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Russia Has Active Ebola-Smallpox Weapon Program

Russia is actively working on the same Ebola-Smallpox weapon program as from the Cold War, according to a report written by Davinci AG, commissioned by Ukraine’s Rada and submitted to NATO’s Parliamentary Assembly. Over 5,000 open source reports were examined, dealing with public acquisitions by the scientific community.

Russia’s Biopreparat program was supposedly shut down in 1991, it was inspected in 1992, but the former chief of the program, who defected to the US that same year, claimed the program was still ongoing.

A statement from Iryna Friz, Member of Parliament, Ukraine and a member of NATO’s Parliamentary Assembly, made a statement, here. (Translation from Ukrainian by Facebook with mild editing, not totally successful)

During the meeting of the committee of the civil dimension and security of NATO Griffin the partners talk to our team and concerns the research of Russian scientific research in the field of developments and chemical weapons.

The Murder of Litvinenka in London using horrifying Polonium and attempt to murder Russian in Salisbury is a visual example of how Russia applies weapons of mass destruction abroad.

For at least the last three years Russia researched viruses of the hemorraghic fever type, such as Ebola and Marburg, and Varicella (Ed: Smallpox) viruses, trying to develop vaccine. It is actually about returning to the Soviet developments combination of Ebola with the Smallpox virus. This confirms the analysis of more than five thousand positions of public procurement and scientific activity of several russian institutions that are under mo Russia. Together with this other research institution actively store and research that indicate developing new combat poisonous nutrients with properties of nerve-paralysis gas emissions. Related talk peredana also to the headquarters of the apartments alliance.

In terms of the talk of Lord Jopling, consider the necessary explanations of NATO members with reports that focuses attention also on the matter of the use of chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction. I do not exclude the prospects of inclusion of this aspect in the concluding talk of Lord Jopling as another threat within the Russian hybrid actions against other states.

I have written to Iryna Friz, asking for a copy of the report.

Confirming reports originate from the report submitted by Friz to NATO’s PA.

The meaning of the report is clear, as indicated in her statement. Russia is building a biological warfare program with massive and dangerous implications.


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