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Russia Accuses US Of Hybrid Warfare

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RIA Novosti is a state-operated domestic Russian-language news agency and published this piece today. That Russian General of the Army Sergey Shoigu says this in a state-operated paper is tantamount to Russia officially accusing the United States of Hybrid Warfare in Ukraine in 2014.  

RIA Novosti’s article is based on an original article (in Italian), “Frost with Washington – the fault of the American elites“. Shoigu. Shoigu accuses the United States of mirroring or blameshifting Russia, accusing the US of being guilty of what it blames Russia for doing. 

 “The one who shouts louder to the thief is the thief himself”.

The blameshifting has reached a new level, now. Russia is accusing the US of doing what the US is accusing Russia for doing, which is what Russia is…  

Shoigu’s accusations ring with Soviet phrases, such as “neocolonialist strategy” and accusations that the US is attempting to subsume other country’s valuable resources. 

Amazingly, diplomatic discussions and sanctions are the extent of the tools of the “Hybrid War” Shoigu accuses the US of using against Russia.  

Sergey, just because you say it’s so, doesn’t make it real.  Your words reflect poorly on you, your country, and indeed, on all Russians. 

It is a shame Russia is resorting to Soviet propaganda techniques, once again.

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Shoigu described signs of US conduct of a “hybrid war” in Ukraine in 2014

MOSCOW, July 11 (Itar-Tass) – RIA Novosti. All signs of the US “hybrid war” were clearly visible on the eve of the armed insurrection that occurred in Ukraine in February 2014, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said in an interview with the Italian edition of Il Giornale .

According to Shoigu, “hybrid actions”, known from antiquity, means the use by one state against another of any means of pressure, but without the open use of military force. Today, “hybrid actions” – this is control over the media, economic sanctions, activities in cyberspace, support for internal unrest, the use of special units and specialists for committing terrorist acts, sabotage and sabotage, Shoigu noted.

“This list probably can be continued, but there is an important detail.For their successful implementation in this century, global and all-pervasive media, possessing and superiority in information and telecommunication technologies, concentrating the levers of management of the world financial system, as well as experience use of special forces in other countries.Who, other than the United States and Britain, have such a potential? ” Said Shoigu.

According to him, these methods were successfully tested by the United States and Great Britain during the invasion of Iraq in 1991 immediately after the end of the cold war.

“This is a very important detail, because in the times of the USSR and the bipolar world, such technologies were, but there were no corresponding conditions, and by the way, there was none other than the former CIA director George Bush Sr.,” the minister said.

“Since the 1990s, these methods have been widely used by the United States in the former Yugoslavia, Libya, Chechnya, and most recently in Syria.” All signs of using this “hybrid war” were clearly visible in Ukraine, on the eve of the armed insurrection in February 2014. Passive participation in these “hybrid actions” was also taken by European countries, “Shoigu said.



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