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Salisbury CW Attack / Syria / Iran / Russia Ad Hoc Update (108)

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Iran appears to be close to meltdown mode.  Their rhetoric looks apoplectic. 

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Russian alternate reality game continues. More on Ms Butina.

In the UK, Police are closing in on the identity of the Russian CW agent covert ops team members and reported to be showing photos to potential witnesses.

Iran’s theocracy has picked an interesting time to try to wind up POTUS. From a survival politics perspective, this looks like the proverbial  “dumb and dumber” from Tehran. Maybe the allure of martyrdom is stronger than their greed!

Russian sources offered a wild grab-bag of theories to explain English woman’s nerve agent death – National |

Russian sources offered an array of unlikely theories to explain a fatal nerve agent exposure in England.

UK Investigators Reportedly Obtain Photo of Amesbury Poisoning Perpetrator – Sputnik International

A photo of the suspect has not been released to the public, however.

Maria Butina paid by Russian billionaire Konstantin Nikolaev: report

Maria Butina, the Russian citizen accused of attempting to infiltrate U.S. political organizations, received financial support from a Russian billionaire.

Accused spy Maria Butina not mentioned in US readout of Russia call | US news | The Guardian

Moscow said Butina’s case came up between Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov and US secretary of state Mike Pompeo

Exclusive: Alleged Russian agent Butina met with U.S. Treasury, Fed officials | Reuters

Maria Butina, accused in the United States of spying for Russia, had wider high-level contacts in Washington than previously known, taking part in 2015 meetings between a visiting Russian official and two senior U.S. officials.

Milbank: Russia’s not meddling? Then explain Maria Butina – East Bay Times

Nerve agent detectives ‘show key witnesses a photo of potential suspect’ | Daily Mail Online

It comes after police used facial recognition technology to identify two assassins that were sent to poison Sergei and Yulia Skripal, in Salisbury, Wiltshire, on March 4.

Novichok police showing witnesses ‘suspect’ photo | UK | News |

ANTI-TERROR detectives hunting the Novichok poisoners have been showing key witnesses a photo of a potential suspect and asking about the movements of a mystery woman.

Novichok victim Charlie Rowley under police guard at secret location following hospital release – Mirror Online

The 45-year-old – who spent 20 days in intensive care battling the nerve agent – is helping with inquiries into the poisoning after his girlfriend Dawn Sturgess, 44, was killed by the toxin

Salisbury Novichok victim Charlie Rowley’s brother says he is being kept in police safe house | Daily Mail Online

Police officers have given Charlie Rowley, 45, of Amesbury, a special mobile phone number and banned him from watching television and from reading newspapers, his brother Matthew reveals.

Novichok survivor Charlie Rowley reveals he would like to go out for a bottle of wine after his poisoning ordeal and is ‘very glad’ to be out of hospital

Charlie Rowley, 45, has told how he would ‘really like to go out for a bottle of wine’ as he recovers in a safe house following his release from hospital. He says he will ‘never get over’ what happened to him and tragic girlfriend Dawn Sturgess.

Novichok survivor Charlie Rowley reveals girlfriend Dawn Sturgess died after spraying poison on wrists

Charlie Rowley, 45, says he remembers his girlfriend Dawn Sturgess, 44, spraying what she thought was perfume on her wrists. Charlie, who survived the tragic event, claims the liquid Dawn sprayed was actually the nerve agent which caused his lover’s death.

Bottle splintered in hands of novichok victim | News | The Times

A perfume bottle containing the remnants of the nerve agent used in the Salisbury spy attack broke in the hands of a heroin addict after he watched his girlfriend spray the toxin on her wrists, it emerged yesterday.Charlie Rowley, 45, was exposed to the toxin last month soon after Dawn Sturgess

UK couple poisoned by Novichok were contaminated after handling perfume bottle that broke, family member says | Fox News

The British couple who were poisoned by Novichok had sprayed a container disguised as perfume that later broke in the man’s hands when they were contaminated with the military-grade nerve agent, a family member said.

Novichok threat Salisbury: What are the effects of Novichok nerve agent? | UK | News |

INVESTIGATORS in Hazmat suits are continuing to search at public toilets in Salisbury as part of the inquiry into the second Novichok poisoning in the area this year. So what are the effects?




U.S. President Donald Trump threatened his Iranian counterpart in a late Sunday evening Twitter post.

Trump fires off explosive threat to Iran’s leader | Fox News

President Donald Trump has warned Iranian President Hassan Rouhani that he will face dire consequences for threatening the United States.

Trump tweets explosive threat to Iran President Rouhani – CNNPolitics

President Donald Trump issued a furious, all-caps challenge to the Iranian regime late Sunday night, warning that any threats to the US would be met with unspecified dire consequences.

Trump Tweets Late-Night Threat At Iranian President: ‘BE CAUTIOUS’

The comment comes after Iran’s Hassan Rouhani said any conflict with his country would be “the mother of all wars.”

Donald Trump Threatens to Annihilate Iran But No One Really Cares – Mother Jones

Trump tweets threats by Iran will draw consequences ‘few throughout history have ever suffered before’ | Donald Trump | Dallas News

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump is warning Iranian President Hassan Rouhani that he will face dire consequences for threatening the United…

🇮🇷 🇺🇸 Iran to US: ‘You cannot provoke the Iranian people’ | Al Jazeera English – YouTube

Al Jazeera English Published on Jul 22, 2018 Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani has said his country is growing impatient with the US government. At a meeting of foreign ministry officials in Tehran, Rouhani said that US President Donald Trump will fail to turn the Iranian people against their own government and any pressure will only bring Iranians closer. “You cannot provoke the Iranian people against their own security and interests,” he said. The gathering of Iranian diplomats in Tehran came ahead of more US sanctions set to take effect on August 6 after Trump pulled the US out of the 2015 nuclear deal. Al Jazeera’s Zein Basravi has more from Tehran.

Iranian President Warns Trump Not to Threaten Oil Exports | Time

Iran’s President Rouhani warned President Donald Trump not to threaten the Persian Gulf’s oil exports.

Bolton and Pompeo Reportedly Lead Push to “Foment Unrest” in Iran

Pompeo: Iran’s leaders resemble the mafia | TheHill

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Sunday said Iran’s leaders resemble “the mafia more than a government.”

Pompeo assails Iran’s leaders, compares them to ‘mafia’

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo launched a rhetorical assault on Iran’s leaders on Sunday, comparing them to a “mafia” and promising unspecified backing for Iranians unhappy with their government. Pompeo, in a California speech to a largely Iranian-American audience, dismissed Iranian

Washington launches campaign to undermine Iran’s leaders – U.S. News –

Trump administration hopes to stir unrest and pressure Tehran on its nuclear program and support of militant groups, officials say

Mike Pompeo: World must help Iranians prepare for revolt

President Trump plans to help set the conditions for a successful revolution by the Iranian people against the Islamic Republic, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Sunday.