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Salisbury CW Attack / Syria / Iran / Russia Ad Hoc Update (85)

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Probably the best statement on the Babchenko sting so far. Russian proxies, indeed, unwitting or not,

Western media attacking Ukraine over the sting are acting in effect as proxies for Russia and should be ashamed of their conduct, attacking the victim rather than the perpetrator of an act of terrorism – Maxim Eristavi is on target in his NYT commentary. 

The list of targeted opposition journalists is now up to 47.  I fear for some of my friends. 

</end editorial>

The Babchenko sting is indeed displacing the Salisbury poisoning as the leading Russia related topic in the global media. The topic has split into four separate threads – the first news and analysis on the actual Russian murder plot now determined to be an large scale effort to assassinate 47 persons in Ukraine, including expatriate Russian opposition journalists, the second piqued Western media and analysts lambasting Ukraine for conducting the sting to prevent the murders, the third analysts and editors debating or critiquing the critics of Ukraine, and finally, the Russians and their proxies saying whatever they can to distract attention from the reality that Russia got caught red handed conducting a covert operation to murder 47 people in another country, all of whom were opposed to the Muscovy Chekist regime. Western media attacking Ukraine over the sting are acting in effect as proxies for Russia and should be ashamed of their conduct, attacking the victim rather than the perpetrator of an act of terrorism – Maxim Eristavi is on target in his NYT commentary.

The most interesting reports on the sting come from Ukraine, and the public statement via social media of the Prosecutor General Dr Lutsenko – the cited number of thirty targets was gleaned by bugging the suspect, analysis of his computers and cellphone indicated the list had 47 persons on it. This explains why a sting was required – 30 lives is a strong incentive to play a bold game. Lutsenko says all have been notified and given protection. The detained suspect, Boris German, an arms dealer, made a range of contradictory claims in court, but did ostensibly claim his Russian contact was a contractor for the Kremlin. It will be very interesting to see what Ukrainian investigators divine from the collected trove of data.

No new developments on Salisbury, but some interesting and not so interesting related reports.

The debate over Syria and Iran continues. Reports the US may deploy a THAAH battery in Germany to reduce the risk of an Iranian IRBM/ICBM attack.  Numerous articles on Iran in Syria, and its likely resistance to the Russian and Israeli push to expel them from Syria – Iran is not equipped to fight either Israel or Russia inside Syria, or generally.

Ukraine’s story of thwarting journalist’s murder starts to fall apart — RT World News

It didn’t take long for the story of a brave operation to prevent a Russian assassination in Kiev by faking a journalist’s death to start unravelling and revealing a crude publicity stunt.

Kiev’s fake Babchenko murder erodes media & information credibility – Intl Journalist Federation — RT World News

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) condemned the Ukrainian intelligence stunt with staging the murder of journalist Arkady Babchenko, stating it damaged credibility of Kiev and harmed international journalism.

Here is What Links Julian Assange, Arkady Babchenko & UK FM Boris Johnson – Sputnik International

The common denominator bringing together a Russian journalist, who has faked his own death, an Australian whistleblower, confined in an embassy building, and a British politician, known for his gaffes, is the multi-faceted issue of free speech and how it can be exploited.

Kiev Court Authorizes Arrest of Suspect in Alleged Plot to Murder Babchenko – Sputnik International

KIEV (Sputnik) – A district court in Kiev authorized on Thursday the arrest for two months of Borys Herman, a suspected organizer of the alleged plot to murder Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko.

Ukrainian Interior Minister Slams Public Backlash Over ‘Murder’ of Babchenko – Sputnik International

KIEV (Sputnik) – Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said Thursday that the Ukrainian special services would no longer “be guided” by what the public thought about them amid the international media backlash regarding the reports about the assassination of Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko in Kiev, which turned out to be false.

Suspect in case of Russian journalist who faked his own death denies plot – ABC News

The man is accused of paying a hitman $40,000 to kill Arkady Babchenko

Man suspected of plotting contract hit on Babchenko opens up about motive: Counterintelligence | UNIAN

Boris German, who is suspected of plotting a contract hit on Russian journalist and Kremlin critic Arkady Babchenko in Kyiv has explained his involvement in the crime, claiming he was providing counterintelligence support as part of cooperation with the Ukrainian secret service and was following its instructions. German claims the “hitman” was selected by the Ukrainian counterintelligence service.

More on “Russian ops designed to sway U.S. voters” – To Inform is to Influence

A source sent me the following information about this article, New internet accounts are Russian ops designed to sway U.S. voters, experts say My source sent me this, In the article [it] is mentioned that they are operating from Sankt Petersburg Russia , which was wrong. The site operates from [the] Kremlin. …the Russian op…

New website is Russian op designed to sway U.S. voters, experts say | McClatchy Washington Bureau

A new Russian website in English appears to mirror activity of earlier firm that FBI says was Kremlin tool to influence the 2016 U.S. election.

Yuriy Lutsenko – Facebook

Why when investigating the assassination attempt on Babchenko’s life, the investigation succeeded in mimicking the murder?

  1. This subterfuge is provided for in Article 271 CCP and used more than 30 times over the past 2.5 years.
  2. After ordering the murder of Babchenko, the organizer G. proposed the hitman  Ts (who acted in cooperation with the SBU) to kill 2 more people. At the same time, he said that there is a list of more than 30 people who want to destroy Russian intelligence services.
  3. The detention of G. to the terrorist attack would not endanger all these people. The imitation of the murder made it possible to obtain additional information about the list and the customer.
  4. As a result of this operational combination, the investigation received a list of 47 (!) Persons who could be the next victims of terrorists. Preferably, these are well-known Ukrainian and ex-Russian journalists.
  5. Today, they are notified of danger and their protection is organized.

The investigation also received important evidence of the ties between Russia and the Russian intelligence services, of which we will inform later.

Ukraine Claims Found List Of 47 Russian Assassination Targets

Ukrainian authorities claim they have uncovered a hit-list of 47 people — mostly journalists — who are potential Russian assassination targets as a result of their sting operation staging the fak…

‘We found Russian hit-list of 47 people’, Ukraine tells allies

By Matthias Williams and Natalia Zinets KIEV (Reuters) – Ukraine, seeking to reassure its Western allies after faking the murder of a Russian dissident to thwart what it said was a plot on his life, told them on Friday its ruse led to the discovery of a hit-list of 47 people whom Russia planned to kill

‘We found Russian hit-list of 47 people’, Ukraine tells allies | Reuters

Ukraine, seeking to reassure its Western allies after faking the murder of a Russian dissident to thwart what it said was a plot on his life, told them on Friday its ruse led to the discovery of a hit-list of 47 people whom Russia planned to kill abroad.

Arkady Babchenko: Ukraine says it found hit list of 47 people after staging murder | News | DW | 02.06.2018

Authorities in Kyiv have said their faked killing of a dissident Russian journalist has led them to a lengthy hit list of people targeted abroad. Ukraine’s allies are demanding answers after the faked murder.

Chief prosecutor elaborates on Babchenko list with 47 potential victims | UNIAN

Ukraine’s Chief Prosecutor Yuriy Lutsenko has said that the Ukrainian special services received a list of 47 persons who were to be targeted for assassination, and Russian journalist and Kremlin critic Arkady Babchenko was to be the first victim. Babchenko was to be the first victim.

UAWire – Ukrainian Security Service receives complete list of those who were to be killed along with journalist Babchenko

Ukrainian law enforcement agencies received a complete list of 30 people who were supposed to be killed at the request of the Russian intelligence agency, just as journalist Arkady Babchenko was to be. This was stated by Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko on a broadcast on the TV channel “1 + 1,” TSN reported. “At one of the meetings, Herman – and this is recorded on audio and video according to the court’s decision – gave him (the killer) half the sum of 15 thousand dollars. At the next meeting, Mr. Herman reported that he had an even longer list. He wanted another person killed – a EuroMaidan activist from Odessa. At the next meeting he said, ‘I have one more hit.’ It was a former Russian FSB officer who fled Russia and was living in Ukraine. The entire list contained about 30 names. In this situation, I consider the actions of both the investigator and the prosecutor absolutely correct in that they went to the point of staging murder so that, after the alleged execution took place, Herman would be more open and would probably provide the alleged killer with a full list of victims,” said Lutsenko. According to him, there was no 100% guarantee that he would do it. “But when it comes to the lives of 27 people, because the three of us already knew, it seems to me that this was a justified step, which is used in many countries of the world and in ours in particular. We have the list. Now the list is in the hands of the Security Service of Ukraine, and all the people on the list will receive proper protection from those who ordered their deaths,” said the Prosecutor General. Lutsenko said the second reason for staging the murder was the desire to get to the person who ordered the hits. “The second question is why we conducted this operation. We expected that after the alleged execution, the organizer, which we suspected was Herman, would become much more open and, one way or another, give us more information about the person who ordered the hit. Now we know – directly from him – that it was Russian intelligence, he was acting on their orders. But before the staged killing, we did not have the exact name of the person who ordered the killing. So we staged the killing in order to coerce Herman to be more open and see if we could find out exactly who in the Kremlin is after dozens of people who are not in the Russian regime’s favor,” the prosecutor general said.

Babchenko ‘murder’ middleman claims Putin linked to alleged plot to kill journalist | KyivPost

Boris German, the middleman in an alleged Russian plot to kill Russian journalist and Kremlin critic Arkady Babchenko, added some more bizarre twists to an already complex tale on May 31. Appearing in Shevchenkivsky District Court of Kyiv, German, 50, the acting director of Ukrainian-German private arms production company Schmeiser, said he was working for a Russian citizen, who in turn had said he was working for a private fund of Russian President Vladimir Putin set up to destabilize Ukraine. But German also claimed that he was a double agent, and had been cooperating with Ukraine’s SBU security service for six months. The court ordered German to be held in a detention center for two months ahead of his trial. No bail was granted. If German’s claim is true, that makes two double agents in the case so far: Speaking on May 30 at the press conference where Babchenko sensationally appeared before the press alive and well, after having been reported murdered, Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko said the journalist’s “killer” had in fact been cooperating with the SBU since allegedly being hired by German. The SBU said they had faked Babchenko’s death as it was the only way to persuade those who had ordered his murder that the hit had indeed been carried out, and to reveal themselves. They also said this had allowed them to gain access to a list of 30 Russian dissidents living in exile in various European countries whom they alleged the Kremlin intended to kill. However, no proof of this has yet been shown, bringing Ukraine’s credibility into question. ‘Old friend’ German named Russian citizen Viacheslav Pivovarnik as the alleged contractor and overseer of Ukrainian issues “for a private fund of (Russian President Vladimir) Putin.”

Does Russia’s Putin Have a Private Slush Fund to Kill Opponents? Suspect in Ukraine’s Murder Plot Says He Does

The Kremlin has denied reports Friday that Russian President Vladimir Putin has his own “private Putin fund” that was used to target a critical Russian journalist who recently faked his own death. Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko is a vocal critic of Putin currently in exile in Ukraine. On Tuesday, Ukrainian authorities announced that the journalist had been murdered in his apartment in the country’s capital, Kiev, leading authorities and observers to quickly blame the Kremlin for his death. But a day later, the journalist walked into a press conference and announced that the murder had been a hoax carried out in collaboration with Ukrainian security forces in an effort to catch people involved in a real plot to kill him. Ukrainian authorities said the plot to kill Babchenko was hatched in Moscow, and two suspects are in custody. On Thursday, prosecutors in Ukraine accused Ukrainian citizen Borys Herman of having been recruited by Russia to oversee Babchenko’s murder, and said that he had been paid $40,000 to orchestrate the killing.

The man accused of ordering Arkady Babchenko’s murder says he was working for Ukrainian counterintelligence all along — Meduza

The man charged with trying to organize the murder of the Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko announced in court on Thursday that he was acting as a Ukrainian counterintelligence agent.

Lutsenko: Suspected organizer not saying who exactly ordered Babchenko’s murder | KyivPost

Boris German, who is suspected of plotting to assassinate Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko in Ukraine, has not said exactly who ordered the crime, but this may be determined after the seized evidence is examined, Ukrainian Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko said. “Now we know from his [German’s] words that it [Babchenko’s assassination] was ordered by special services of the Russian Federation and that he acted on their orders. But we don’t know exactly who ordered it,” Lutsenko said on the television channel 1+1 on May 31 evening. The abovementioned circumstance prompted the decision to fake Babchenko’s murder in order to try to get closer to information about who “is hunting dozens of citizens the Russian regime sees as undesirable,” he said. When asked whether he was ready to name the Russian agency that ordered these crimes, Lutsenko said, “No, I am not. We have only the words of Mr. German himself that he’s representing the order of special services of the Russian Federation here. He did not say exactly which ones.” “Nevertheless, we have some opportunities to identify those [who ordered the crime] through other investigative measures. We are now examining all of the evidence confiscated during searches, including mobile phones, computers and other items. We are also analyzing people close to the suspected organizer of this murder,” Lutsenko said. It may take investigators at least a week to arrive at an answer to this question, he said. The conclusion that Babchenko’s murder was ordered by Russian intelligence is not based on German’s testimony alone, Lutsenko said. “There is certain evidence, and we understand that society expects it to be made public. That will be done after investigators get a result,” he said.

Arkady Babchenko: Suspect remanded in reporter’s hoax death case – BBC News

The suspect is alleged to have paid a hitman to kill Arkady Babchenko in the capital Kiev.


Bearded former monk claims he is assassin hired by Russia to kill anti-Putin journalist who faked own death – Mirror Online

Oleksiy Tsymbalyuk – a former monk ordained as a deacon – confessed on Facebook that he had been chosen to murder Arkady Babchenko

Babchenko’s case – Babchenko’s case: Russian journalists are in list of potential victims –

How Matvey Ganapolsky said, he and Yevgeny Kiselyov have signed a paper on non-disclosure during the conversation at SBU. The journalists Matvey Ganapolsky and Yevgeny Kiselyov were summoned to the Security Service of Ukraine on the case of the assassination attempt against Arkadiy Babchenko, as they said on air of Pryamy, where they work, reports. As Ganapolsky said, they have signed a paper on non-disclosure during the conversation at SBU. “It is obvious that the meeting was connected with Babchenko’s case. Then, it was about the problems of the safety of the journalists, who work in Ukraine now. If to say what can be said, then it is all about the fact that we have to be attentive. Because those people who organized the attempt against of murderer of Babchenko will certainly try to perform a revenge. This is why we have to be careful,” he noted.

Covered in pig’s blood, Russian journalist played dead all the way to morgue | The Times of Israel

Arkady Babchenko reveals new details about faked murder plotted to thwart real assassination attempt, including very unkosher makeup

Jewish journalist joins ranks of stranger-than-fiction faked deaths | The Times of Israel

Case of Ukraine’s Arkady Babchenko follows many bizarre stories, including former spy who left his clothes by the ocean and reinvented himself as thriller novelist

‘I hid in mortuary, cold and covered in pig’s blood, to convince world I was dead,’ says Arkady Babchenko | World | The Times

Arkady Babchenko, the dissident Russian journalist who faked his own murder to foil an alleged Kremlin assassination plot, has revealed how he hid in a Ukrainian mortuary to convince the world that he was dead.Speaking to The Times, he said that his purported shooting was staged in intricate detai

Murdered’ Putin critic Arkady Babchenko reveals he watched news of his death from a MORGUE as accused plotter appears in court

TO mimic gore, they used makeup and pig’s blood. They shot bullet holes in one of his sweatshirts and then took his body to a mortuary. Meanwhile the snared murder plot suspect is detained after a court agreed with a prosecutor’s request.

🇷🇺 Russian journalist Babchenko reveals details of his fake death | Al Jazeera English – YouTube

Al Jazeera English Published on Jun 1, 2018 A dissident Russian journalist has revealed new details of how he faked his own murder. Arkady Babchenko was reportedly shot dead on Tuesday at his apartment in Kiev but the next day he turned up alive. Ukraine’s security services later said it was part of an elaborate plot to catch his would-be killers but there’s now concern that it could harm the way journalism and journalists are perceived. Al Jazeera’s Rory Challands reports from Moscow.

Babchenko case: Soviet-era police are past masters at staging deaths | World | The Times

Police and the security services in both Russia and Ukraine have been accused of faking multiple killings and abductions, including using mocked-up photographs from staged crime scenes to flush out suspects.The controversial staging of the death of the Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko this week w

Reporter’s Notebook: After A ‘Death’ And ‘Resurrection’ In Kyiv, Confusion And A Desire For Answers

Riding the emotional and physical whirlwind from news of Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko’s killing to his “resurrection” — all at the hands of the Ukrainian Security Service.

Maxim Eristavi|Anger at Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko’s faked death is misguided – The Washington Post

Dear foreign journalists: Please don’t make the story of Arkady Babchenko about yourselves.

Arkady Babchenko’s ‘killing’ polarises Ukraine and Russia | News | Al Jazeera

The fake killing of the Russian reporter in Kiev amazed and polarised his peers and politicians in Russia and Ukraine.

Babchenko staged assassination draws widespread condemnation | Euronews

NGOs and journalists attack Ukrainian security services for staging assassination and misleading the press

Babchenko staged assassination draws widespread condemnation – YouTube

NGOs and journalists attack Ukrainian security services for staging assassination and misleading the press

Was Russian Reporter’s Staged Killing Ethical? – YouTube

VOA News Published on Jun 1, 2018 Arkady Babchenko, a Russian journalist, worked with Ukrainian intelligence to stage his assassination. A day later, Kyiv security officials unveiled the ruse. While officials claim the scheme was necessary to save Babchenko’s life, ethics experts worry about the consequences. Bronwyn Benito narrates this report by Iryna Matviichuk of VOA’s Ukranian service Originally published at –


Ukraine Faking Death of Russian Arkady Babchenko Is Backfiring | Observer

Arkady Babchenko, flanked by representatives of Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU), explained that Ukrainian intelligence two months earlier had learned of a Russian plot to murder him.


The Guardian view on a journalist’s return: the death was fake, the damage was not | Editorial | Opinion | The Guardian

Editorial: The Ukrainian authorities say they had to stage the killing of an exiled Russian reporter to protect him. But their decision has serious repercussions

Ukraine should beware copying Russia’s tricks | Comment | The Times

Reports of Arkady Babchenko’s death were greatly exaggerated. Far from being gunned down by a Kremlin hit squad, the Kiev-based journalist allowed officials to fake his murder, saving his life and snaring the assassins. The Ukrainian authorities, particularly the SBU intelligence service, are celebr

Leonid Bershidsky | Russian’s Phony Assassination Undermines Ukraine’s Credibility – Bloomberg

The would-be victim, Arkady Babchenko, can’t give good answers about his staged death.

Opinion: Ukraine′s cynical Arkady Babchenko deception | Opinion | DW | 31.05.2018

Ukraine’s secret service faked journalist Arkady Babchenko’s killing ― to foil an actual murder plot against him. The country’s government must now reveal what it knows to restore its credibility, says DW’s Bernd Johann.

Opinion | What Happens When a Journalist Comes Back From the Dead – The New York Times

Thanks to Arkady Babchenko’s stunt, dismissing fake news just became a whole lot harder in Russia.

Babchenko’s fake death could cost Ukraine – Reuters.TV

Ukraine has defended faking the death of Russian dissident journalist Arkady Babchenko after international criticism, but it could have unwittingly handed Russia a propaganda coup

NATO Tells Russia to Stop Meddling, in First Talks since Skripal Case |

NATO addressed Russian attempts to influence both allied and partner countries, using military and non-military techniques.

Yulia Skripal: ‘I’m lucky to have survived’ [Video]

Yulia Skripal has said she feels lucky to have survived being poisoned and that she would one day like to return home to Russia.


British Kremlin critic Bill Browder: ‘I will not be stopped in my mission to have Russia’s corrupt wealth seized’

‘The moment I arrived at the police station I knew I was OK,’ he tells The Independent. ‘My concern was that these guys were just dressed up as cops, and I would be taken to an airstrip somewhere and loaded on to a G7 to Russia’. Once Bill Browder was confident it really was the police who had arrested him, he knew everything was going to be fine. His initial fear, once he got in the back of a police car in Madrid on Wednesday morning, was that they weren’t police at all, but Russian kidnappers. “The moment I arrived at the police station I knew I was OK,” Mr Browder told The Independent. “My concern was that these guys were just dressed up as cops, and I would be taken to an airstrip somewhere and loaded on to a G7 to Russia.”

Roman Abramovich WON’T apply for new UK visa and scraps new £1bn Chelsea stadium after Russian spy poisoning row

The billionaire was banned from entering the country after a delay in renewing his investor visa, thought to be linked to his close relationship with Russian president Vladimir Putin

Despite government censorship, a far bigger story behind the Skripal poisoning is emerging | The Canary

There’s more to the Skripal poisoning than meets the eye

Oh for the Quaint and Courtly Days of Cold War Spying

In a time of poisonings and digital election tampering, it’s tempting to wax nostalgic for a time when a spy like Donald Maclean could escape detection because he was ‘one of us.’ Roland Philipps 06.01.18 10:20 PM ET Donald Maclean was a star British diplomat and a brilliant spy who fled to the Soviet Union from Britain in 1951, leaving establishment embarrassment as well as political and personal devastation in his wake. With the news this March of Sergei Skripal’s poisoning in Salisbury, England, as revenge for spying for the West, as well as the ongoing revelations about the vast amount of personal data being used by Russian agencies to penetrate and influence the workings of democratic governments, we may feel somewhat nostalgic when looking back on an espionage era of greater political purity, a time when young people of conscience believed wholeheartedly that Communism was the only path to world peace. Maclean and his fellow Cambridge spies were part of a short-lived generation of such ideologues worthily energized as fascism started to brutalize Europe and the Depression caused mass-unemployment and hunger.

New U.S. Military Missile Defense System Could Protect Europe From Russia and Iran

The U.S. missile defense system was one of the newest additions to its military capabilities.

US in talks to move missile defense system to Germany: report | TheHill

The U.S. military is considering plans to deploy the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) missile system to Germany in a powerful boost to Europe’s military defenses.

US eyeing missile defense system in Germany: Report

The U.S. military is having preliminary discussions about locating a regional anti-missile system in Germany to bolster European defense against Iran and Russia, according to a report.

Trump-Putin summit in the works | Fox News

A possible summit between President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin is reportedly in the works.

White House planning for potential Trump-Putin summit: report | The Hill

The White House is preparing for a potential summit between President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, The Wall Street Journal reported Friday. Jon Huntsman, the U.S. ambassador to Russia, is helping to set up the meeting, though the planning is still in its early stages, the Journal reported. “This has been an ongoing project of Ambassador Huntsman, stretching back months, of getting a formal meeting between Putin and Trump,” a senior administration official told the Journal. If it comes to fruition, the summit would be the third meeting between Trump and Putin. The two leaders met on the sidelines of Group of 20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, last July and again in Vietnam during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Vietnam in November.

Iran Wants to Stay in Syria Forever – Foreign Policy

Russia and Israel are ramping up pressure on Iran to withdraw. But Tehran is intent on recouping its investment of blood and treasure.

Israel’s Campaign to Break the Iranian-Russian Alliance in Syria – Bloomberg

One conflict held them together. Now it’s ending, and Iran may suffer.

UAWire – Russia: agreement on withdrawal of Iranian troops from southern Syria achieved

Vassily Nebenzia, Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the United Nations, told journalists on Friday that concerned parties …

UAWire – Putin and Netanyahu discuss situation in Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke on the telephone with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu,reported the press service of the Kremlin. “As a continuation of the talks that took place on May 9 in Moscow, several aspects of the situation in Syria were discussed,” the statement said. The leaders also discussed current issues on a joint agenda. Netanyahu visited Moscow in early May and attended the Victory Day parade. During the talks with Putin, the situation in Syria was discussed. Following the meeting, the prime minister told reporters that he had no reason to worry that Russia would interfere with Israel’s actions in Syria. On the night of May 9, Israel fired on an area outside of Damascus. Prior to that, the IDF had put its troops on alert due to “unusual activity” of the Iranian military in Syria.


Bashar Assad warned against hitting U.S. troops in Syria – Washington Times

The Pentagon is warning the Syrian regime to refrain from attacking U.S.-backed forces in the country, shortly after Syrian President Bashar Assad demanded U.S. forces depart and threatened to launch attacks on territory held by American-backed Kurdish paramilitary units in northeast Syria.

President Assad pledges to LIBERATE Syria from US forces | World | News |

SYRIAN president Bashar al-Assad has pledged to driving US forces out of his country and said they need to “learn their lesson” from Iraq, during an explosive interview.

It’s time to recognize reality on Israel’s Golan claim

Now that the American embassy has opened in Jerusalem, Israel seems to be turning its diplomatic attention to the Golan Heights. The Golan, which dominates the…

Rival UN Security Council proposals on Gaza both fail – France 24

Competing U.N. Security Council proposals to respond to the escalation of violence in Gaza both failed Friday, starkly baring divisions that have paralyzed the U.N.’s most powerful body.

Major Russian, Indian Energy Firms Reportedly Moving To Pull Out Of Iran

The threat of U.S. sanctions has prompted Russian oil giant Lukoil to put its plans to develop projects in Iran on hold while the Indian company that owns the world’s largest oil refining complex p…

U.S. airstrikes targeting Islamic State surge 300 percent – Washington Times

U.S. warplanes are working overtime against Islamic State targets in Syria, with the number of combat sorties in May against the terror group surging over 300 percent compared to recent months, says new airstrike figures released by command officials Friday.


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