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All Out Offensive On Russia Protesting World Cup

The past week has seen me overwhelmed with requests by people all over Europe to protest the World Cup in Russia, in 2018, starting today.

For the most part, I have only published articles, posters, and publications which were of value to people studying propaganda, disinformation, misinformation, fake news, information warfare, information operations, strategic communications, and so on.

I realize now there is a surge in exposing Russia for what it is during Russia’s crowning achievement for 2018.

A few things.

  • Putin is laying low, playing nice, and attempting to show only his good side.
  • FM Lavrov is low key in his efforts to promote Russia. Both Lavrov and Putin appear to be on a charm offensive.
  • Russian attempts to curry favor with North Korea are low key
  • There have not been massive attempts to oppress protestors and dissent in the past week. It has been occurring consistently over the past few months, but the past week or two have been relatively quiet
  • Sputnik and RT have been holding back
  • In the Now, RT’s attempt to use an American to headline news has been playing nice for the past week. They are, however, making fun of Western fears of Russian spying
  • Navalny was released from a Russian prison, after a 30-day sentence.  Crime?

All in an attempt to persuade visitors to Russia that Russia is not a threat, is not an authoritarian autocracy, does not suppress its journalists, dissenters, protestors, or opposing opinions.

Russian hooligans are not a threat, multiple, multiple, multiple articles and videos have said.

In other words, Russia is lying.

In preparation for the Fifa World Cup, opposing information videos are peaking.



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