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New Russian Fake News Site Pops Up: The NY Evening

The 2018 US midterm election is hereby in session.  More Russian fake news sites are popping up.

The quote is fake, it is old (2017 allegations), and let’s take a look at the source.

The NY Evening @TheNYevening


🇺🇸🦅Truth, Justice and Wisdom 🦅🇺🇸

New York, NY


Joined November 2016

The first line, “Truth, Justice and Wisdom”, is missing a comma. It should be “Truth, Justice, and Wisdom”.  Even a simple grammatical program which most “real” news sites have would show that right away.

The last line, “Joined November 2016″ is right around the time of the 2016 election, another major indicator. 

Turning to the story, appearing on nyeveningnews.com, I found this story. 

We’ve already established this story was going around in 2017 and it is fake, as verifies by Snopes.

Then I took a look at the rest of the stories on the front page.

Every single story was sensational, like a supermarket tabloid.  Some were real but they were old. The story about Peter Dalglish, a UN worker arrested for pedophelia in Nepal, is true, but it all took place in April 2018.

Media Bias Fact Check marks New York Evening as

“an imposter site, which means it is attempting to look like a New York Magazine. However, when looking at Whois, you find that this site originates from Macedonia. Like most Macedonian websites this one also has an extreme right wing bias in reporting. It also publishes conspiracy theories such as people knowing in advance that the World Trade Center Towers would be attacked. Further, this source is listed as fake news by Politifact. (6/17/2017)”

I first saw this site today, so I’m marking it not only an imposter site, I’m calling it Russian fake news.  We know Russia had a hand in setting up fake news sites in Macedonia, so my theory is reinforced.

Postscript. The original tweet was from another fake news site, NY Nettle. It is basically a clone of NY Evening. Chances are it is yet another Russian fake news site.

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