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Relatives of MH17 victims place 298 empty chair before the Russian embassy in The Hague

May Russia painfully wallow in this glorious degradation. This is one of the most powerful demonstrations against Russia that I have ever read about or heard.  

Damn…  this is negative publicity to the extreme.  Russia, you deserve this.

My grateful thanks to a Dutch friend for this wonderful translation.  

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News from the Netherlands: relatives of MH17 victims placed 298 empty
chair before the Russian embassy in The Hague.

In silent protest before the Russian embassy in The Hague, relatives of
MH17 victims have placed 298 empty chair in front of the embassy building.
They believe Russia is delaying the investigation into the plane crash
through making false statements and keeping witnesses at distance.

Russia celebrates its independence this weekend. “298 people, including 80
children, have nothing to celebrate today”, the MH17 Truthfinding Working
Group writes in an open letter addressed to the embassy. “Their seats
remain empty. They who sealed their fate keep silent and look away.”

Two weeks ago the international investigation team JIT stated that the
missile that took down MH17 originated from the Russian army. Russia
denies involvement and alleges manipulation of evidence. Russia also
refutes the allegation that it is not cooperating with the investigation:
instead it says it is not asked to become involved.

Going by reports in other media, the MH17 Truthfinding Working Group (in
Dutch: “Werkgroep Waarheidsvinding MH17”) is an “action group” of sorts.
(I wouldn’t be surprised if the idea comes from the Dutch ministry of
foreign affairs,  but there is no evidence for that.)

Source (Dutch) June 8):