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Maidan PhotoJournalist Needs Ukraine Assistance

An American photographer is working on a documentary about Maidan. Please contact him if you know anyone in his photos. He wants to interview them.

Click on the link for his Flickr account below or the photographer-supplied photo here.

To contact the photographer, click on his name on top of the page. Then click on his “about” page. Even better is logging in to Flickr, his email address will appear on the page.

You’ll see a twitter account,   and a website,, which has an email form.

I suggest you use the Twitter account, he’ll have to follow you, then he’ll send you his contact information.

By the way, you’ll see some really neat photographs of the photographer, himself, who was severely injured in Maidan on the Flickr page.  Wounded Austin photographer Mark Estabrook ‘smuggled’ out of Kiev, but it doesn’t contain any gory pictures. He had a day job, you see… and some people in Ukraine’s government misread the tea leaves about him.

Take a look through the pictures, at the very least.  History in the making and he took a lot of really good pictures!


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