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Russian FSB Is Reading Your Facebook Messenger

We know the FSB absorbed former SIGINT assets from FAPSI. We know the FSB allegedly monitors Telegram, Russia’s FSB Reveals Secret Chats in Telegram Used By Terrorists.

We know that the FSB wants complete control over Google, Facebook, and Telegram within Russia.

We also know that Facebook Messenger encryption must be turned on by the user, Are Your Facebook Messages Really Private? Here’s the Truth. We know Facebook scans supposedly private messages, Facebook Admits to Scanning Private Messages, Releases Privacy Policy Updates.

Now we see the FSB is also monitoring Facebook Messenger. I’ll add the word allegedly, only because this does not prove the case but it is strongly circumstantial.

According to he agreed on an interview with a colleague confidentially over FB- and then that colleague was approached by Russian TV who knew of the arrangement. He concludes that the FSB can read FB messages. I guess we knew that but it’s confirmed.

Let’s bring some reality into this equation now.  The FSB monitors internally to Russia and most likely assists the SVR in neighboring countries, especially with a “person of interest”.  You know, dissidents, terrorists, and opposition members.  Also, those not voting for Putin, those opposed to Putin, those protesting in Russia, those writing critical blogs about Russia, Russian policies, Russian practices, and Russian politicians.  I’m quite certain they also do semantic analysis of the tapes of recordings, as well. Mention the word бомбить and most certainly the FSB is listening. 

This is all done under the name of protecting Russia against threats, called counterintelligence.  This is not to censor writing, this is not to stifle a free press or free speech.  This is not to prevent protests. This is not to suppress the opposition. This is not intended to make Russia one of the most oppressive nations on earth.  …but it does.

Bottom line, the FSB monitors anyone posing a threat to Russia. If you aren’t in Russia, there is a good chance they are not monitoring you. Maybe the SVR or the GRU is, but that’s for another blog…



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