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Did Vladimir Putin Have Botox Injections Or Plastic Surgery?

Vladimir Putin suffered an embarrassing reminder that many ordinary Russians believe he has had cosmetic surgery to look younger on Thursday when the Russian word for ‘Botox’ became one of the most popular words used on Twitter. Eagle-eyed observers have suggested that the 59-year-old’s face has become suspiciously smooth and that the skin around his eyes is almost totally clear of bags and wrinkles. He is pictured above in June 2000 (left); and December 2011 (right).

A friend sent me a link to a picture of Russian President Vladimir Putin, stating,

“It sure looks like he’s had botox injections and/or plastic surgery.”

“He’s had hair plugs too. His hairline has changed.”

Putin represents a strong leader, he’s the face of Russia and probably doesn’t want to look like the old Soviet premiers of the Cold War.

Rumors of his having gone under the knife or needle have been circulating for years.


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