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Salisbury CW Attack / Syrian CW Attack Ad Hoc Update (64) + Russia VE Day

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This report worries me. I can only hope there is adequate human oversight and intervention to prevent murder, the killing of innocents, and prevent overly-widespread collateral damage – as is typical for Russian military operations. 

Russia confirms its armed robot tank was in Syria

According to statements published today in Russia’s state-owned RIA Novosti, Deputy Minister of Defense Yuriy Borisov confirmed that the country tested its Uran-9 robots in Syria.

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The VE Day parade in Moscow was an immense propaganda spectacle, and a good opportunity to observe and photograph much of the latest Russian equipment that has often not been well covered by hi-res imagery. The event was used by the Vozhd to snipe at the US rhetorically. Israeli PM Netanyahu attended, as he is lobbying Muscovy not to supply the S-300PMU2 Favorit to Syria.

Further updates on Salisbury clean-up – Col. Skripal’s house remains quarantined.

POTUS pulls the US out of the lame Iran nuclear deal, producing yet another barrage of media traffic and argument. Curiously some media who have been strident critics of POTUS have shifted or inverted their stances on the Iran deal since the Israeli TV briefing. Good interview with BGen. (Res.) Kuperwasser of the IDF on Russia vs. Israel in Syria and the S-300PMU2 issue. Israel conducts another airstrike against an Iranian target in Syria. Another Iranian TBM launched at Saudi Arabia from Yemen.

Russia’s Putin Hits Out At U.S. In Red Square Parade Speech

Russian President Vladimir Putin has issued veiled criticism of the United States in a speech before a Red Square parade marking the anniversary of Germany’s defeat in World War II, listing “preten…

Russia Accuses U.S. of ‘Trampling’ International Law in Backing Out of Iran Nuclear Deal

Russia has accused the United States of “trampling” international law by opting out of a comprehensive nuclear agreement with Iran. President Donald Trump on Tuesday pulled the United States out of an international nuclear deal with Iran, raising the risk of conflict in the Middle East, upsetting European allies and casting uncertainty over global oil supplies.The 2015 agreement, worked out by the United States and five other world powers including Russia and Iran, lifted sanctions on Iran in exchange for Tehran limiting its nuclear program.

Putin warns ‘peace is very fragile’ at Russia Victory Day parade  | Daily Mail Online

As Russia showcased some of its latest military hardware in Moscow’s Red Square, President Vladimir Putin said his nation was ‘open to dialogue on all different aspects of global security’.

Putin reviews Russia’s ‘invincible weapons’ on Red Square

Russia’s Vladimir Putin watched advanced jets carrying a hypersonic missile he has touted as invincible scream over Red Square on Wednesday, days after the

Why this year’s Victory Day parade in Red Square matters – CNN

The May 9 Victory Day parade is a major public ritual in Russia. It’s a showcase of military might that marks the defeat of Nazi Germany in 1945. This year’s event, however, is about more than just historic commemoration.

Analysis Pictures : Victory Day Parade 2018 Russia Combat vehicles – armored – air-defense systems – tanks | Armies in the world analysis focus | analysis focus army defence military industry army

Analysis Pictures : Victory Day Parade 2018 Russia Combat vehicles – armored – air-defense systems – tanks

Highlights of the 2018 Victory Day Parade in Moscow (PHOTO, VIDEO) – Sputnik International

A massive military parade was held in Moscow to commemorate the 73rd anniversary of the Soviet victory in the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945) against Nazi Germany in the European theater of World War II; Russia showcased many of its advanced, recently-developed weapons and displayed the might of its armed forces to the world.

Rumbling robots & hypersonic missiles: Russia marks V-Day with parade (PHOTO, VIDEO) — RT World News

The traditional Victory Day military parade in Moscow showcased some of Russia’s most advanced weapons, including a hypersonic missile, Arctic-rated anti-aircraft systems and a new strike drone.

Russia Shows Off Military Hardware In Red Square Parade

Russia rolled out its latest military hardware on Moscow’s Red Square on Thursday for the annual parade to mark Soviet victory over the Nazis as President Vladimir Putin begins his fourth Kremlin term.

Russia war: Vladimir Putin’s arsenal PICTURED ahed of Victory Day parade in Moscow | Daily Star

RUSSIA will roll out thousands of soldiers, tanks, warplanes and missiles tomorrow in a major muscle flex celebrating the end of World War 2.

Russia Showcases New Su-57 Stealth Fighter at Moscow Victory Day Parade

A sleek new stealth fighter jet that Russia recently combat-tested in Syria took center stage at a massive military parade in Moscow celebrating the Soviet Army’s victory over Nazi Germany during World War II. A total of 13,000 troops, military police and cadets, as well as 159 combat vehicles and 75 aircraft rolled onto Red Square on Wednesday to mark Victory Day. Sukhoi Su-57 fighter jets flew overhead, two months after they were spotted undergoing “real-world” testing in Syria. The fifth-generation aircraft are billed as Russia’s answer to the U.S. F-22 Raptor stealth fighter, with first deliveries expected next year.

Russia shows off new missiles and jets in Victory Day parade | World news | The Guardian

Israeli PM among guests at Red Square parade marking second world war anniversary

Russia shows off hypersonic nuclear-capable ‘Dagger’ missile in Red Square military parade | South China Morning Post

Altogether the parade featured 159 types of hardware including 75 aircraft

Steven Seagal supports Putin at Victory Day Parade in Red Square | Metro News

Steven Seagal has been spotted as one of the guests at today’s Victory Day Parade in Moscow. The annual May 9 event is a major public ritual in Russia that…

To pay for a ‘Russia first’ agenda, Putin takes ax to military spending

Inaugurated for his fourth official term as Russia’s president Monday, Vladimir Putin surprised many by declaring what sounds like a “Russia first” program: a relentless focus on domestic development, to be partially paid for by sharp cuts in defense spending. It may sound contrary to Western perceptions

Russia confirms its armed robot tank was in Syria

According to statements published today in Russia’s state-owned RIA Novosti, Deputy Minister of Defense Yuriy Borisov confirmed that the country tested its Uran-9 robots in Syria.

Skripal’s House in Salisbury Still Being Examined by UK Police – May’s Spokesman – Sputnik International

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The house of former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia, who have been poisoned with a nerve agent in the UK city of Salisbury, is still being examined by the UK police, while other sites related to the poisoning are released for further decontamination, UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s spokesman said.

Police finish probing every Salisbury site linked to the Skripal poisoning apart from spy’s house

Police have finished investigating every area linked to the Skripal poisoning case in Salisbury apart from the former spy’s house, Cabinet ministers have been told.

Clean-up work after Salisbury poisoning well under way,… | Daily Mail Online

Ministers heard that more than 400 police have been involved in `one of the largest and most complex´ terror inquiries ever in the UK.

Police release all sites linked to Skripal poisoning – except former Russian spy’s home – for decontamination

The Cabinet has been told that police have released all sites linked to the Skripal poisoning case in Salisbury for decontamination, apart from the former spy’s house.

Trump Withdraws U.S. From Iran Accord – WSJ

The U.S. is pulling out of the Iranian nuclear accord, President Donald Trump announced Tuesday, dismantling his predecessor’s signature foreign-policy achievement and bucking the wishes of some of America’s closest allies.

Trump Says He’ll Exit Iran Nuclear Deal and Reinstate Sanctions – Bloomberg

President Donald Trump said the U.S. will withdraw from the landmark 2015 accord to curb Iran’s nuclear program and reinstate financial sanctions on the Islamic Republic, opening an uncertain new chapter for the Middle East.

Behind Trump’s Termination of Iran Deal Is Risky Bet That U.S. Can ‘Break the Regime’ – The New York Times

President Trump’s decision to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal is premised on the idea that the U.S. and its allies force a better deal with Tehran through isolation and sanctions.

Five takeaways from Trump’s Iran announcement | TheHill

President Trump announced on Tuesday that the United States will pull out of the Iran nuclear deal.

On Iran deal, Russia and China could save Iran from harm caused by US economic sanctions | Fox News

President Trump’s expected announcement Tuesday that he will withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal could set up a nasty confrontation pitting the U.S. against China and Russia, because those two nations are strengthening ties with Iran.

Top Iranian generals welcome U.S. exit from JCPOA – Tehran Times

TEHRAN – The highest ranking military commanders have welcomed U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of the multilateral nuclear agreement, officially called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

Trump pulls US out of Iran nuke deal | TheHill

President Trump on Tuesday announced he will not renew sanctions waivers for the Iran nuclear deal, taking a step that could lead to the deal’s unraveling.

Trump’s Iran nuclear decision ripe for exploitation | TheHill

If the JCPOA collapses, Iran will have no framework for non-nuclear proliferation compliance; it’s a field day for hardliners, on all sides.

Iran nuclear deal not dead despite US exit, France says – BBC News

European leaders try to salvage the Iranian nuclear deal after the US announced its withdrawal.

How Fast Iran Could Build a Nuclear Bomb – WSJ

Iran could quickly ramp up its nuclear activities after President Trump pulled out of the deal designed to curtail them, but experts disagree over how long Tehran would need to build a bomb.

Opinion | A Courageous Trump Call on a Lousy Iran Deal – The New York Times

Now we’ll see whether the administration is capable of following through.

Syrian Defense Capabilities Improve [Brig-Gen. (res.) Yossi Kuperwasser ]

Brig-Gen. (res.) Yossi Kuperwasser discussed on Israel’s Kan Radio on April 26, 2018 the likelihood that the Russians will provide Syria with better aerial defense systems soon. “It’s an attempt by Russia to salvage its image after it failed to prevent a Western attack on Syria,” said the Director of the Jerusalem Center’s Project on Regional Middle East Developments. Following the American-British-French air raids on April 13, 2018, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that he will be providing more military aid to Syria. The Russian defense ministry announced that new aerial defense systems will arrive in Syria soon. In an interview with Kan Radio’s Ayala Hasson, (in Hebrew) Brig. Gen. (res.) Yossi Kuperwasser, former head of the research department of IDF intelligence, stated: “The Russians are worried about the harm done to their prestige after the western attack on Syria. This joint attack by the European countries with the United States proved that Syria is an exclusive area of aerial operation for the West, and the West is strong enough to fight in the region, while Russian efforts to prevent the attack seriously failed.” “At the same time, Israel announced that in time of necessity, it will act in Syria in accordance with its defense needs. All of this shows the Russians as being weak and unable to provide protection for its allies. Its way of salvaging the situation is to provide Syria with aerial defenses under its protection.” Kuperwasser added: “The new defense systems that Russia has provided to Syria are a higher level of defense capability for the Syrians that will be added to the existing defense systems in the region. If Israel wants to act in Syria, this raises the question of whether these defense systems would foil an attack. On the other hand, if the West decides to attack Syria a second time and succeeds, this says something about the strength of Russia’s defenses.”

Israel opposes Russia supplying Syria with S-300 systems

BEIRUT, LEBANON (5:00 P.M.) – Israel opposes Russia supplying Syria with S-300 anti-aircraft systems, former Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon told RIA Novosti on Saturday. “Of course, we do not like it,” the former Defense Minister said. “The S-300 is a more powerful system, and we do not like its appearance

Watch: Netanyahu, Putin, attend parade together – Israel National News

PM Netanyahu joins Russia’s Pres. Putin in Victory Day parade.

Netanyahu before Putin meet: Israel-Russia military coordination must be ensured in light of Syria events – Israel News –

During his visit to Russia, Netanyahu is scheduled to attend a parade aand a wreath-laying ceremony at the Red Square, followed by talks with Putin and a briefing to the press

UAWire – Israel puts troops in state of high alert

Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has ordered local authorities to prepare bomb shelters. This was after the military noted “irregular activity of …

Netanyahu to meet Putin amid new round of Syria strikes – NY Daily News

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel’s prime minister says security coordination with Russia must continue amid developments in Syria.

UAWire – Israel strikes Iranian military base in Syria

The Israeli Air Force has carried out a missile attack on the military base in the town of Al-Kiswah near Damascus. Syrian state agency SANA …

Israeli airstrike in Syria killed 15, including Iranians – war monitor – Business Insider

Israel regards Iran as its arch enemy, and Hezbollah as the biggest threat on its borders. It has repeatedly struck Iranian and Hezbollah targets in Syria…

Syria Reports Another Suspected Israeli Missile Attack

Damascus, May 8, 2018 (AFP) The Syrian army on Tuesday night intercepted two Israeli missiles fired towards a district near Damascus, Syria’s official SANA news agency said, but a monitor said ni…

Saudi air defense intercept ballistic missile over Riyadh

DUBAI: Saudi Arabia’s air defense system has intercepted two ballistic missiles over Riyadh on Wednesday state news channel Al Ekhbariya TV reported.  The missiles were fired by Houthi milita from across Yemen’s border. Eye witnesses were quoted as saying they heard four consecutive booms in the Saudi capital, Riyadh. The Houthis have previously been accused of committing war

After the Iran Deal, Here’s What the US Military Is Worried About Next – Defense One

Keep your eyes on Iranian ballistic missiles showing up in Yemen.

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