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Fake Hit List?

Page 1 of alleged hit list

Unian published and unverified copy of the “SBU’s list with 47 potential assassination victims leaked to media (Document) revealed by the Babchenko assassination scam.

But, hold on a second. Hold the printing press or hold off on the publish button!

I wrote to InformNapalm in Ukraine and received an almost immediate response, privately.

…it was originally published by (a Russian mouthpiece in Ukraine) and it looks fake.

This list is very odd on so many levels. Even journalists that are on the list admit it. I think this is some sort of false flag operation.

Here is the original article from, “Country” publishes a “firing squad” of 47 journalists and bloggers.

From another reliable Ukraine source, who further qualifies,

страна.ua is a Russian propaganda site, SBU has not published anything.


It might not be fake, but SBU has not published [the] list and will not.

The source of the list, German (or Herman in the Chrome translation) is under suspicion after saying he worked for Ukraine Counterintelligence. Ukraine’s Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko denies that.

The same pictures of a list was published by, List of 47 potential victims of Russian special services is published with the same “unverified” qualification.

Here is a partial list of those on this list,

The famous Ukrainian writers such as Yury Andrukhovych, Yury Vinnychuk, Vasyl Shkliar, Otar Dovzhenko, Larysa Nitsoi are in the so-called ‘blacklist’.

Some of the people on the list were already questioned in the SBU. Earlier it was reported that Matviy Ganapolsky and Yevhen Kiselyov negotiated with the representatives of the special services. Journalists Osman Pashaev, Serhiy Ivanov, Yulia Mostova, the chief editor of ‘Dzerkalo Tyzhnia’, Aider Muzhdabaev, the Deputy Director General of ATR TV Channel and political observer Vitaly Portnykov also communicated with the special services.

A false flag operation in response to a sting?  I like the sound of that. Of course, Russia might just respond that way.

Page 2 of alleged hit list

However…  InformNapalm has always been a good judge of the authenticity of statements and articles. If they say the list is “off”, there is probably a good reason.


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