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Russia Continues To Sow Discord In U.S., FBI Director Says

This appears to be the second administration official deviating from President Trump’s statement from Monday.  President Trump is backtracking that statement but it is not being well received. I cannot trust the mainstream media, however, their bias is too deep. It is getting more difficult to read between the lines to discern the real truth.

The FBI is a member of the Intelligence Community, one of 17 agencies.  This puts a very public statement on the record. 

The problem continues to be that the US government is not even attempting to counter Russian information warfare.  The BBG is the only active program exposing Russian propaganda.  The GEC remains focused on ISIS, even though the earmarked money from Congress was supposedly released. 

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July 19, 2018 06:10 GMT


FBI Director Christopher Wray has said Russia continues to use fake news, propaganda, and covert operations to sow discord in the United States.

Speaking at the opening event of the Aspen Security Forum in Colorado on July 18, Wray stood behind the U.S. intelligence agencies’ assessment that Moscow interfered in the 2016 presidential election, and rejected President Vladimir Putin’s claim that Russia was not involved.

“He’s got his view. I can tell you what my view is,” Wray said. “The intelligence community’s view has not changed. My view has not changed.”

Wray also dismissed Putin’s offer to allow U.S. investigators access to 12 Russian military intelligence officers who have been indicted on charges of interfering in the election in return for being able to interview U.S. citizens whom Russia has accused of unspecified crimes.

“It’s certainly not high on our list of investigative techniques,” Wray said. “Russia continues to engage in malign influence operations to this day.”

Wray’s statements came amid controversy in Washington over whether President Donald Trump accepts the U.S. intelligence agencies’ assessment and whether he believes Moscow is continuing to try to influence American elections or threaten the nation’s infrastructure.

In remarks to reporters on July 18, Trump said that he believed that Russia was no longer interfering in U.S. elections, but the White House later said that his remarks had been misconstrued.

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