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Russia’s “Unlimited Range” Missile Is Embarrassment, Crashing 22 Miles Into Test

“Burevestnik” nuclear-powered missile. Moscow Times image from a YouTube screenshotFirst reported by CNBC earlier today, Russia’s supposed “Unlimited Range” nuclear missile has been tested since November 2017, and its maximum range has only been 22 miles.

The missile has been named “Burevestnik” by Vladimir Putin. Putin claimed a new nuclear-powered missile had unlimited range — but it flew only 22 miles in its most successful test yet. CNBC’s sources are supposedly within the intelligence community, they remain “anonymous”.

The test missile uses a gasoline engine initially, switching to a nuclear engine mid-flight.  It appears the missile is currently failing at this point in the testing. The missiles become unstable and crash two minutes into the flight, on each of the four test flights.

The fact that a nuclear reactor/engine is contained in the test missiles, which have all crashed and disintegrated, has not been fully addressed. Is there enough radiation released to be detected?  Is this the cause for unexplained heightened radiation detection in recent months?

Of course, Russia is denying these results. Kremlin spokesman dismisses US media allegations on Russian arms, says ‘trust Putin’.

Putin, of course, is sharing no data and no video evidence.

This issue will now de-evolve into a propaganda war.



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  1. Laughable – except for the uhhhhhhh…… missing NUCLEAR fuel?????? Must have been using a Mr. Fusion they were given by some guy named Marty….

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