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MV-Lehti On Trial In Finland For Targeting Jessikka Aro

Jessikka Aro

A Russian sponsored Neo-Nazi Finnish hate group, MV, has been targeting Finnish journalist Jessikka Aro for many years now.

I picked up on it in 2015, after reading and reviewing an article she wrote. As a journalist, Jessikka is thorough, her facts are solid, so MV cannot go after the story. Instead, they went after Jessikka Aro, harassing her.

I wrote a review, My Year as a Pro-Russia Troll Magnet: International Shaming Campaign and an SMS from Dead Father, which opened the floodgates against me. MV published a number of fabricated articles about Jessikka and me on their website, MV-Lehti.

At night, however, I turn off my computer and sleep. The next day I would go back to work and life would go on.

Jessikka Aro, however, lives and works in the public’s eye.  The harassment of her was relentless.  She travels frequently as a journalist, and members of the neo-nazi hate group would follow her, overtly take pictures of her, make sure she saw them, and generally harass her at every opportunity.

The founder of MV escaped a Finnish dragnet by fleeing to Spain.  In 2016 I reported he was going to be extradited back to Finland. Ilja Janitskin To Be Extradited.  Ever the coward, Ilja fought extradition. The Extradiction Trial of Ilja Janitskin in Andorra on Thursday and Press release of Mr Ilja Janitskin’s extradition court hearing in Andorra Thursday.

Finally, we read, MV-lehti editor extradited to Finland in April 2018.

In the meantime, Jessikka fought back by publicizing the incident, raising interest, and nudging Finnish Law Enforcement into action. Jessikka Aro: How pro-Russian trolls tried to destroy me and Finnish Prosecutor: Pro-Kremlin Trolls Destroyed Journalist’s Life.  In 2016 the story was even picked up by the New York Times. Effort to Expose Russia’s ‘Troll Army’ Draws Vicious Retaliation

Finally, the trial began. Finland : Pro-Kremlin activists on trial in Finland for harassing reporter.  The cause was picked up by Reporters Without Borders.

YLE, Jessikka’s employer, also picked up the cause. Prosecutor demands prison sentence for anti-immigrant agitator Ilja Janitskin

In addition to Janitskin, charges will also be read to Johan Bäckman, a Finnish academic known for publicly championing Russian child custody rights abroad. Bäckman has been charged with aggravated defamation and harassment.

Johan Bäckman is as much an academic as I am a rocket scientist. He has traveled to many countries, been declared Persona non Grata by a few, and engaged in political agitation and the spreading of pro-Kremlin propaganda. It is my belief that he is an “Agent of Influence” employed by the SVR. I blogged this about him on 14 September 2016: The Kremlin’s Voice: Johan Bäckman.

There is a third person, currently unnamed, that may be prosecuted.  Most likely that person is Juha Molari, a defrocked Catholic Priest, who later worked for RT, and is believed to be the author of many of MV-Lehti’s “articles”.  He is currently hiding in Smolensk, Russia.  He’s even written hit-pieces about me.  The cleansing ball is equivalent to two mighty warriors, Joel Harding and Torsti Sirén. Torsti is a Finnish friend who teaches at the Finland National Defense University.

Just for your information, MV trolls have been leaving trite comments on this blog. As the trial nears an end, we shall see what happens to brothers Ilja Janitskin and Johan Bäckman.  18 months is the expected sentence for Janitskin. Bäckman is more a “Foreign Agent Of Influence”, and I would expect that evidence to be introduced if the prosecution wants to solidify the charges of aggravated defamation and harassment. If Juha Molari leaves Russia and is captured and extradited to Finland, I am almost certain he would fit into the 18-month sentencing category as a propagandist.

Bottom line, Russian influence through the sponsorship of a Finnish Neo-Nazi hate group is being exposed.




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