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Russia already has weaponized Ebola

Attached is a 2014 article, written by former Director of the German MOD policy staff Hans Rühle, about the Russian/Soviet Ebola program. Now we have an open source report about a possible mix of Ebola-Smallpox, using disparate data points and state of the art analysis programs.

Russia has a history of using chemical and biological weapons, has the means, the capability, and has a motive to use Ebola and Smallpox. Russia used Novichok against the Skripals, this year, 2018.  In the threat warning assessment world, this tantamount to a klaxon horn sounding off a maximum warning.

This appears to be Russia – again – breaking the rules/law/treaty and pursuing a rogue weapons program. Russia appears to thrive on being labeled a rogue state. Again, sociopathic behavior?

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Biological warfare

Russia has made Ebola weapon

Even in Soviet times Moscow put a secret biological weapons program – contrary to all international agreements and treaties. It was possible to make the Ebola virus weaponized – and more dangerous.

By Hans Rühle

Photo: picture alliance / dpa

Das Virus unterm Mikrokskop: Ebola

The virus under Mikrokskop: Ebola

In April 1972, the international community agreed on a comprehensive ban on the development, production and stockpiling of biological weapons; 170 States occurred in the corresponding convention – the two superpowers. But while U.S. President Richard Nixon as early as 1969 a ban on biological weapons research and decreed the USA acted with the contract even after 1972, put the former Soviet Union from 1973 an aggressive program for the so-called B-weapons.

Ken Alibek, the scientific director of the project, which operated under the name “Biopreparat” said in 1992 after his escape to the West, it was the Soviet equivalent of the American “Manhattan Project” was, the military research project, in the 1942 all activities the United States were carried out during the Second World War to the development and construction of a nuclear bomb. As the “Manhattan Project” was also “Biopreparat” huge in dimensions, top secret, potentially changing the world. At the height of the development of 60,000 people were involved in the project, almost as many as the Soviet nuclear program.

It was not until 1989 Vladimir Pasechnik, a leading Soviet scientist in the field of biological weapons, was so different to London, the world learned of the secret program. And Ken Alibek made three years later, his immense knowledge about the project publicly. His book “Biohazard” is still a fare that allows shudder. Alibeks conclusion: “By building the world’s first industrial production facility for biological weapons, the Soviet Union became the largest and only biological superpower in the world.”

Overall, the Soviet researchers worked with 20 bacterial and viral strains that have evolved to a multiple of the initial pathogens through genetic manipulation and made the majority of weaponized. Of particular importance was the Ebola virus : It was almost always fatal and there were – and are today – neither effective drugs nor a vaccination.

Moscow’s weapons researchers came by a civilian scientific exchange between a Belarusian research institute and one Belgian Institute of Tropical Medicine in the possession of the virus. Of course, the Belgians had no idea that the virus would be forwarded directly to the Soviet weapons designers.

Mid-80s began “Biopreparat” trying to make the Ebola virus weaponized. This meant the virus stable, transportable, insensitive to make against temperature and humidity and to keep after release as long as possible in the target space effective. The central problem here was that the Ebola virus could not be tested clinically.

While there have been a number of animal experiments – even in primates – the results were, however, of limited value. As knowledge there was only the opinions of the doctors and medical institutions in the areas where the virus – especially in Africa – had spread over a limited time. Alibek confirmed in 2003 that “Biopreparat” the Ebola virus have now been weaponized.

But this is only half the truth. Beginning of the 80s began in the Soviet bioweapons research, a new era, that of genetic manipulation. With the possibility of known pathogens to plant foreign genes and thereby change their properties including resistance, opened in this area an almost unlimited field of action.

No effective remedy against manipulated anthrax

It was therefore not surprising that in the mid-80s of the world’s most widely used biological warfare agent anthrax (Anthrax) has been manipulated on a large scale and made resistant to many antibiotics. There is every indication that large parts of the USA as a national reserve provided preserved against anthrax antibiotics this development have already fallen victim. That is, they are ineffective.

It was therefore only a matter of time, an attempt was made to genetic manipulation and the Ebola virus. The combination of Ebola and plague was first extensively studied in the Soviet Union and later in Russia, Russian emigrants have often pointed out. However, the preliminary endpoint of this development is not only the insertion of foreign genes into a bacterium or virus, but the complete fusion of genomes of different viruses to a whole new way, a hybrid virus, Alibek has called “chimera”.

The consequences are dramatic. Alibek has warned explicitly in this context, a chimera from Ebola and smallpox: the new virus would be as deadly as Ebola, but also as contagious as smallpox. Not without reason had Sergei Popov, a now also working in the United States, former Soviet top expert in the construction of biological weapons, pointed out in “Biopreparat” combinations were explored by viruses that would turn their victims in changing Ebola bombs.

Russia has still research laboratories

What has been achieved so far, the Russian research and development of biological agents, is limited understandable. One thing is for the time being only that in this respect also the hope for an end to the Soviet war weapons research has not been fulfilled. Although there were early 90s a brief period, in the political directives toward laboratories and chemical weapons factories were closed. The present state of knowledge, however, states that the activities – albeit at a somewhat lower level – continue.

An indication of this is the active participation of Russian scientists in the international debate on all relevant matters. Since almost all knowledge of molecular biology and genetic engineering have dual-use character, it does not require any indiscretions on details of a Russian programs for biological weapons, to draw the conclusion that is also currently working on it in Russia at the highest scientific level.

A small piece of progress in dealing with the hazardous material is, however, observed. For many years, knew the Soviet research in the area of ​​biological weapons only one goal: the production of dangerous, deadly weapons as possible. Corresponding antidote played no role in the research.

But that has changed. Russia is now occasionally both his knowledge and suitable material to combat serious diseases. This also applies to Ebola. The Russians have offered the United Nations several years ago an antidote and delivered. About its effectiveness but there are no reliable and verifiable findings.

Cure for Ebola?

Whether the Russians have this reveals their entire knowledge regarding the fight against Ebola remains a mystery. It should be remembered in this context that Russia by his predecessor Soviet Union has the most experience in dealing with Ebola. This also applies to the results of the clinical course of the disease of humans.

Although it is not known whether in the Soviet Union people were intentionally infected with Ebola; but it has been partially documented accidents in which scientists or scientific support staff have been infected with Ebola and which developed in the Soviet Union antidotes were used.

However one assesses the current program for biological weapons in Russia, a problem is obvious: the exodus of former Soviet weapons scientists after initially possessed dismantling of the Soviet capacity in biological weapons research and development. In particular, North Korea and Iran have sought to scientific “mercenaries” from the former Soviet Union.

Aum sect would use Ebola viruses in Tokyo

Although no concrete results of this outpatient operating experts are yet known, but that does not mean much. The progress in the predominantly illegal arsenals of biological weapons do not penetrate to the outside.

There are not only nation-states that are interested in knowledge about biological weapons. International terrorism has the “attractiveness” of this category of weapons long recognized. This shows not least the attack by the Aum sect in 1995 in the underground of Tokyo, killed in the twelve people and 5,500 were injured. While the sect brought the nerve agent sarin used previously but they had tried unsuccessfully to obtain significant amounts of Ebola virus.

That the Russian bioweapons research still – at least partially – is highly politicized and propagandistic exploited in international politics, is the utterance of a competent editor of a Russian television station from the year 1995 expressed the suspicion, the Ebola virus is “not of natural origin “.

That is in plain text: It is an artificial product of the American bioweapons research. There can of course be no question. However, the fact that the origin of the Ebola virus is not released until today without any doubt, is perfect for the conspiracy theorists in the world.

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