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Lawfare’s Writeup Of Mueller’s Indictment

When I originally published this article, I edited one phrase out of this article.  It was immature, unprofessional, and reflected poorly on what I consider a very good publication.  I sent out a tweet telling them exactly what I thought, but the damage has been done.

The issue is Lawfare’s use of the phrase “Leaker in Chief”. A highly derogatory euphemism for the President.

I wrote an email to the staff. Of course, I received a lawyerly and snide response, saying I had chutzpah.

For a supposedly professional lawyerly blog about legal affairs in the US, this appears to be a highly biased, not at all objective, very left-wing rag which allows personal opinions to completely bias the entire article.

I deleted the original blog. There is no need to promote what I now consider trash.

I now consider Lawfare petty, unprofessional, and staffed by immature people with a very liberal bent. Shades of Strzok.