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Congressman Ro Khanna Deleting Pro-Russian Tweets

Picture from Congressman Ro Khanna’s Twitter account.

I am amazed at how Congressman Ro Khanna is mucking things up.

Not once, but twice he has spewed Russian propaganda. Congressman Ro Khanna, Please Retract, Revise, And/Or Rethink Your Letter.

Now the Congressman is deleting pro-Russian Tweets.

“Russia is trolling America and they’re too stupid to see it. The worst part is they’re doing it at Ukraine’s expense”.

Click on the link and you will see the Tweet has been deleted.

Though deleted, someone took a screenshot and it’s total Russian propaganda.

Here is the text of a second tweet.

The friend was later identified as @laracchi

Now let’s examine the Congressman’s tweet.

“Russia is trolling America and they’re too stupid to see it. The worst part is they’re doing it at Ukraine’s expense”.

“[T]hey’re”?  My conclusions are the original writer is not American or is ungrammatically calling Americans “them or they”. Is the original source Russian? Is the author really American? Are all the Congressman’s staffers cleared?

Another conclusion may be an inept staffer who did not properly edit his or her tweet before hitting the send key. To me, this is the logical conclusion.  That staffer is also probably responsible for the introduction of Russian propaganda in Ro Khanna’s office.

“Too stupid”?  Perhaps this is better rephrased, the Congressman’s staffer that is probably feeding him Russian propaganda and who probably wrote and later deleted the tweet thinks Americans are stupid to notice what he or she did.  Arrogant.  …and stupid.

Just on a hunch, I checked for any connections between Congressman Ro Khanna (D-CA) and Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA).  Congressman Rohrabacher is sometimes labeled “Putin’s Puppet”. Everyone Is Painting GOP Congressman Dana Rohrabacher as Putin’s Puppet. From Wikipedia,

 sided with Russia in the Russia–Georgia war, gave a qualified defense of the annexation of Crimea in 2014[8][9][10] and supports cooperating with Russia in Syria and in other areas.[11][12][13] He is notable for his strong pro-Russia and pro-Putin views,[14][15] which have raised questions about his relation with Putin and the Russian government, with the FBI reporting that the Kremlin had given Rohrabacher a code name, signifying that he was viewed as a valuable potential asset for Russian intelligence.[16][17][18]

Other than the fact that both are from California (Khanna from Silicone Valley outside San Francisco, and Rohrabacher is from Orange County outside Los Angelos). One is a diehard Democrat, one a diehard Conservative Republican. Same office building in DC? Rohrabacher is in the Rayburn building, and Khanna is in Cannon.

Perhaps they meet and talk each day while Congress is in session.

Congressman Ro Khanna, I have but one simple request in three parts for you.  Find out who is feeding you Russian propaganda. See if it is the same person that wrote the tweet in question. Then fire them in writing with a copy going to the FBI. I also suggest you also register them as a representative of a foreign power, if at all possible.


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