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Salisbury CW Attack / Syrian CW Attack Ad Hoc Update (65) + Israeli Retaliation for Iran’s Rocket Artillery Attack

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Talk about instant payback, after Iran’s Quds in Syria fired rockets at Israel. Israel struck back last night.  Most reports are neutral, notice Sputnik reports “new phase of aggression” by Israel against “Syria” and not Iran. 

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Russian V-E Day propaganda effort continues, media highlighting the Vozhd’s inverted interpretation of “Russian Exceptionalism”, which is now presented as “American Exceptionalism”, and Russia’s descent into Russo-Nazism as America becoming Nazi.

No major Salisbury developments, but a nice forensic study of Russian propaganda proxies in Czechia.

POTUS warns Iran not to reboot its nuclear program. Iran launches a rocket artillery attack on Israeli positions from Syria, Israel promptly retaliates with a major series of air strikes against a multiplicity of IRGC sites in Syria. Israeli AF Twitter site provides best account of developments. Many Western MSM reports muddling what happened, and also reporting what Israeli MSM label to be speculation as fact. Saudi’s warn Iran that they will launch their own nuclear weapons program if Iran reboots.

The IRGC attack on Israel comes as no surprise. Nor does the Israeli reaction. It is possible Iran was attempting to embroil Israel in a fight with Russia. Israel’s capability for escalation vastly exceeds that of Iran, so it will be interesting to see how long Iran is able to play the tit-for-tat game – this may be about producing a domestic distraction to draw public attention in Iran away from the debacle of their collapsed deal.

Putin Chides Nations with ‘Pretensions to Exceptionalism,’ Just Like Nazi Germany | Breitbart

Speaking at the annual Victory Day parade in Red Square a few days after his fourth term in office officially began, Russian President Vladimir Putin compared the United States to Nazi Germany, the menace whose defeat is commemorated on Victory Day.

Putin warns of threat from ‘egoism’ as Russia displays military might | World | The Times

President Putin warned yesterday of attempts to diminish Russia’s role in defeating Nazism as he showed off the country’s military strength in Red Square. A new hypersonic missile and a remote-controlled mini-tank were on display at the annual parade to mark the anniversary of the end of the Second W

Russia’s hypersonic missile debuts alongside new military tech at parade

It was the first public debut of the Kinzhal air-launched hypersonic missile, one of President Putin’s doomsday super weapons.

Putin shows off his ‘dagger’ on Victory Day | Coffee House

Putin shows off his ‘dagger’ on Victory Day on Coffee House | It’s difficult to think of a good comparison from the thousands of public holidays, festivals…

Putin shows off new “invincible” nukes during military parade – VICE News

Among the new hardware was the hypersonic missile “Kinzhal,” a weapon Putin calls “invincible.”

Russia rolls out its military hardware for Victory Day – in pictures | World news | The Guardian

A spectacle featuring 13,000 troops to mark Soviet victory over the Nazis 73 years ago was held in Moscow’s Red Square, coinciding with the beginning of Vladimir Putin’s fourth term at the Kremlin

Troops, planes and robot tanks highlight Russian military might at Victory Day parade – ABC News

Russian President Putin today oversaw the country’s annual Victory Day parade celebrating the end of World War II, using the event to show off an array of military might.

Russia shows its teeth with Victory Day parade | The Week UK

Why this year’s Red Square event was worth watching

Victory Day – Photogallery

Russia, one of the most powerful nations, showed off its military might on the occasion of Victory Day celebrations. Victory Day (May 9) holds great historical significance for Russia, which marks end of the World War II in 1945. Troops, planes, robot tanks and other weaponry were on display at the military parade, which was overseen by Russian President Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. The robot tanks Uran-9 and Uran-6 created buzz in Russian media as they participated for the first time in the Victory Day parade. The Uran-9 is a remote-controlled armoured vehicle, which is armed with anti-tank rockets, cannon and machine guns, whereas the Uran-6 is a “robot sapper” that is used for de-mining. Vladimir Putin hailed the Russian security forces for their bravery and determination. He criticized US President Donald Trump for scrapping the Iran nuclear deal. Putin said that selfishness, aggressive nationalism and intolerance will lead to apocalyptic war and destruction. “We remember the tragedy of two world wars, about the threats of history. They don’t allow us to turn a blind-eye…behind new threats show through the same old monstrous features: selfishness and intolerance, aggressive nationalism and claims to exceptionalness.” Photos: Russia marks Victory Day with huge military parade Photogallery at Times of India

Russia shows off Arctic military might as it debuts fighting snowmobile at Red Square parade

Russia showcased a new fighting snowmobile equipped with a machine gun in its annual Victory Day parade on Red Square on Wednesday, as it seeks a military push into the warming Arctic.

Moscow’s Red Square Hosts Victory Day Parade

Russian President Vladimir Putin attended a parade on May 9 marking the anniversary of Germany’s defeat in World War II. Thousands of troops marched and heavy weapons such as Iskander missile launchers rolled across Moscow’s Red Square, as warplanes flew overhead. Foreign leaders present for the parade included Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. (Reuters)

Ukrainian Separatists Parade Banned Heavy Weapons In Donetsk

Russia-backed separatists who control the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk have held a Victory Day parade despite a ban on that type of celebration in Ukraine as well as on the tanks and other hea…


Russian military releases video showing Vladimir Putin’s new ‘Terminator 2’ tanks in chilling show of strength – Mirror Online

Footage shows the tank moving at speed, firing missiles and destroying targets

Vlad the strongman: Putin has striven to make Russia great again, masking domestic woes

As Vladimir Putin begins his fourth term as Russian president, questions remain over the future direction his country will take. Throughout his time in power, Putin has successfully projected himself as a strong leader who…

What the Russian Public Thinks of Victory Day (Op-ed)

The Soviet Union’s struggle and ultimate victory in World War II is still perceived by Russian citizens as the most important event of the 20th century. Eighty percent of respondents surveyed in January 2017 confirmed that they celebrated the May 9. The second most significant event is Yuri Gagarin’s space flight (58 percent) and the collapse of the U.S.S.R. ranks third (44 percent). A similar ranking was registered in 2012, and this order of merit has remained unchanged in subsequent years. The importance attached to this day is indicative of the scale of the tragedy and the fact that the Russian state pays special attention to celebrating the victory of the Soviet Union in World War II. There is still no consensus about how great the price of victory was. The estimated number of lives lost by the U.S.S.R. in the war continues to rise. According to the latest estimates presented during parliamentary hearings this February, the U.S.S.R. suffered nearly 42 million fatalities from 1941 and 1945. According to our polls, 85 percent of respondents have war veterans in their families and 68 percent are related to someone who died in the war.

‘Do Not Respond’: Did The Soviet Government Abandon Its WWII Prisoners?

Two-thirds of the Red Army soldiers captured by the Germans during World War II died in captivity, in part because of a Soviet government policy aimed at convincing soldiers that being captured mea…

Skripal: The Two Faces of the Czech Media Space | Visegrad Insight

Alternative news forums fostered many conspiracies, all avoided any Russian culpability in the poisoning

Police finish probing every Salisbury site linked to the Skripal poisoning apart from spy’s house

Police have finished investigating every area linked to the Skripal poisoning case in Salisbury apart from the former spy’s house, Cabinet ministers have been told.

Skripal’s case: British police finish gathering evidence in Salisbury –

Skripal’s case: British police finish gathering evidence in Salisbury

UK-Russia relationship under spotlight at Eurovision –

With diplomatic relations between the UK and Russia at their coolest for decades, this weekend’s Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon could offer a chance for both countries to forgive, or

Putin’s cranks and creeps are winning the day | Coffee House

Putin’s cranks and creeps are winning the day on Coffee House | Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters announce themselves to be the leftist of the left: a band of…

Trump Warns Iran Not To Restart Nuclear Program

Iran has reacted with anger to U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of the 2015 nuclear deal while European governments scrambled to salvage the landmark agreement.

White House condemns Iran after rocket attack, ‘strongly supports’ Israel’s right to self-defense – Middle East News –

■ Moscow urges Iran, Israel to avoid ‘spiral’ of conflict

■ Germany accuses Iran of ‘provocation’ after attack on Israel

■ U.K. calls on Russia to rein in Tehran

Mattis: Leaving the Nuclear Deal Will Help the US Negotiate with Iran – Defense One

Withdrawal will help the U.S. develop a ‘more compelling’ deal on a range of issues, SecDef told lawmakers.

Israeli Air Force (@IAFsite) | Twitter

Netanyahu: Israel Will ‘Defend’ Itself Against Iran’s Moves In Syria

Israel will counter Iran’s actions in Syria, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed on May 9 after talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow.

Israel launches most extensive strike in Syria in decades after Iranian rocket barrage – Israel News –

■ In first, Israel accuses Iran of attacking its territory

■ Russia informed ahead of Israeli attack on Iranian targets in Syria

■ U.S.: ‘We support Israel’s right to defend itself’

Israel strikes Iranian targets in Syria after rockets hit Golan Heights – BBC News

Israel launches a massive wave of strikes on Iranian forces in Syria, after coming under rocket fire.

Israel Strikes Iranian Targets in Syria as Tensions Escalate – The New York Times

Israel said it had dealt Iran a severe blow in Syria after a failed Iranian rocket barrage against Israeli military posts in the Golan Heights.

Israel launches huge attack after Iran fires rockets at army bases in Golan Heights | News | The Times

Israel has struck dozens of Iranian targets in Syria in response to a rocket attack on its military outposts in the Golan Heights.The Israeli military said that Iran’s Quds Force, the expeditionary unit of the Revolutionary Guard, launched 20 artillery rockets into the Golan Heights shortly after m

Israel says it attacked targets in Syria after Iranian rocket fire | Reuters

Israel said it attacked nearly all of Iran’s military infrastructure in Syria on Thursday after Iranian forces fired rockets at Israeli-held territory for the first time.

Israel strikes ‘dozens’ of Iranian targets in Syria

Israel said the targets included weapons storage, logistics sites and intelligence centers used by elite Iranian forces in Syria.

Israel’s preventative actions thwart Iran’s revenge from Syria – for now – Israel News –

■ 8 Iranians said killed in Damascus strike

■ Israel opens shelters in north

■ Third Israeli action in 10 days may force Iran to reconsider nature, timing of payback

Putin may have given Israeli PM Netanyahu the green light to wipe out Iran in Syria in a massive air war | Business Insider

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday. Netanyahu left saying he thought Russia wouldn’t intervene in Israel protecting itself. That same night a massive air war broke out between Iranian forces in Syria and Israeli jets, resulting in Israel destroying a huge number of Iranian sites. Putin has warned Netanyahu against attacking Syrian sites, but when it comes to Israel vs Iranians, he seems not to care.

UAWire – Iran launches missile attack on Israel from Syrian territory, Israel retaliates

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reported that Iranian forces in Syria fired missiles at the positions of Israeli troops in the Golan Heights. According to the IDF press service, around midnight, about 20 missiles were fired at positions on the Golan Heights by Iranian Quds Force. A representative of the army added that some missiles were intercepted by Israel’s missile defense system. He noted that as of yet there is no information about losses or damage as a result of one of the most serious border incidents in recent years. “The Israeli Defense Forces considers the incident an attack from Iran and an extremely serious incident,” the IDF stated. The Israeli military responded by firing missiles into the territory of Syria. According to the Syrian media, among the targets of the Israeli attacks on Syria were positions of Hezbollah, based in the city of Al-Baath. So far, there is no reliable information on the damage inflicted or losses among Hezbollah personnel. It was also reported that Israel carried out multiple air strikes on the 10th Brigade in Qatna, near Damascus. Syrian news agency SANA reported that a radar of Syrian air defense forces was hit with missiles. Israel’s missiles also struck al-Mazzah airbase on the outskirts of Damascus and scientific research center in Jamraya suburb. U.S. authorities commented on reports of the shelling of Israeli positions in the Golan Heights. A representative of the State Department told RIA Novosti that Washington supports the authorities of Israel in their right to protect themselves. “We are aware of reports that about 20 missiles were fired towards Israel. We suggest that you contact the Government of Israel for more information,” the State Department said. On Tuesday, May 8, the Israeli army announced that it had noted “irregular activity” by Iranian forces in Syria. Afterward, Israel deployed air defense systems in the Golan Heights, launched a limited call for reservists, and ordered the opening of bomb shelters in areas near the border.

‘Death to America’: Iranian Lawmakers Burn Paper American Flag to Show Disdain for Trump Leaving Deal – To Inform is to Influence

Somehow I just do not feel intimidated by this show by Iranian lawmakers.   It is nice that the American flag they burned was paper, I know it was just a representation of their frustration. As a result, their chants of “Death to America” are about as toothless as burning the paper representation of the flag…

UAWire – Israeli Army holds a special draft call for reservists

The Israeli Defense Forces or IDF launched a special draft call on Tuesday for reservists in accordance with specific needs after President …

When Trump Gives You Lemons: Iran Reformists Try To Pivot After U.S. Spurns Nuclear Deal

While many of the Iranian government’s critics expressed disappointment with the U.S. decision to exit the 2-year-old nuclear deal, some Iranians argue that improving human rights could help avert …

Israel v Iran: Are they heading for a war? – BBC News

Stakes are high since Israel launched a massive wave of strikes after coming under Iranian rocket fire.

Israel-Iran conflict is no surprise but implications are unclear | World news | The Guardian

Key question is whether underlying assumptions governing rules of competition between two nations have changed

Trump’s rejection of Iran nuclear deal may be Israel’s dream moment | World news | The Guardian

Israeli strikes on Iranian assets in Syria raise concerns the US and Israel are acting in concert

Washington’s Plan for a Nuclear Agreement with Saudi Arabia May Be in Jeopardy

The Trump administration would be wise to drop its artificial deadlines and coordinate strategies on both the Iran and Saudi Arabia agreements. President Trump’s decision yesterday to “nix” the Iran Nuclear Deal was reckless.

Saudi Arabia threatens to build nuclear weapons if Iran restarts its atomic program – Defence Blog

Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister told CNN on Wednesday that his country stands ready to build nuclear weapons if Iran restarts its atomic weapons program. Adel Al-Jubeir told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that “we will do whatever it takes to protect our people. We have made it very clear that if Iran acquires a nuclear capability we will do everything we can to do the same.” “We believe the nuclear deal was flawed,” al-Jubeir said, criticizing portions of the agreement that expire and the fact that its scope is limited to nuclear issues. “We believe the deal does not deal with Iran’s ballistic missile program nor does it deal with Iran’s support for terrorism.” While Trump’s decision has pleased allies in Israel and Persian Gulf countries like Saudi Arabia, it pits the US against its closest European allies, leaves the future of Tehran’s nuclear ambitions in question and raises the prospects of a regional arms race. “As long as Iran was constrained and closely inspected, the Saudis could afford to put off their nuclear ambitions,” Mark Fitzpatrick, executive director of the American branch of the International Institute for Strategic Studies, said on Tuesday. “Now their calculations change. … Trump’s rejection of the diplomatic solution to the Iran nuclear crisis undermines multilateral diplomacy and the very underpinnings of the nuclear order. It gives a new writ to nuclear lawlessness, since Iran’s having abided by the agreed rules will be proven to have been in vain.” Energy-rich Saudi Arabia, a fierce regional foe of Iran’s, is already seeking US help in starting a nuclear program of its own, giving rise to concerns that it might be trying to compete with Iran’s nuclear program and create its own nuclear weapons program.

Iran Sanctions Keep Oil at 3½-Year Peak – WSJ

Oil prices hit fresh 3 ½-year highs, with the U.S.’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear agreement continuing to reverberate across markets.

Missiles Fired at Saudi Arabia Signal Support for Iran by Its Proxies – WSJ

Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen fired a barrage of missiles into Saudi Arabia on Wednesday, an early indication that Iran’s allies in the Middle East are likely to flex their muscles in a show of support for their patron—risking a wider conflict.

Emmanuel Macron on Twitter: “France, Germany, and the UK regret the U.S. decision to leave the JCPOA. The nuclear non-proliferation regime is at stake.”