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McConnell Warns Russia Against Meddling, Floats New Sanctions – Bloomberg

Amid a bipartisan uproar over President Donald Trump’s praise of Vladimir Putin, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell warned Russia against meddling again in U.S. elections and said his chamber might take up legislation targeting the country with more sanctions.

Trump-Putin meeting in Helsinki: A historian reviews the wreckage – Vox

Michael Kimmage argues for reengagement with Russia, and had written about his high hopes for Helsinki. Then Trump started talking.

Diplomatic niceties can blur the lines of personal and national interests | TheHill

A good one-on-one relationship with a foreign leader can become a bad thing if it distorts perceptions or enables manipulation by the foreign negotiator.

White House Says It’s Weighing Putin Offer Of Joint Police Interrogations

The White House and the State Department are at odds over an offer by Russian President Vladimir Putin to allow U.S. prosecutors access to 12 Russians accused of hacking the 2016 election if Russia…

Trump says ‘Fake News’ pushing ‘major confrontation’ with Russia | Fox News

President Trump claimed Thursday the “Fake News” is pushing for a “major confrontation” with Russia, ratcheting up his defense of the summit with Vladimir Putin on the third day of damage control over their controversial joint press conference.

This Is the Art of the Deal? – WSJ

Trump tweeted, ‘Big results will come!’ Putin already has the results he wanted.

Trump Pulls Rug Out From GOP Once Again

The president’s contradictory statements about Russia are giving everyone whiplash.

Trump Says Russia No Longer Targeting U.S. Elections, Contradicting His Intelligence Chief

U.S. President Donald Trump has said that Russia is no longer interfering in U.S. elections, contradicting remarks by his chief of national intelligence who has warned that Russia is continuing to …

‘It Was Nothing Short of Treasonous’ – Foreign Policy

How people in the United States and Russia responded to the Helsinki summit.

Trump remark sparks confusion over position on ongoing Russian interference – CBS News

Trump told reporters Wednesday that there's &quot;never been a president as tough on Russia as I have been&quot;

Facing heavy criticism, Trump now says he misspoke over Putin-friendly remarks

President Trump on Tuesday said he misspoke at his Helsinki summit Monday with Russia’s President Putin, as he sought to quell bipartisan outrage over his remarks there endorsing Putin’s denials of election interference over the findings of U.S. intelligence that Russia intervened to help him.

Trump interview: “I would” hold Putin responsible for election meddling, he says on “CBS Evening News” – CBS News

The commander in chief sat down for his second interview with CBS News' Jeff Glor in the last few days

Trump Tries To Walk Back Disastrous Helsinki Performance In CBS Interview

The president says he was “very strong on the fact that we can’t have meddling” in his one-on-one with Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

All of Trump’s backflips on Russian interference – YouTube

Guardian News Published on Jul 19, 2018 Donald Trump now says he holds Vladimir Putin personally responsible for Russian meddling in the 2016 US election. It is the latest backtracking amid anger over his failure to publicly hold Putin to account at the Helsinki summit Donald Trump blames Putin personally for election meddling in latest reversal

🇺🇸 US election meddling: Trump reverses course again | Al Jazeera English – YouTube

Al Jazeera English Published on Jul 18, 2018 There is even more confusion about what Donald Trump believes, or does not believe, about Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election. Trump told US television he did blame Russian President Vladimir Putin. The latest twists have seen him at cross-purposes with his aides, and at one point, with himself. Al Jazeera’s Rosiland Jordan reports from Washington, DC.

President Trump holds President Putin personally responsible for meddling in 2016 election – YouTube

euronews (in English) Published on Jul 19, 2018 Trump made the comment in an interview with CBS, after a second day of efforts by the White House to quell nationwide anger – even from his own supporters – over his failure to publicly hold Putin to account at a joint news conference in Helsinki… READ MORE :

Trump Complains Press Didn’t Cover His Private Meeting With Vladimir Putin

He was disappointed the press didn’t cover his closed-door meeting with Putin.

Slamming the script: Why the press is dismissing the president’s do-over | Fox News

The media seem determined not to give the president a do-over.

Swalwell says Trump could be impeached if he sends ex-ambassador to Russia for questioning – CNNPolitics

Turning over former US Ambassador Michael McFaul to Russia for questioning would be grounds for impeaching President Donald Trump, Rep. Eric Swalwell declared on Wednesday.

Bill Browder Doubts He’ll Be Swapped To Russia For U.S. Access To Russian Agents : NPR

Bill Browder, a critic of Russian President Putin, doubts he would ever be part of a swap that would give the U.S. access to 12 Russian intelligence agents — an idea floated by Putin on Monday.

Why Did Russia Attack The 2016 Election? This Week’s Whirlwind Offers New Clues : NPR

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s preoccupation with two individuals he has singled out for blame suggests how strongly the Russian leader viewed his 2016 attack on the U.S. as simple turnabout.

Protesters are gaming Google’s algorithm so photos of Trump come up when you search ‘idiot’ | Business Insider

Activists are gaming Google’s algorithm so that when people search for “idiot,” almost all of the top results are pictures of President Donald Trump.

FOX NEWS FIRST: Trump briefed on Putin meddling before inauguration; Nunes suggests DOJ, FBI want Dems to win | Fox News

Plus, Facebook to remove incendiary posts; Elizabeth Warren backing Native American luxury casino

CAVAN HOGUE. Putin, Trump. Morals and Australia | John Menadue – Pearls and Irritations

Trump has shown little political savvy and even less powers of analysis. However, it is hard to see the USA as having the moral high ground to justify the hysterical moral outrage generated by Trump’s incompetence when it has done exactly the same thing many times in many places. Syria is a case of double…

Window on Eurasia — New Series: Ukraine was the Elephant in the Room at Helsinki

Paul Goble Staunton, July 17 – Many Ukrainian commentators have suggested that the “laconic” way in which Vladimir Putin referred to the Crimean issue and the failure of Donald Trump to say anything at all about Ukraine at the joint press conference in Helsinki means that, in the words of one, “Ukraine was not in the epicenter” of their talks, including their one-on-one sessions. Such a conclusion represents a fundamental misunderstanding of what happened because Trump’s failure to raise the issue given the certainty that Putin would react badly means that the US leader has deferred to the Russian one by ignoring Moscow’s greatest current crime and given Putin a victory he doesn’t deserve and must not be allowed to retain. By not raising Ukraine in fact, Trump in fact made it clear that he personally at least wants to overlook Russian aggression there in the name of some grand bargain elsewhere. Putin could not be more pleased because that means Trump implicitly raised Ukraine by not talking about it. After Neville Chamberlain made his concessions to Hitler at Munich, Winston Churchill observed in the House of Commons that he had to mention the most horrible thing first. England, he said, “had suffered a defeat without a war” by failing to oppose the Nazi dictator and believing that deals with him were possible. That observation can now be updated for the United States and the world. At Helsinki, the US and Ukraine “suffered a defeat without a word” because Trump’s failure to mention Ukraine is a defeat for the West and a victory for Putin. One can only hope that this time around too, the initial victory of the aggressor will lead to his ultimate defeat. But for that to happen, one must not comfort oneself with the notion that Ukraine wasn’t discussed at Helsinki as some have done ( It very much was even if, as many think, not a word was said.

UAWire – Kyiv calls on Washington to clarify ‘new proposals on Ukraine’ that Putin and Trump discussed in Helsinki

Ukraine requested that the United States clarify the reports about the “new proposals” to resolve the situation in the Donbas and Crimea, which allegedly were discussed at the summit of Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, Interfax-Ukraine reports. “Ukraine has requested official explanations from Washington about the alleged discussion at the American-Russian meeting in Helsinki of “new proposals to resolve the situation in the south-eastern regions of Ukraine”, which were mentioned by the President of Russia in his interview with Russian media”, Interfax-Ukraine writes. At the same time, Kyiv called on Washington to refute the information. On Monday, Vladimir Putin told the Russian media that in Helsinki he agreed with Trump about new ways to solve the situation in Ukraine. “We spoke about Ukraine. There are some new ideas on how to resolve the crisis in the south-east of the country. We agreed to work this out at the expert level. In my opinion, this is also a positive element of the movement forward”, Putin said. On July 16, 2018, the meeting of Putin and Trump took place in Helsinki. As a result of the summit, President Trump was criticized by many of his own compatriots, American politicians and celebrities.


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