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Russia’s “First Channel” Exposed Broadcasting Insolent Fake

[Original unedited title:] The network exposed the insolent fake of the Russian mass media about the head of the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Sunday, May 13, 2018, 12:04

Russian “First Channel” dedicated a separate story to the Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukrainian origin, Christie Freeland , claiming that she was trying to hide her grandfather’s cooperation with the Nazis. This turned out to be untrue.

Refutation of this information is published by ” The Insider “.

According to Russian journalists, Grandfather Freeland, Mikhailo Khomyak, contributed to what was happening in the concentration camp “Auschwitz”, and the minister herself allegedly tried to hide this fact.

To the concentration camp of Grandfather Freeland Mikhailo Khomyak had nothing to do with. He was the editor of the Krakow Ukrainian-language newspaper, loyal to the occupation regime, which published panegyrics to Hitler and anti-Semitic lampoons. However, Freeland had never concealed this. Moreover, she was co-editor of an article by historian John Paul Khimki, nephew of Hamster, who published a study about him and his newspaper.

In addition, the article of the Canadian newspaper Globe and Mail states that, according to the daughter of Khomyak, he played a double game in Krakow: together with the entire newspaper he helped the anti-Nazi underground. In particular, in the printing house of the newspaper printed false documents for the underground. However, Khimki stipulates that these data are “fragmentary and one-sided”.

In any case, the fact remains that Freeland never hid the information about her grandfather, and the attacks of Russian propaganda on it can be explained by the pro-Ukrainian position of the minister, the newspaper notes.

Recall, not so long ago, the Russian TV channel “Russia 24” released a TV show in which it issued a video of the bombardment of Lugansk in February 2015 for shooting a missile attack by the United States and its allies on government facilities in Syria.


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