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Poroshenko labels Russia as the “Moscow horde” at V-E Day event. Poroshenko meets with Merkel and Macron. Tensions over Russian interdiction of Ukrainian civil shipping in Azov and Black Seas increases. Donbas fires quadrupled early in the week and remained high. Poltorak notes that Russia could stand up invasion force in two months. Russians apparently used anti-personnel lasers to blind Ukrainian troops.

Ukrainian AF to demothball and upgrade 6 types of legacy SAM system to expand IADS by a cited 30 percent – S-125 / SA-3 GOA, S-200V/D Vega / Dubna / SA-5 GAMMON, 2K12 Kub M / SA-6 GAINFUL, S-300PT / SA-10A GRUMBLE, the very potent S-300V1 / SA-12A GLADIATOR, and the agile Tor M / SA-15A GAUNTLET. The SA-3 and SA-6 upgrades were earlier reported but timelines not well defined. According to Zgurets some SA-10A GRUMBLE are in mothballs and will be refurbished. The 300 km range SA-5 GAMMON A2/AD missile was retired in 2012 and then two batteries stood up in 2014.

Turkey announces the joint project with Ukraine to develop a NATO compliant CFM-56 LEAP or D-436 fan powered variant of An-70, called the An-188,  will now proceed to prototyping and flight test.

Miscellaneous political news.

Ukraine Reports

Army protects Ukraine from ‘Moscow horde’ – president – news portal

President Petro Poroshenko has said years passed and after the terrible World War II new generations of freedom-loving Ukrainians were born, who were lucky enough to live and work already in an independent Ukrainian state. “And, just as in the 1930s and 1940s, when our ancestors defended the country from the Nazi invasion, we protect our glorious Ukraine from the Moscow horde today. We bow our heads to the memory of heroes who performed their military duty, remained loyal to the oath until the last breath and gave their lives to Ukraine,” he said. The head of state remarked that the memory of the enormous human sacrifices of World War II, thousands of ruined cities and burnt villages once again warns the world of the danger of repeating such a disaster. “Unfortunately, there are still maniacs ready to put the world on the verge of the third world war. They are here, not far, that is why we must be vigilant and responsible,” the president said. The Head of State reminded that Stalin’s Soviet Union during the first two years of World War II was an ally of Hitler’s Germany. “The war, which the USSR unleashed against Finland, the annexation and occupation of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia were the same examples of aggressive actions that the Nazi regime did in Europe before sending weapons against the former eastern ally. The nations of the Soviet Union, including us, Ukrainians, paid a very high and terrible price for this,” he said. “Today, Putin’s Russia has again embarked on gross negligence of the norms of international law, destruction of the world order, non-recognition of borders, denial of the existence of the whole nations and aggression against the neighboring states. I am convinced that by joint efforts we will win, overcome the aggressor and secure peace,” Petro Poroshenko emphasized.

UAWire – Volker: if not for the Russian troops there would be no need for a military operation in Donbas

US Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker said in an interview with Voice of America that he is convinced there is no internal conflict in the Donbas. “There is no internal conflict; there are no grounds for civil war; there are no reasons for military operations except for the presence of Russian troops,” he said. Answering a question on whether there is a real chance to end the war given current circumstances, Volker said: ” I think, yes, there is, if President Putin wants. I think it rests with Russia to decide. ” “If we agree on a resolution, especially regarding the mandate of the UN peacekeeping mission, which will provide security zones, we will really get an opportunity to put an end to the conflict. There is such a possibility, but it requires Russia’s desire to act in this way,” the US Special Representative said. Speaking on the effectiveness of sanctions against Russia over its aggression in Eastern Ukraine, Volker stated that Russia has not left Ukraine even with four years of sanctions, but it has also not advanced further and “does not receive any new dividends from the current situation.” “This is why we need to determine conditions that all parties will meet [and] will take into account the interests of Russia, Ukraine and the West. Let’s settle this issue, which does benefit anyone and does not move anywhere. We just need to finish it all,” he said.

UAWire – Ukrainian President Poroshenko meets with Merkel and Macron in Germany

On Thursday May 10, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron met in the German …

Merkel, Macron support UN peacekeepers in Donbas – Poroshenko – 10.05.2018 16:39 — Ukrinform News

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron support Ukraine's position on the impossibility of implementing the security component of the Minsk agreements without the deployment of a UN peacekeeping force.

Kerch Strait Now a Flashpoint for Russian and Ukrainian Forces – Jamestown

The next major battle between Russian aggressors and Ukrainian defenders may take place not in Donbas but on the waters of the Sea of Azov and the Kerch Strait, a development that could prove even more dangerous to regional stability than earlier Russian acts of aggression. The situation has been deteriorating since March 26, when Ukraine seized a Russian ship that had violated its territorial waters and threatened further retaliation on other waterways, (see EDM, April 12, May 1). But over the last few days, conditions there have deteriorated sharply, with each country warning that it will use military force to defend its ships. In such a tense environment, an attack on even a merchant vessel could easily become perceived by the other side as an act of war. According to Ukrainian officials, Russian naval and Federal Security Service (FSB) vessels have been stopping and searching ships passing through the Kerch Strait since the beginning of April. Russian sources have disputed the scope of that effort but now acknowledge they are introducing such procedures for all non-military vessels passing through the narrow waterway (Nezavisimaya Gazeta, May 3). The Russians say they are doing so as a further response to what Moscow calls Ukraine’s “act of piracy” in March, when Ukrainian border patrols stopped a Russian ship, arrested its crew and detained the ship in a Ukrainian harbor. Ukraine is not backing down from that action: a Ukrainian appeals court today (May 8) rejected efforts by the captain of that ship to be released (, May 8). Meanwhile, some Russian officials are even suggesting that Ukraine should be “grateful” that the Russian Navy—and Moscow is using military vessels to conduct these searches—has not cut off all Ukrainian shipping into and out of the Sea of Azov via the Kerch Strait (Vestnik Kavkaza, May 4). In response, Ukrainian Admiral (ret.) Ihor Kabanenko suggested that Kyiv should use its Navy to convoy civilian vessels travelling to or from Berdyansk or Mariupol (Mariupil) through the Kerch Strait. If Russian naval vessels were to try to interfere and inspect such shipping, he continued, that would constitute “a clear act of aggression” against which Ukrainian forces would have every right to respond and to call for the assistance of all countries committed to free passage on the seas (, May 6; Nezavisimaya Gazeta, May 5).

JFO: Russian-led forces mount 55 attacks on Ukraine troops in Donbas in past day | UNIAN

Russian-led forces mounted 55 attacks on Ukrainian troops in Donbas in the past day, using heavy weapons 15 times, including 152mm guns. There were no Ukrainian military casualties.

24 hours in JFO zone: one Ukrainian soldier dies –

One Ukrainian soldier died, four were injured over the past 24 hours in Donbas, as it was reported on JFO headquarters Facebook page. “Four Ukrainian soldiers were wounded, one soldier died in the battle action,” the message says. The representatives of HQ added that the militants performed 21 attacks at the Ukrainian positions.

JFO: Ukraine’s army does not let Russian-led forces improve battlefield positions in past day | UNIAN

Units of the Ukrainian Joint Forces Operation (JFO) did not let Russian-led forces in Donbas, eastern Ukraine, improve their battle positions in the past day. Five Ukrainian soldiers were wounded in action and one was killed in action on May 9.

Poroshenko: Ukraine seeks new int’l security system ruined by Russian aggression | UNIAN

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko says that Ukraine, along with international partners, wants to build a new system of international security. Therefore it is necessary to ensure a reliable defense of Ukraine’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence in a single Euro-Atlantic system of collective security, the president says.

Poltorak: Up to two months needed for Russia to get ready for full invasion of Ukraine | UNIAN

In his word, Russia has been forming a strong cordon, which can be used to mount open aggression against Ukraine. Russia has deployed a powerful grouping on the border with Ukraine in addition to two terrorist army corps created in the occupied areas in Donetsk and Luhansk regions, he said. “There are about 80,000 personnel, 900 tanks, more than 1,000 artillery systems, more than 400 multiple rocket launchers. Russia has rebuilt three armies whose task during the Cold War was to create tension in Europe,” he added. Ukrainian Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak says that at the moment Russia does not have a group of troops capable of conducting a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, but the necessary military formation could be built up for a period of up to two months. Russia has rebuilt three armies whose task during the Cold War was to create tension in Europe. Ukrainian Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak says that at the moment Russia does not have a group of troops capable of conducting a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, but the necessary military formation could be built up for a period of up to two months. “To date, according to intelligence reports, Russia has no formation capable of conducting full-scale aggression against Ukraine. But the infrastructure created makes it possible to build up a military formation in the period from two weeks to two months, engaging mainly the forces of the Western and Southern military districts,” the Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s press service quoted Poltorak as saying. “We should not dream that Russia has given up aggressive policy vis-à-vis Ukraine – it’s premature,” he said.

Window on Eurasia — New Series: Poroshenko Redefines Donbass Fighting So Kyiv Can Call Things by Their Proper Names

Paul Goble Staunton, May 5 – Moscow commentators have noticed what few in the West have: Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko’s decision to change the format of his country’s military operation against pro-Moscow forces strengthens Kyiv’s legal position at home and abroad and allows his government to escape from euphemisms and call things by their proper names. At the start of this month, in a follow on to decisions made earlier, Poroshenko declared that the anti-terrorist operation in the east was completed and would be succeeded by a military operation of the unified forces of Ukraine against the Russian invasion ( This change in nomenclature doesn’t mean that the conflict will necessarily intensify on the ground, but it does mean, Russian observers say, that Kyiv’s legal position at home will be regularized and strengthened and that Ukrainian officials can now speak more openly about Russian aggression and the right of Ukraine to resist it. The Ukrainian general staff had been pushing for this change since the start of the year, arguing that it would allow for the formation of a more clearly defined command structure in the region and the systematic use of the Ukrainian army in the Donbass because it would clarify some legal issues and promote effectiveness more generally. The re-definition of the conflict is fully in accord with the law on reintegration of the Donbass adopted in January. The chief goal of that law is “the liberation of the specific occupied territories and the restoration of the territorial integrity of Ukraine.” Russia is labelled “the aggressor” and the DNR, LNR, and Crimea called “temporarily occupied territories.” What Poroshenko’s order does is resolve the problem of the use of the Ukrainian army on the country’s own territory. Under Ukraine’s constitution, the army cannot be used on the territory of the country except to repel an invasion and under conditions of war. But since the Crimean Anschluss in 2014, Kyiv has not declared a state of war or even martial law. The January law and now Poroshenko’s decree allows Kyiv to “’call things by their proper names,’” supporters say. The latter means that the Ukrainian military is involved in “a defensive war’” intended to “’free territories occupied by Russia.’” Kyiv at the official level had not been clear about that in the past. Following the Russian intervention, Kyiv responded on the basis of its 2003 law “On the Struggle with Terrorism” which allowed the authorities to use force to protect the population but gave primary responsibility for doing so to the country’s security service rather than to the military. In June 2014, two months after the fighting in the Donbass began, the Verkhovna Rada amended that law to give the military a larger role; but the amended measure specified that the army could be used on Ukrainian territory only with the explicit approval of the Ukrainian parliament. Poroshenko’s action, however, gives the military primary responsibility and puts a new staff to coordinate its activity in the Donbass under his direct authority, thus reducing the role of the parliament while elevating his own. Moscow has reacted angrily. Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on May 3 told an Italian magazine that “the main aspect of the Ukrainian conflict is that Russia is not conducting a war with Ukraine and is not a participant in the conflict.” What Poroshenko’s action means is that now at the official level, Kyiv disputes both of those notions. According to Ukrainian political analyst Vadim Karasev, this shift in Ukrainian policy is intended to freeze the conflict rather than to exacerbate it. “By calling Russia the aggressor, the Ukrainian side in fact is blocking the negotiating process,” something Kyiv has an interest in doing given the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections.

UAWire – Ukraine’s Minister of Internal Affairs accuses Russia of using laser weapons in Donbas

During a recent briefing, Arsen Avakov, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, accused Russia of using a new “laser weapon” that affects the eye’s retinas, 112 Ukraine reports. “Today we are giving awards to two servicemen. One of these soldiers has been hit by a new weapon of the Russian aggressors—a laser weapon that affects the retina of a soldier’s eyes,” Avakov stated Avakov noted that this new weapon is especially dangerous for border guards, as they constantly look through optical devices. According to him, this is “not the first, not the second, and not the third case of such weapon usage” against Ukraine’s State Border Guard Service (SBGS) and National Guard. The minister emphasized: “We are now taking countermeasures, but we claim that the Russian aggressor is using new weapons against us.” He added that the SBGS will now employ counteractive devices against laser weapons. Avakov emphasized that the Ukrainian authorities intend to raise the issue of laser weapon usage on an international level. “We don’t know for sure yet what specific weapon is being used, but we are fairly confident that the [Russian] military have received instructions to use them,” he said. “We will use filters and devices, and wear appropriate glasses.” On Tuesday, May 2, the Head of the SBGS, Petro Tsyhykal, stated that 70 soldiers of the SBGS have been killed, 429 have been wounded, and five have gone missing since warfare began in Donbas, 112 Ukraine reports. According to Avakov, by May 4, the number of wounded had increased to 431.

Russian-led forces mount 80 attacks on Ukraine troops in Donbas in past day – JFO center | UNIAN

Russian-led forces mounted 80 attacks on Ukrainian troops in Donbas, eastern Ukraine, in the past day. According to Ukrainian intelligence reports, the enemy’s total casualties in the past day include three killed and five wounded fighters.

One Ukrainian Soldier Killed In Country’s East

Ukraine says one of its soldiers has been killed and four wounded in clashes in the country’s east.

UAWire – Russia blocks expansion of OSCE mission to entire Donbas border

The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses its disappointment that the Russian Federation remains the only OSCE member that &quot; …

Ukraine’s envoy: “DPR” and “LPR” want 80 fighters in exchange for 15 Ukrainian hostages | UNIAN

The self-proclaimed republics in Donbas – the “Donetsk People’s Republic” (“DPR”) and “Luhansk People’s Republic” (“LPR”) – demand that 80 fighters convicted in Ukraine be handed over to them in exchange for 15 Ukrainian hostages. The Trilateral Contact Group’s humanitarian subgroup, which deals with prisoner swaps, met in Minsk on May 4.

UAWire – Ukrainian volunteer: difficult commanders and lack of career possibilities force thousands of soldiers to leave Ukrainian army

The primary problem of the Ukrainian Armed Forces is the staff policy, which is causing decent individuals to leave the army en masse. A …

UNICEF Says War In Eastern Ukraine Takes ‘Devastating Toll’ On Education

UNICEF says the war between government forces and Russia-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine has taken a “devastating toll” on the region’s educational system, forcing more than 200,000 childre…

Ukrainian Nationalists Seize Brazilian Man Who Fought For Separatists

On May 4, a mob of Ukrainian nationalists seized a Brazilian man who fought for Russia-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine and had been living secretly at a Kyiv monastery since being abruptly released from prison in December. The group frog-marched 33-year-old Rafael Lusvarghi to the doors of the Ukrainian Security Service, apparently set on returning him to custody despite a court decision. (RFE/RL’s Ukrainian Service, natural sound, no subtitles)

Ukrainian Nationalists Seize Brazilian Man Who Fought For Russia-Backed Separatists

A mob of Ukrainian nationalists has seized a Brazilian man who fought for Russia-backed separatists and had been living secretly in a Kyiv monastery since being abruptly released from prison pending a retrial in Ukraine.

SBU promises to check what Lusvarghi, former DNR and LNR militant, is doing in Kyiv –

SBU promises to check what Lusvarghi, former DNR and LNR militant, is doing in Kyiv

Fire at ammunition depot in northeastern Ukraine: lines of enquiry –

A fire broke out at a military arsenal in Balakliya, Kharkiv region, northeastern Ukraine. No casualties reported; however, the fire engulfed about 35 hectares of the area, causing powerful explosions. As the very incident took place on May 3, crews from the State Emergency Service and the Armed Forces kept on extinguishing the fire until late May 4. The law enforcers are now looking into three possible causes of the fire. The first one is the ignition of the dry grass, as the fire rescue tank tripped on an explosive item. Besides, the spark from the tank’s exhaust tube could set the grass on fire. Finally, the third possible cause is spontaneous detonation of the ammunition, which could be overheated. By 3 p.m. Friday, the fire was almost extinguished.

Poroshenko boasts of Ukrainian soldiers’ success in Combined Resolve X drills in Germany | UNIAN

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko proudly boasted about the success of the Ukrainian military in the Combined Resolve X international drills held in southeastern Germany. This year, about 3,700 service members from 13 NATO allies and partner nations are taking part in the event.

Bellingcat identifies Russian officers, militants as perpetrators of January 2015 Mariupol artillery strike | UNIAN

The Bellingcat team of investigative journalists has identified Russian officers and militants as perpetrators of an artillery strike on the Ukrainian-controlled strategic port city of Mariupol in January 2015. The shelling operation was instructed, directed and supervised by Russian military commanders in active service with the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Australia to allocate $50 million for investigation of MH17 catastrophe, – Australia to allocate $50 million for investigation of MH17 catastrophe –

Australia to allocate $50 million for investigation of MH17 catastrophe

2018 Foreign Affairs and Trade, Tourism and Investment Budget, Media release, 08 May 2018, Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs, The Hon Julie Bishop MP

The Turnbull Government continues to seek justice for victims of the downing of MH17. We will provide $50.3 million over four years to support the Dutch prosecution of those responsible, and assist next-of-kin to participate in court proceedings.

Ukraine’s SBU identifies chief instructor of Ukrainian unit at Russia’s PMC Wagner | UNIAN

The SBU Security Service of Ukraine has announced it has identified the chief military instructor of a Russian-hired group of Ukrainian mercenaries at Russia’s Private Military Company (PMC) Wagner. “We have identified Lieutenant Colonel of the Russian Armed Forces Oleg Demyanenko, who is directly responsible for the training of the so-called Karpaty (Carpathians) tactical group, which consisted mainly of citizens of Ukraine who were members of illegal armed formations in [Russian-occupied] Donbas,” SBU Chief Vasyl Hrytsak said at a briefing in Kyiv on Monday, May 7.

More than 4.4 million Ukrainians suffered from Russian aggression – Gerashchenko – 10.05.2018 12:35 — Ukrinform News

First Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Iryna Gerashchenko says that during the period of Russia&rsquo;s aggression in Ukraine more than 4.4 million Ukrainians have suffered and more than 2,000 military personnel have been killed.

Poltorak: 3,332 soldiers killed in Ukraine since beginning of Russian aggression – 08.05.2018 12:54 — Ukrinform News

Since the beginning of Russian aggression in Donbas, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have lost 3,332 people, including 2,394 combat casualties and 938 non-combat casualties.

Serhiy Zgurets | Ukrainian army returns to service six types of anti-aircraft missile systems –

Six types of anti-aircraft missile systems can return to the defensive shield over Ukraine at once: these are three short-range SAM systems (self-propelled “Kub” (2K12) and “Tor” (9K330) and also the transported C-125), two medium range (S- 300PT, transported, a close relative of the “regular” self-propelled S-300PS), and a mobile universal anti-missile and anti-aircraft defense system designed to cover the maneuverable combat operations S-300V1 (SA-12 Gladiator) and, finally, the long-range S-200V. The army of Ukraine returns six types of anti-aircraft missile systems from the “reserves” to the combat system. Thus, the number of combat-ready complexes in the composition of anti-aircraft missile forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, capable of shooting down aircraft, cruise missiles, as well as enemy drones, will increase by one third. This is my optimistic forecast, if the joint efforts of the Ministry of Defense, enterprises of Ukroboronprom, as well as private companies already deeply involved in the solution of the actual task, will be effective. Practically all types of SAMs that were withdrawn from the combat strength due to “redundancy” in the period from 2003 to 2013, get a chance to return. Today, the defensive shield over Ukraine is held by anti-aircraft missile systems and Soviet-designed two types of complexes. These are self-propelled medium-range SAM systems: S-300PS (SA-10B Grumble) and Buk-M1 (SA-11 Gadfly). They can destroy enemy targets at maximum ranges of 75 km and 32 km and heights of up to 27 km and 22 km respectively. The number of divisions of these air defense systems is about fifty. With the training of personnel and the serviceability of all SAMs, this is quite a powerful force. But the leadership of the Armed Forces of Ukraine decided to significantly increase the numerical composition of domestic air defense systems. This is due to the need to cover our troops in the area of contact with the enemy (both in the positional and in the active defense), as well as the need to cover the objects of the first category. Such objects, in particular, include the cities-millionaires, nuclear power plants and dams of hydroelectric power stations. Six types of anti-aircraft missile systems can return to service at once: six short-range anti-aircraft missiles (self-propelled “Kub” (2K12) and “Tor” (9K330) and transported C-125), two medium range (S-300PT transported , a close relative of the “regular” self-propelled S-300PS) and a mobile all-purpose anti-missile and anti-aircraft defense system designed to cover the maneuverable combat actions S-300V1 (SA-12 Gladiator) and finally the long-range S-200V. The S-200V long-range anti-aircraft missile system is a special thing. SA-5 Gammon is like the Goliath of the Cold War. It joined the service in the 1970s. The complex is stationary and seems to be getting old by today’s standards. But there is a nuance: the “old-timer” possesses missiles with a powerful warhead and is capable of hitting targets at a range of 240 km and at an altitude of 300 m to 40 km. S-200V divisions are capable of destroying enemy aircraft before they reach the line from which they can use their own armament. It is also believed that the “two hundred” will not allow Ukraine’s enemy to approach its air command posts, reconnaissance planes and production aircraft of all types of interference. All this in the complex can deprive the enemy of the opportunity to effectively manage the air operation. Well, at least because it’s just scary. In 2012, we had four military units, which were armed with the S-200V SAM. Groups of S-200V divisions were stationed near Lviv, near Kyiv, as well as near Kherson and Feodosia. All of them on the final inspection of 2012 were recognized as combat-ready. But already in early 2013, by the decision of the then Defense Minister Lebedev, they were all suddenly declared obsolete. Their “reduction” took literally a month. Separate elements (for example, cables in positions, since this is a stationary complex) were simply cut with axes. At the same time, Uman anti-aircraft missile brigade (three battalions) armed with S-300V1 complexes was withdrawn from the combat structure. In the command of the Army people who supported both these decisions still serve. It’s time, probably, to ask them – why? Today, the Defense Ministry does not rule out that the “two hundred” will still frighten the Russian air command posts and pilots of aircraft. It is possible that for the resuscitation of the “two hundred” will take Pivdenne bureau. But this is unlikely to happen before the end of the year, although for the rest of the complexes it is planned to conduct test firing before the end of 2018. At least the Ministry of Defense is interested in this. Given the amount of work required, technological limitations and rigid deadlines, this is a difficult task. There is no repair documentation for some SAMs. Therefore, in fact, it is necessary to reverse the engineering of the units, repair them or restore and ensure the intended use of the complexes. At the same time, it is not required from the enterprises of Ukroboronprom and private companies to upgrade the complexes, which they take into medium repair. Although some of the SAMs (in particular, the same S-125M Pechora) have a significant potential for building up combat capabilities. Due to the installation of new semi-active or active targeting heads on the 5V27D missiles developed by the Kyiv company Radionics, the long-range limit of the C-125M zone of damage increases in range from 18 to 40 km, in height from 18 to 25 km. In the most advanced version, it becomes possible to shell eight enemy targets simultaneously. The work of the complex regarding the launching of missiles with a semi-active head has already been tested by practice with foreign customer. Responsibility for the entire “resuscitation package” for the extension of the rocket resource of anti-aircraft missile systems, which are currently in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as those that will be introduced in the near or medium term, with the exception of “two hundred”, is entrusted to the State Kyiv design bureau “Luch” in cooperation with another Kyiv company “Vizar”, also part of the Ukroboronprom. Modernization or development of new anti-aircraft missile systems for the Armed Forces of Ukraine is the next step in strengthening the domestic air defense shield. There are projects for small, medium and long-range complexes using existing industrial and technological reserves. According to the developers, with whom I communicated, the result can be achieved within two years, and with very sane financing. The bet is made on its capabilities. But help or partnership on the part of Western companies will be necessary to acquire a modern element base with the required characteristics. But this is another, longer story.

Сергій Згурець – Стрельнуть стариной Армия Украины возвращает из…

Сергій Згурець: Стрельнуть стариной: Украина возвращает в боевой строй шесть типов ЗРК – блог – криминал новости Украины | Обозреватель

На треть увеличится количество боеспособных комплексов в составе зенитных ракетных войск ВС Украины, способных сбивать самолеты, крылатые ракеты, а также

Шістьом типам “зеніток” дадуть в армії другий шанс – 07.05.2018 13:33 — Новини Укрінформ

Українська армія повертає в бойовий лад відразу 6 типів зенітних ракетних комплексів, визнаних раніше &quot;застарілими&quot;, що дозволить збільшити на третину кількість боєздатних комплексів у складі зенітних ракетних військ ЗС України.

Ukraine, Turkey to move to practical implementation of An-188 project | UNIAN

Ukraine and Turkey will soon move to the practical implementation of a joint project to create a military transport aircraft, the An-188. It will be capable of carrying military equipment of all kinds. Ukraine and Turkey will soon move to the practical implementation of a joint project to create a military transport aircraft, the An-188. The aircraft will be built by Kyiv-based state-run enterprise (SE) Antonov, which is part of state-run Ukroboronprom Concern. The decision to launch the project was made during the international Eurasia 2018 airshow hosted by the Turkish city of Antalya last week, Ukroboronprom’s press service said. “The project of the military transport aircraft involves westernization of all components, the implementation of modern and reliable engineering solutions, as well as full compliance with NATO standards – both in terms of equipment and the use of the aircraft,” it reported. Under the project, this will be a promising military transport turbojet aircraft with a carrying capacity of up to 50 tonnes. It will be capable of carrying military equipment of all kinds, military and construction equipment, helicopters, up to 300 members of military personnel, as well as humanitarian cargo, pallets and containers. “The An-188 will be capable of basing on different airfields, including air strips, and landing on short runways of only 600-800 meters in length. This greatly expands the number of airfields the aircraft can be used on, ensuring the high efficiency of the new aircraft,” Ukroboronprom said.

Ukraine’s major arms exporter boosts profit by 69% in Q1 | UNIAN

State-owned company Ukrspecexport, which is part of State Concern Ukroboronprom and Ukraine’s main exporter of all types of weapons and military equipment, increased its net profit by 69% in the first quarter of 2018 (Q1) year-over-year (y-o-y) to UAH 64.34 million ($2.4 million) from UAH 38 million (US$1.4 million). Net income from sales of products totaled UAH 364.1 million ($13.8 million) y-o-y.

Ukraine complains to ICAO about maintenance of Ukraine’s Antonov planes in Russia – media | UNIAN

The State Aviation Administration of Ukraine has complained to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) about the fact that Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsiya) approved the operation and maintenance of the An-24, An-26, An-74, and An-124-100 Ruslan aircraft, manufactured at Ukraine’s largest aircraft plant, state-run enterprise Antonov. The Ukrainian aviation authority says that the maintenance and operation of the aircraft without the involvement of Ukraine’s Antonov creates a “dangerous precedent that threatens the life and health of people.”

Antonov details An-188 military cargo aircraft family – Defence Blog

A source in the Antonov company, part of the Ukrainian state-owned defence and aerospace holding group Ukroboronprom, has disclosed details to the Defence Blog regarding the future of its new An-188 military cargo aircraft family. In the framework of the airshow Eurasia-2018, held in Antalya, Turkey, was unveils for the first time the new AN-188 STOL (Short Take-Off and Landing) military transport aircraft.The new Ukraine-developed military transport aircraft project involves westernization of all components, implementation of modern and reliable technical solutions, as well as full compliance with NATO standards, both in terms of equipment and the use of the aircraft. Officials from Antonov said that Ukraine will develop a family of new aircraft on basis of An-70. The new family would consist of 3 air platforms with different turbofan engines. The aircraft called the An-188-100 will be equipped with four D-436-148FM three-shaft high by-pass turbofan engines developed by the Ukrainian company Ivchenko-Progress. The variant with four AI-28 new-generation engines also developed by the Ivchenko-Progress will be called the An-188-110. And An-188-120 will be equipped with four LEAP high-bypass turbofan aircraft engines made by CFM International (CFMI). All new aircraft of An-188 family will be capable of basing on different airfields, including air strips, and landing on short runways of only 600-800 m in length. This greatly expands the number of airfields the aircraft can be used on, ensuring the high efficiency of the new aircraft. The new aircraft will have an advanced glass cockpit with newest flight navigation and communication equipment. The An188 has the capability to fly distances up to 7,700 km, at a cruising altitude up to 12,100 m, and at a speed of up to 800 km/h depending on aircraft and engine type and variant. The An-188 military transport turbojet aircraft with a carrying capacity of up to 50 tons will be capable of carrying military equipment of all kinds. It will be capable of carrying military and construction equipment, helicopters, infantry combat vehicles, tank, artillery systems, up to 300 soldiers, as well as humanitarian cargoes, pallets and containers. Maximum payload of up to 35 tonnes (maximum 47) and a volume of 400 m3. The An-188 can carry numerous pieces of outside cargo, for example, a one Puma with one Lynx helicopters and 42 paratroopers, or a heavy infantry fighting vehicle for military purposes.

Progress D-436 – Wikipedia


CFM International LEAP – Wikipedia

“Ukraine NOW”: Cabinet approves country brand – news about social life

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the country’s brand, “Ukraine NOW UA”, developed jointly with experts to become the base for Ukraine’s presentation across the world. A modular brand book is yet to be developed that will become a kind of unified voice of Ukraine around the world.

Ukraine needs new program of cooperation with EU – president – 11.05.2018 15:23 — Ukrinform News

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has said that it is necessary to draw up a new program of cooperation between Ukraine and the European Union.

Europe was Ukraine’s main trading partner last year – NBU – 11.05.2018 14:41 — Ukrinform News

Exports of goods from Ukraine to European countries grew by 31% in 2017, to $14.4 billion, and their volumes exceeded the level of the pre-crisis year 2013.

Nationalists visit Inter TV co-owner’s house over pro-Russian propaganda, clashes with police reported (Video) | UNIAN

Members of the National Corps nationalist organization have visited the house of Deputy Head of the Opposition Bloc, Member of Parliament Serhiy Lyovochkin, who was one of the co-owners of the Inter TV as of 2017 (less than a 9% stake), over pro-Russian propaganda during a TV show on Victory Day on May 9; clashes with police have been reported. The estate is protected by about 50 police officers.

Russian Official Doused With Filthy Fluid In Kyiv By Ukrainian Nationalists

The director of a Russian cultural office in Ukraine’s capital has been drenched with a bucketful of green antiseptic liquid mixed with feces, with a Ukrainian nationalist group saying it wanted to…

RFE/RL: Russian official doused with filthy fluid in Kyiv by Ukrainian nationalists (Video) | UNIAN

The director of a Russian cultural office in Ukraine’s capital has been drenched with a bucketful of green antiseptic liquid mixed with feces, with a Ukrainian nationalist group saying it wanted to send him a message. Vorobyov heads the Kyiv office of Rossotrudnichestvo, a Russian state organization that promotes science and culture.

Ukraine marks Remembrance and Reconciliation Day on May 8 | UNIAN

On May 8, Ukrainians mark the Day of Remembrance and Reconciliation, which pays tribute to victims of 1939-1945 World War II. Ukraine also decided to celebrate May 9 as the day of victory over Nazi forces in World War II.

President: Ukraine is proud of its contribution to victory over Nazism – 09.05.2018 12:10 — Ukrinform News

Ukraine is proud of its contribution to the victory in the World War II and the salvation of the world from the Nazi enslavement.

Ukrainian leaders commemorate victims of WWII. Photos – 09.05.2018 12:36 — Ukrinform News

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman, the patriarchs of various churches and the veterans have laid flowers to the Memorial of Eternal Glory in Kyiv.

How commemoration of WWII victims in Ukraine has changed – Memory and victory: How the end of WWII is commemorated in Ukraine –

Since recently, Ukraine has been starting celebration of the end of the World War II on 8 May and ending on 9 May. Let us explain what the new tradition is about and why such changes were introduced.

Kyiv’s Motherland Monument decorated with red poppies wreath Photoreport

Kyiv’s Motherland Monument decorated with red poppies wreath. UNIAN pictures

Poroshenko: Russia wanted to split Ukraine into several parts in 2014 | UNIAN

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko says that Russia planned to split Ukraine into several parts way back in 2014. The Ukrainian president expressed confidence that Ukraine would win the war.

Scuffle breaks out amid Bessmertny Polk event in Kyiv (Photo, video) | UNIAN

Scuffle has broken out amid an event organized by Ukrainian members of the Russian-registered Bessmertny Polk (“Immortal Regiment”) organization in Kyiv on May 9. The incident occurred near the Arsenalna metro station.

Poroshenko: Russia uses ‘Immortal Regiment’ as element of hybrid warfare | UNIAN

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko says that Russia uses events organized by the Russian-registered Bessmertny Polk (“Immortal Regiment”) organization to commemorate World War II victims as an element of its hybrid warfare. Moscow wages a hybrid war not only against Ukraine, but also against the European Union, the United States and other countries.

Thugs being hired for Victory Day provocations: Authorities to deploy SBU’s Alpha task force to prevent violence | UNIAN

Law enforcers in Ukraine are aware of preparations of provocations on Victory Day in Kyiv by those from the Viktor Yanukovych entourage. According to a Ukrainian MP, people close to the former leaders of the Yanukovych party have been hiring thugs to spark clashes on May 9 that would be in favor of Russian propaganda TV.

Ukrainian Activists Storm TV Owner’s Home

Ukrainian nationalists broke through a police cordon to enter the house of opposition lawmaker Serhiy Lyovochkin, who is a co-owner of Inter TV.

Japan and Ukraine to cooperate in nuclear power field, – Ukraine’s Government –

The representatives of Japanese Embassy in Ukraine held a meeting in the Ministry of Energy and Coal Mining of Ukraine. They have reached an agreement on mutual cooperation in updating of equipment for nuclear industry, as the press-office of Ukraine’s Government reported. “Japanese side informed about its intentions to cooperate with Ukraine in cooperation concerning the updating of equipment for nuclear industry, including the production and modernization of turbines, for nuclear-energy facilities in third countries in particular and announced the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between Turboatom and Toshiba Energy Systems, which is scheduled for June 2018,” the message says.

Hague court orders Russia to pay Ukrainian companies for losses over Crimea annexation –

Russia is to pay 159 million dollars

If Ukraine wins in Hague Arbitration Court, it can seize Russia’s state property, – Atlantic Council –

If Ukraine wins the Crimea-related lawsuit against Russia, it can seize any state property that belongs to Russia, – Atlantic Council

Lutsenko claims he knows names of Russian colonels who armed Savchenko for terror act | UNIAN

Ukrainian Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko says he knows the names of colonels of the Russian armed forces who gave Ukrainian Member of Parliament Nadiia Savchenko weapons for a terrorist attack in the center of Kyiv, which was prevented by the Ukrainian special services. The Ukrainian chief prosecutor knows their family names, ranks, noms de guerre.

Russian colonels issued weapons to Savchenko, names known, – Ukraine’s Prosecutor General –

Russian colonels issued weapons to Savchenko, names known, – Ukraine’s Prosecutor General

‘SBU agent’ Lymeshko jailed for 8 years in Crimea – 11.05.2018 12:27 — Ukrinform News

Sudak Town Court in occupied Crimea on May 10 found Ukrainian citizen Hennadiy Lymeshko guilty and sentenced him to eight years in prison for &quot;illegal acquisition, storage and carrying of explosives,&quot; according to the Crimea.Realities online newspaper.&nbsp;

Ukrainian sentenced to 8 years on alleged ‘sabotage’ charges in Crimea annexed by Russia – Ukrainian sentenced to 8 years on bizarre ‘sabotage’ charges in Russian-occupied Crimea –

There was any evidence to back the FSB’s claim except for a ‘confession’ from Lymeshko, who showed signs of having been beaten

Kremlin’s Ukrainian political prisoners savagely tortured, sentenced, then sued for invented crimes –

Kremlin’s Ukrainian political prisoners savagely tortured, sentenced, then sued for invented crimes. Author : Halya Coynash Karpyuk and Klykh were accused of having fought against the Russian federal forces 20 years earlier in Chechnya

Ill Treatment Of Police Suspects Still Common In Ukraine, EU Report Says

A new report from the Council of Europe finds that, despite significant efforts in Ukraine to adopt European human right standards, law enforcement bodies in the country continue to treat suspects …

Gunshots Fired As Brawl Breaks Out At Town Council Session In Ukraine

Police in the town of Nikopol in Ukraine’s eastern Dnipropetrovsk region are investigating violence and gunfire that erupted at a town council meeting.

Brazilian Embassy denies support to Lusvarghi accused of killing Ukrainian soldiers in Donbas – lawyer | UNIAN

The Brazilian Embassy in Ukraine has declined to provide support to a Brazilian citizen, Rafael Lusvarghi, 34, who fought against the Ukrainian army in Donbas on the side of the Russian-sponsored terrorist organization “Donetsk People’s Republic.” Lusvarghi’s retrial was expected to begin on June 6, but after the incident, it was rescheduled for May 7.

SBU detains a group of four suspected of attack on Ukraine’s ‘Cyborg’ (Photo) | UNIAN

The SBU Security Service of Ukraine in the city of Kharkiv on May 5 detained a group of young people who attacked a Donbas war veteran Dmytro Verbych, an ex-‘Cyborg,’ a nickname given to Ukrainian soldiers who defended Donetsk airport. One of the detainees had a passport of a Russian citizen.

Father of female attacker on Donbas war veteran works for Ukraine’s Defense Ministry – media | UNIAN

Kateryna Lapinska who is accused of being involved in a group attack on a Donbas war veteran in Kyiv is the daughter of an employee of Ukraine’s Defense Ministry. She is facing from three to seven years in prison.

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