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US Senators Visit Russia, Receive Applause In Russian Duma

The US delegation consists of Alabama Senator and Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee Richard Shelby, Louisiana Senator John Kennedy, North Dakota Senator John Hoeven, South Dakota Senator John Thune, Kansas Senator Jerry Moran, Montana Senator Steve Daines, as well as member of the US House of Representatives from Texas Kay Granger, TASS reported.

US Senators visited Russia this past week and received praise from Russia and Russians.

What a bonehead move, in other words stupid, stupid, stupid. In what alternate reality could this possibly be called sensible?

This is the article pushed by Igor Panarin, from the Russian Foreign Ministry.

I wrote that this was going to be a propaganda coup, and indeed it is. US Senators To Visit Russia At End Of June 2018

At home they received derision.

The subtitle of the last one is powerful:  “Senate’s intelligence panel unanimously agrees Russians backed Trump, even as GOP senators kiss up to Moscow”.

Foreign news sources also showed the lack of foresight on behalf of these Senators.

The guilty GOP Senators and one Representative include:

Some Senators probably naively believe they actually had an impact on Russia:

“This is probably the largest delegation of senators to visit Russia in anybody’s memory,” Daines told Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom.” “We sent a strong message and a direct message to the Russian government, first of all, don’t interfere in U.S. elections.”- Steve Daines: Senators’ Trip to Moscow Sent Strong Message |

The problem is Russia does not see it that way.  In their eyes, you’ve just completed your Islamic Hajj, your trip to Mecca. You’ve worshipped at the altar of Russian supremacy. You’ve handed them a propaganda victory.

From the Washington Post,

…state television in Russia mocked the meek Americans. One Russian military expert said, “We need to look down at them and say: You came because you needed to, not because we did.”

Congratulations, US Senators and Representative Granger, you’ve just officially sanctioned all of Russia’s misdeeds, empowered a corrupt and arguably evil autocracy, and enabled Russia to do as it pleases.  The propaganda coup you handed them may now be used against us.