a row against the clerical regime that they blame for running the economy into the ground.

I lived in an Iran under sanctions. Here’s what it’s like. – The Washington Post

The regime in Tehran will likely press forward, doing little to address the very legitimate concerns of its people.


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