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First Batch Of Possible Russia Fake News Sighted

Russian Fake News Site? No contact information, no response to Facebook messages, no WHOIS information

In 2015 and before, a whole slew of “news” sites popped up.

I identified them one year before the election at Russian News, Russian Proxy News Sites And Conspiracy Theory Sites.

Now, only four months before the 2018 mid-term elections, we are seeing some new “patriotic” type sites pop up.  “America First” is prominently named.  When contacted there is no response, but I’m suddenly subscribed to their news feed.

All these appear to be news aggregators, human input is a bare minimum.  Comments like “Whoa”, “Can you believe this?” are common.

Next stop, search for StopTrump, ImpeachTrump, NeverTrump, Liberal, Progressive, and SocialDemocrat in titles, headlines.  Do a WhoIs search, find contact information, see if there is an associated street address, phone number, administrator, etc.

Expect the “too good to be true” news articles to start popping up soon.  Once these sites have thousands of fake subscribers and their articles have been forwarded to all their followers (and there, and so on), expect the fake articles to push the fake news in ever increasing amounts until some sources just have to be ignored.  Success!

I expect dozens, perhaps hundreds and thousands of these websites to pop up.  The Russian troll farm is behind the vast majority of these fake news sites.  They’ve learned from past mistakes, however.  Websites will be mainly hosted on American servers. Website administrators will not have Russian or distinctly European names. Street addresses used will correspond with street addresses found on Google in mostly CBD parks.

VPNs will be used for all Russian troll farm work, the emerging IP addresses will be inside the US.

Expect a deluge of information for one candidate but also expect a deluge in the opposite direction.  If Russia tips its hand too far one way or the other, the game is over.

Tell me what you are seeing, this is for all of us, all over the world.