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Russia’s Knee-Jerk Reaction To Report Damning Russia – Propaganda

Today, the Joint Investigative Team (JIT), comprising authorities from Australia, Belgium, Malaysia, the Netherlands, and Ukraine, made the announcement at a press conference on May 24 in Utrecht, the Netherlands, released a report Investigators: Buk Missile From Russian Antiaircraft Brigade Downed MH17.  The report names the 53rd Antiaircraft Missile Brigade based in Kursk in Russia as having fired and supplying the missile.

Russia immediately responded with the same washed up disinformation.

The Russian responses comprise the main assertion by Russia, that Ukraine shot down MH17.  This is Russia’s most repeated assertion amongst at least 11 different theories.

Despite mountains of evidence placing a Russian Buk at the scene of the shootdown, Russia maintains,

“No Russian anti-aircraft missile system of the Russian Armed Forces has ever crossed the Russian-Ukrainian border,” the ministry said.

Source:Rossiyskaya Gazeta ( The Ministry of Defense criticized the findings of the Netherlands in the case of MH17

Rossiyskaya Gazeta is Russia’s official news source,

“Rossiyskaya Gazeta” – the publication of a new Russian state, it was established by the Government of the Russian Federation, the first issue of the newspaper was published on November 11, 1990.

Source: About

Russian propaganda attempts to undermine opposing perspectives, obfuscate opposing facts and findings, and always denies culpability. Russia continues to accept no responsibility.


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