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More on “Russian ops designed to sway U.S. voters”

A source sent me the following information about this article, New internet accounts are Russian ops designed to sway U.S. voters, experts say

My source sent me this,

In the article [it] is mentioned that they are operating from Sankt Petersburg Russia , which was wrong. The site operates from [the] Kremlin.

…the Russian op mentioned in the article article that you posted operates from within Kremlin building.

The source is a hacker in Eastern Europe, part of a network focusing on the Kremlin.

The following network was established, connected with the assassination.

I confirmed the IP address is in Moscow, Russia.

IP Address Country Region City Russian Federation  Moskva Moscow

Here is the entire layout (not network).

We ran the accompanying data.

This is the CC command center.

And a Streetview of the same.

A simple Google, Yandex, and TinEye Image Search revealed this as the Troitskaya Tower, inside the Kremlin

The Troitskaya Tower (Russian: Троицкая башня, literally Trinity Tower) is a tower with a through-passage in the center of the northwestern wall of the Moscow Kremlin, which overlooks the Alexander Garden.


…the Russians are operating either through the GRU networks including their IO -Maskirova influence networks or through their third party contractors.

Is this proof positive that the Kremlin is running Influence Operations inside and against the US, the West, and others?   Not quite, but close…  Some say close only counts in hand grenades and nuclear bombs, but this contributes more to that case damning Russia as a rogue state.




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