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US Senators To Visit Russia At End Of June 2018

Do our US Senators support Russia?  

At the end of the month, US Senators plan to visit Russia. American senators to visit Russia at end of month: report

  • During Russia’s World Cup (Jun 14, 2018 – Jul 15, 2018) when there are global protests against The Russian FIFA World Cup of 2018 and calls not to attend. 
  • Do you want to give Putin another publicity coup for flying into Russia during the World Cup, implying you support Putin? In PR terms, it will look like you attending Hitler’s 1936 Olympics, where he gets the glory.
  • This is the same Russia that we have crippling sanctions on and are contemplating more.
  • The same Russia that invaded Crimea, and illegally tried to annex it, for which the US still has sanctions on it for this.
  • The same Russia that invaded Ukraine in the East and is still fighting a low-level hybrid war against Ukraine – for which the United States is supplying Ukraine lethal aid to protect against invading Russian forces.
  • The same Russia that interfered with the US 2016 presidential election and we are only now uncovering the breadth and depth of Russian efforts to undermine our democracy, sow chaos and confusion, and influence the outcome. 
  • The same Russia for which there is still an ongoing Mueller investigation. 
  • The same Russia that was caught red-handed cheating in the 2014 Sochi Olympics. 
  • The same Russia that attempted to assassinate a former Russia spy who fled to the UK, and they tried to also assassinate his daughter? 
  • The same Russia that has caused not only the US but the EU to spend countless billions of dollars more on defense against a possible Russian invasion.
  • The same Russia whose trolls in St. Petersburg churned out figuratively tons of disinformation, misinformation, propaganda, and fake news so that we have lost all faith in journalists.
  • The same Russia that shot down MH17 and never accepted responsibility.
  • The same Russia that has now stood up a new entity called USA Really, solely intended to sow more disinformation?  This USA Really is associated with Troll Farm in St. Petersburg.

You want to bring good publicity to that Russia during their crowning 2018 event?

You’re going to enhance Russia’s treasury and stay in Russian hotels?  All the support you’ll need also needs Russian hotels, food, and will spend tourist dollars.  You’re going to get your rooms checked out for bugs, first, with TCM teams?  You’re going to need extra security for that target rich environment? Extra security briefings and security measures if you unwisely choose to carry electronic devices to FSB-heavy Moscow?  You’re spending US tax dollars to put US dollars into Russian coffers? I pray you don’t use those same electronic devices in the States when you return.  If you do you’re going to be a walking talking microphone and source for Russian intelligence.

You’re going to follow in the footsteps of Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, nicknamed Putin’s Puppet?  Say hello to Edward Snowden while you’re there.  

What part of this don’t you understand, Joe and Jane Senator?  Are you crazy? 

Ambassador Jon Huntsman, by inviting these Senators, what are you thinking? 

The American people will observe and remember. …and they vote.

Europeans will observe and remember. 

Ukrainians will observe and remember.

NATO members will observe and remember.

The world will watch and remember. 

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American senators to visit Russia at end of month: report

JUN 20, 2018 

A group of American senators will travel to Russia at the end of the month and celebrate Independence Day in Moscow, according to a report.

The delegation will arrive in St. Petersburg on June 30 and spend time there before heading to the country’s capital on July 3 and 4th for meetings with lawmakers, Russian news agency Interfax reported, citing an unnamed official.

A group of Republican senators had been planning a visit to the country after an invitation from U.S. Ambassador Jon Huntsman, the Washington Post reported last week.

Those reportedly part of the group included Richard Shelby of Alabama, John Neely Kennedy of Louisiana and North Dakota’s John Hoeven, though those members have not announced any plans.

Leonid Slutsky, a Russian Duma deputy on the foreign relations committee, said that he did not know which American senators would arrive and from which committees they would come from.

Shelby, Kennedy and Hoeven are on neither the Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee or on the Senate Intelligence Committee that issued a report last month saying Russia tried to influence the 2016 election.

Though visits between lawmakers of different countries are normal, the visit would be the first major delegation to visit Moscow since relations between it and Washington have reached an unprecedented low following the alleged election interference.

California Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, who was has been supportive of the Vladimir Putin administration, visited in spring 2016, while New York state senator Diane Savino went last year.