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Russian Actions Killing Kaspersky

Russia has nobody to blame but itself for the impending death rattle of Kaspersky.

First, the US removes Kaspersky software from its government systems.

Then the UK bans Kaspersky software.

Now the EU has specific words banning Kaspersky software, A8-0189/2018.

76. Calls on the EU to perform a comprehensive review of software, IT and communications equipment and infrastructure used in the institutions in order to exclude potentially dangerous programmes and devices, and to ban the ones that have been confirmed as malicious, such as Kaspersky Lab

Citation needed: Europe claims Kaspersky wares ‘confirmed as malicious’

The resolution passed,

476 MEPs voting in favor, 151 MEPs voting against, and 36 abstaining.

EU parliament overwhelmingly backs recommending a ban on Kaspersky products

Only one small problem, there is no confirmation, as of yet, that Kaspersky has built a backdoor into its products.

The intention, however, is clear.  Kaspersky is going down, despite their announcement of relocating its headquarters to Switzerland to not look like they are working in cooperation with Russian intelligence.

Russia cyberattacks and espionage, however, have continuously been connected with Russia.  The association between Kaspersky, the owner being former KGB, and Russian intelligence have become all too frequent.  The persistent invasive nature of Russian operations around the world has made anything associated with Russia toxic.

These are a result of years of unethical and immoral actions, mostly just shy of illegal, actions meant to undermine the West, sowing chaos and divisiveness, and unduly influence foreign (and domestic) elections. All for one purpose, to relatively promote Russian national interests.

In other words, Russia, what goes around comes around.


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