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Arkady Babchenko Fears Another Russian Assassination Attempt

Arkady Babchenko

Today, Arkady Babchenko (Аркадий Бабченко)shared his words on Facebook about his current situation following the fake assassination.  

Russia was embarrassed, so obviously, Russia is going to try to squash this little bug. That is all he is to Russia. He caused Russia embarrassment, so he means even less and they also have an incentive to kill him.  You know, because Russia is all macho like that. 

In his own words, Babchenko tells us how life is after embarrassing Russia.

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Let me tell you how I live now. There are so many smart people with their talk about production and PR.

If you think it’s still a little bit different, it’s not like that. Nothing’s going on. Everything has changed.

I can’t do anything right now. I can’t go outside, I can’t meet anyone i want, I can’t go anywhere I want, I can’t do whatever I want. I can’t not go to the cafe to sit with friends – I can’t even go to the store. They bring me food. Every exit to the city is bay. Every meeting is somewhere in a closed room, specified in advance, better in a secure place. The plan of stay in this place is being developed in advance. Meetings are only possible with a small number of people.

I have a very persistent suspicion that in Russia somehow gained access to my gadgets and can read and listen to them, so negotiation of the meeting is a separate bay.

Of course, no one can come to me.

We have nothing. Nothing at all. The family was evacuated from Russia the day before the hour, because it had to be done on the phone, of course, and there were phones being heard clearly, and we had to leave a minimum time frame to keep them off the border, and now we have it. Only that I got into a car for one run.

Three Bags of things. The apartment, the garage, the clothes, the imported three grand, it’s all there. I’ve got the state right now. Even forks. The Stool I’m writing this post is worth a number. I’m wearing the pants I was in the morgue. I can’t go to the store to buy new ones. And delivery is impossible, too.

Got a ouija board yesterday. And Hamper for laundry. Holiday in the family.

I only see the same certain circle of people. I’m not getting out of the protected area. At all. I have nowhere else to go. I don’t have a job now – because in a situation like this, it’s hardly possible to think of anything more stupid than regularly coming to the same place at the same time – no sitting, no gyms, no picnics, to shops, No

Makdonalʹdsov, no movies, nothing. My life is once again broken completely.

“Great, resurrected! We can meet?” no. We can’t. When can we, dâdʹko? I don’t know. If everything goes well, it’ll be two years, maybe.

I’m not the one who’s determining my future.

I have no idea what’s next. Where I’m going to live, how I’m going to live, how my kid will live, what school he’s going to go to, if he can just walk outside without a platoon platoon.

It’s not over. Do you understand? It’s not over yet. Herman at the court says he’s only one of the groups. And there are others. Only in Kiev, according to him, about a dozen. And it’s gonna be a long time. And it’s serious.

People work, money comes in here, guns come in, and the election will be clear.

It’s the day off. You’re making plans for the weekend. And I’m sitting with my family in a bunker, hiding from assassins. Fucking Štirliciada.

And the smart guys who talk about “Clown” and think that by forty years I’ve dreamed of such a life with a completely uncertain future without nothing – a week or so. And then you’ll be smart.

Good morning. Have a nice weekend.

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— Arkady Babchenko, 24 June 2018.


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