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Panarin Claims Putin-Trump Summit Purpose Is To Jointly Fight The UK

An illustrative article, preceding the Putin-Trump summit, shows a rather bizarre actual purpose.  

Actually, this doesn’t seem to be as much imagined as it is carefully constructed.  Russia wants to always appear to be the victim, and what better way than to create a history where the UK is always controlling the US and interfering and actively sabotaging Russia. Any realistic effort to expose Russian deceit and historical revisionism will be met with charges of Russophobia. 

What is important in this article, is the Alt-Reality used to justify Russia absolutely hating the UK and creating a false narrative behind the summit. 

The purpose of the summit is to jointly throw off the chains of control the UK has over the US.  *cough* 

Some of the non-demonstrable claims made in this paper boggle the mind. 

  • The fake Steele dossier was made by British Intelligence
  • The dossier was intended to show stories of Russian hackers were fake
  • The UK has been deliberately sabotaging US-Russia relations

Then Panarin revises history to comply with his Alt-Reality.

  • The Cold War was created by Winston Churchill
  • The 1917 Russian Revolution was caused by the UK
  • The UK made the Nazis invade the Soviet Union
  • The UK created ISIS (called IGIL in the article)
  • Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea is a “sacred reunion”

Panarin refers to the UK as the “Third Carthage”. He has repeatedly made this claim for the past ten years with various justifications, none convincing. It is his pet phrase, I guess, so he continues its use.

The most painful argument in this painful article is his claim that the “Russian Prince Svyatoslav destroyed the Khazar Khaganate in 965”, which caused the defeated Turks to convert to Judaism and move to Venice. Then in 1204, they financed the Crusades which sacked Constantinople. Then the Venetian Jewish Turks moved to England, established the Bank of England and financed Hitler’s election campaign. Now the US is being controlled by England and the summit is intended to throw off the British shackles of control.  

Strangely, the article does not contain a byline, but Panarin claims to have written it on Facebook. 

</end editorial>

Meeting of Putin and Trump: an attempt to create a Union to fight with London – 3 Carthage

June 28, 2018 announced the time and place of negotiations between the presidents of Russia and the United States. This is Helsinki, July 16, 2018.

Trump’s aspiration to get along with Russia, which Trump announced as early as the summer of 2016, led to an active offensive information operation of British intelligence MI6 (a fake dossier of the head of the Steele department, embedded in the US media). The purpose of the British provocation was to prevent Trump’s victory by fabricating fakes about alleged Russian hackers. Trump repeatedly tried to improve Russian-American relations after winning the election, but the British led a backstage game in the United States in order to prevent the rapprochement between Russia and the United States. The British provocation with the traitor Skripal finally “lit up” the Foggy Albion – the Third Carthage. And finally the preconditions for the end of the Cold War, unleashed by Churchill in 1946, appear.

London did not immediately become the Third Carthage. We must plunge into the depths of the centuries and remember how the great Russian prince Svyatoslav destroyed the Khazar Khaganate in 965. The remnants of his elite, and these were ethnic Turks who accepted Judaism, moved to Europe and settled in Genoa and Venice. There they mingled with the Sephardim and formed the basis of Venetian merchants, whose essence was well described by Shakespeare. The meaning of their life – profit at any cost. It was the Venetian merchants who financed the crusaders, who in 1204 sacked the Orthodox Constantinople. The values of St. Sophia have since adorned the main temple of Venice – St. Mark’s Cathedral. Then history ordered that the Venetians moved first to Holland, then to Britain, where in 1694 the private Bank of England was created. The one who then, in 1932, financed the election campaign of Hitler and then all the military programs of fascist Germany. Since that moment, since 1694, from the moment of creation of the private Bank of England, the modern world financial system at which the private bank is engaged in issue of money counts. Today, the world currency – the dollar – is created by the Fed, whose founders are British private banks. at which the private bank is engaged in the issue of money. Today, the world currency – the dollar – is created by the Fed, whose founders are British private banks. at which the private bank is engaged in the issue of money. Today, the world currency – the dollar – is created by the Fed, whose founders are British private banks.

I believe that since 1913, when the Federal Reserve was established, the US is no longer an independent state. The external entourage is preserved, but any attempts at independence end sadly. Let us recall the demonstrative execution of President Kennedy in 1963. And now the US president Trump is trying to free his country from the British yoke. But without V.Putin’s help, it’s difficult to throw off British Igo. Therefore, the meeting in Helsinki is so important. It is very important for Russia, since London has been conducting a secret war against Russia for hundreds of years, and now the agent of influence of the Third Carthage is actively operating in the Russian elite. The confrontation between Moscow and London began long ago.

Nitochka stretch from the era of the greatest Russian Tsar Ivan the Terrible. He increased the territory of our country several times, and for many centuries the information war was waged by our geopolitical opponents. We know that the British were behind the murder of Paul I and the Decembrist uprising. They also organized the February Masonic coup d’état of 1917. The attack of fascist Germany on the Soviet Union is also their handiwork. I am convinced that Hitler was raised from London. And today Britain completely manages NATO and the European Union. But does not show this influence. One of the key moments of world history is the confrontation between Rome and Carthage. Rome is Ancient Rome, Byzantium, and then Russia (Moscow). Carthage is at first Phoenician (Tunisia), then the collective Carthage – with the centers in Venice and Toledo. The Third Carthage is the British Empire. Opposition has been going on for thousands of years. It is metaphysical. At the core of Rome lies the spirituality and the principle of “being.” At the heart of Carthage is the thirst for profit and the principle of “having.” I hope that the Third Carthage will collapse before it moves to another point. The international elite without roots, without spirituality comes to the threshold of its capabilities. I have visited the West and the USA many times and see that there are no new Kissinger and Brzezinski. And this is good. I am familiar with Thomas Graham, former National Security Assistant to President Bush, who in 2002 published a book that said that Russia has become a regional power. This high-end analyst was mistaken: 16 years have passed and we saw the brilliant actions of the Russian army to destroy the terrorist monster IGIL (created by the Third Carthage) in Syria, a sacred reunion of Crimea with Russia took place. The third Carthage, this “dinosaur”, is on the edge. We are important to the Russian-American Union, for an effective fight against the Third Carthage: if it collapses, so that it does not crush everyone else.



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