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Salisbury CW Attack / Syrian CW Attack (56)

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The Russians appear to be inflexibly determined to destroy what little remaining shreds of credibility they have with ongoing bizarre statements and actions – when you fail, press on, and if you fail again, press on … More on the Telegram debacle – this is the digital age and measures devised to hobble traditional media do not work well against dispersed, distributed, digital systems. Think like a Soviet, expect to fail. Four Russian authors, Obolensky and Co., take exception to “Russian exceptionalism”, describing it correctly as an “irresponsible and dangerous dead end that has no basis in reality.”

In the UK, reports emerge that a then senior executive of BP based in Russia was being poisoned in 2008. Calls for a new inquiry into the murder of cryptanalyst Gareth Williams, and MPs call for tighter measures to police Russian funds in the UK banking sector.

Iran appears to be the main topic in the current US-Israeli discussions. Multiple Iranian threats against the US and Israel. Israeli PM Netanyahu to make a major public statement on Iran and its nuclear arms deal very shortly. Israel to act forcefully if Syrian S-300PMU2 used against Israel. Intensive speculation over who hit a major munitions magazine at Hama in Syria, claimed to have registered 2.6 on the Richter scale.

Russian Extreme Disinformation – To Inform is to Influence

I follow Russian propagandist Alexandr Dugin on Facebook. Today he made a posting. Three hours later it’s still up. Israel Drops Tactical Nuclear Bomb On Syria YourNewsWire What the heck?  So, of course, I went “in search of”. Missile attack on Syria kills pro-Assad fighters, say observers Israel eyed after Hama, Syria, attack reportedly kills Iranians…

Ms. Zakharova And TASS Accuse The West Of NOT reporting – To Inform is to Influence

Russian FM Spokesperson, Ms. Zakharova, and TASS have entirely too much time on their hands. Ms. Zakharova accused the West of NOT publishing news about the Skripal assassination attempt, reports TASS in the below article. The phrase, “as if”, is used as an accusation without evidence, “as if” to make stuff up.  Also, yes, “let’s speak openly” about…

TASS: Russian Politics & Diplomacy – Russian diplomat slams UK media’s sudden blackout on Skripal case

MOSCOW, April 29. /TASS/. Russia’s Foreign Ministry will not leave without attention the investigation into the poisoning of former Russian GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia, as Moscow has information for the public, the ministry’s Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said in the Sunday Evening with Vladimir Solovyev program on Rossiya’1 television channel. “British journalists lapsed into silence in a day as if, let’s speak openly, there had come an order for everyone to keep silent. They have all lapsed into silence. Therefore, there is no any Skripal case in the British media. It ceased to be interesting. Nobody is looking for anyone, nobody is carrying out any investigations, nobody is demanding from the British side either photos or videos of the affected persons, or as we have been told, the affected persons,” Zakharova said. “The case does not exist in the media space. Nevertheless, without any doubt, Russia’s Investigative Committee, Russia’s Embassy to the United Kingdom and Foreign Ministry will be cheering them up with news from the front. We have something to tell them,” she said.

Russia DESTROYS Novichok nerve centre ahead of Salisbury poison spy probe | World | News |

THE chemical weapons base where Russians conjured up the deadly nerve agent Novichok has been demolished ahead of a planned visit by investigators probing the Salisbury spy poisoning attack.

Russian base where Novichock was made has been demolished before inspectors arrive

The Russian chemical weapons base reportedly responsible for creating the nerve agent used in the poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter has been demolished ahead of a visit by international investigators. The military research base in Shikhany, southern Russia, that produced Novichok throughout the Soviet

Russia, Iran, Turkey Criticize Western Airstrikes on Syria 

Foreign ministers call for political solution after meeting in Moscow

Iran supreme leader: US ‘feet must be cut off’ – CNN

Iran’s supreme leader said the United States’ “feet must be cut off” in the Middle East as US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo doubled down on criticisms of the country in his tour of the region.

Iran leader: U.S. pushes Riyadh to confront Tehran, stirs crisis | Reuters

Iran’s supreme leader on Monday hit out at the United States a day after new Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited Riyadh, accusing Washington of trying to stoke a “regional crisis” by provoking its ally Saudi Arabia to confront Tehran.

Thousands In Moscow Protest Attempts To Block Telegram Messaging App

Thousands of demonstrators are protesting in downtown Moscow against the Russian government’s efforts to block the popular messaging app Telegram.

UAWire – Russia recognizes that it’s impossible to block Telegram messenger

RIA Novosti reports that Russian Internet ombudsman Dmitry Marinichev claims that blocking Telegram by adding IP addresses to the blacklist is …

UAWire – Russia unblocks 3 million of Amazon’s IP addresses

On April 28, the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor) unblocked 3 million IP …

Window on Eurasia — New Series: Notion of a Special Russian Path ‘Irresponsible and Dangerous,’ Liberal Authors Warn in New Book

Paul Goble Staunton, April 29 – Four leading Russian liberals, Aleksandr Obolensky, Dmitry Travin, Gennady Aksyonov, and Viktor Sheynis, warn in a new book that the Kremlin’s promotion of an idea that Russia has “a special path” is an ‘irresponsible and dangerous” dead end that has no basis in reality. The new book, ‘A Special Path’ of the Country: Myths and Reality (in Russian, Moscow: Mysl, 2018, 172 pages; ISBN 978-5-244-01205-7), is partially available on line – the first 40 pages, including the introduction, can be found at and further described at In the introduction, Obolensky explains that this book arose as a result of discussions at a Liberal Mission seminar last summer and that there is general agreement among the participants that “the conversion of the concept of ‘a special path’ into an instrument of political manipulation is socially irresponsible and dangerous for the country.” It is being used, he says, to erect serious barriers to a serious study of “the negative sides of the historical past and is returning us to the censor’s logic of the times of Nicholas I” and has combined with the currently fashionable “uncritical idealization of patriarchal forms and institutions essentially blocks the prospects for modernization.” Moreover, Obolensky continues, “history is hardly some ‘unavoidable’ fate” but rather something one can learn from in order to avoid repeating mistakes. All countries are affected by their pasts, but these pasts however horrific need not be a barrier to change. Proclaiming that Russia has “a special path” gets in the way of escaping the evils of the past. The book, he continues, contains the essays of four writers. Yevgeny Yasin who also took part in the seminar plans to lay out his views in a separate volume. “To a certain degree,” the essays in the book vary by style and methods of argument and also consider sometimes coinciding and sometimes various aspects of a very broad set of issues.” “The authors,” Obolensky says, “intentionally at time shift from formal academic standards of dry dispassionate presentation and one of us even from the use of the many available footnotes. However, we consider this not a shortcoming but a quality of the book because it will make the understanding of its basic ideas easier.”

BP chief ‘poisoned’ in Russia plot, claims former colleague

The chief executive of BP was poisoned in a plot believed to have been orchestrated by the Russian security services, a former employee has told the Telegraph.

Calls for new probe into mysterious death of Brit spy found padlocked in holdall in light of Skripal poisoning

Former detective Colin Sutton believes a third party could have been involved in GCHQ codebreaker Gareth Williams’ death

Civil.Ge | UK Ambassador to Georgia on Salisbury Incident

Justin McKenzie Smith on the British response to the Novichok nerve agent use in Salisbury.

MPs call for crackdown on Russian oligarchs using City to avoid sanctions | World news | The Guardian

Government urged to impose tough measures following controversial London flotation of Oleg Deripaska’s En+ group

Trump, Netanyahu Discuss Iran’s Destabilizing Activities in Middle East

US President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have discussed over the phone “Iran’s destabilizing activities” in the West-Asia region, said a White House statement o…

Netanyahu, Trump Speak By Phone About Threat From Iran – The Forward

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Donald Trump spoke by phone about the threat from Iran.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo speaks with Israel on Iran’s growing presence in Syria

Iran was the principal subject of discussion during Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s lightning-quick visit Sunday to Israel, a four-hour stop during which he met with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu in Tel Aviv.

In first meeting, Pompeo thrills Netanyahu with hawkish talk on Iran – and what he doesn’t say about Palestinians – Israel News –

Newly crowned U.S. secretary of state and Israeli prime minister strike up a fine bromance as Pompeo comes out swinging on Tehran

US calls for global action against Iran | Arab News

RIYADH: New US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called on Sunday for concerted international action to curb Iran’s regional meddling and halt its missile programs. “Iran destabilizes this entire region,” Pompeo said in joint remarks with Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir on a visit to Riyadh. “It supports proxy militias and terrorist groups. It is an arms dealer to the

Israel’s Netanyahu to make ‘significant’ announcement on Iran | Reuters

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will make a televised announcement Monday evening (1700 GMT) in what his office said would be a “significant development” regarding the nuclear agreement with Iran.

i24NEWS – Deputy defense chief to i24NEWS: Israel will find solutions if Syria gets S-300

Deputy defense chief says despite tensions on northern borders ‘we are not about to face a war’

Avigdor Liberman: Israel will react forcefully if Syria uses S-300 against it – Middle East – Jerusalem Post

“If somebody thinks that it is possible to launch missiles or to attack Israel or even our aircraft, no doubt we will respond and we will respond very forcefully.”

Israel Spells Out Iranian Activities It Won’t Tolerate in Syria – Bloomberg

Israel will do whatever it takes to wipe out Iranian military capabilities in Syria, even if that means targeting heavily populated neighborhoods, a senior adviser to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said. Michael Oren, Israel’s deputy minister for public diplomacy, laid out four “red lines” that would prompt his country to strike Iranian targets in neighboring Syria. If Iran tries to build underground factories to upgrade less sophisticated missiles to precision-guided weapons, Israel will stop them, “even if those factories are beneath densely populated areas,” he told a group of foreign journalists covering Israel and the Palestinian territories. Israel also won’t tolerate Iranian attempts to equip its proxy Lebanese militia Hezbollah with precision-guided missiles or to build an air base or naval port in Syria, Oren said. And it will attack Syria or Iran if fired at, he added.

UAWire – Syrian and pro-Iranian forces attack US-Led coalition near Deir ez-Zor

The Syrian Army and Iran-sponsored militias attacked the positions of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) on the east bank of the Euphrates. The …

Assad renews offensive as missile strikes raise escalation risk | Reuters

The Syrian army unleashed a massive bombardment against one rebel enclave on Monday and prepared for the withdrawal of insurgents from another as President Bashar al-Assad pushes to crush the rebels’ last besieged strongholds.

Britain, France and Germany agree on support for Iran nuclear deal | Reuters

Britain, France and Germany have agreed that the nuclear deal that U.S. President Donald Trump has threatened to scrap remains the best way of stopping Tehran getting nuclear weapons, British Prime Minister Theresa May’s office said on Sunday.

Putin, Macron Urge ‘Strict’ Observance of Iran Nuke Accord |

Russian President Vladimir Putin and French leader Emmanuel Macron on Monday called for the strict observance of the current Iran nuclear accord, with President Donald Trump still deciding whether to scrap the agreement.

Resonant Syria strike suggests coordinated US-Israel message to Russia and Iran | The Times of Israel

Overnight attack comes with Pompeo in the region, Netanyahu and Trump on the phone, Liberman in the US, and the US Army CENTCOM chief having visited without fanfare last week. Hours after a mysterious “earthquake” — 2. 6 on the Richter scale — registered on the devices of the European Mediterranean Seismological Center, the circumstances behind the series of explosions that shook Syria overnight Sunday-Monday are starting to become clear. An increasing number of media organizations associated with the Syrian regime and Hezbollah are hinting that Israel was responsible. According to a report in the Al Akhbar newspaper, identified with Hezbollah, bunker buster missiles, which do not explode on impact but rather deep in the ground, hit bases in the Hama and Aleppo areas. Hence the “earthquake.”

Analysis: Who could have been behind the massive explosion in Syria? – Middle East – Jerusalem Post

Whodunit? Massive explosion in Syria’s Hama leads to many theories as Syrian regime blame shifts between Israel and US.

Missile Strikes on Syrian Military Base Kills Dozens – WSJ

Missile strikes on Syrian government bases overnight killed dozens of pro-regime forces, including Iranians, according to a monitoring group, in what could mark an escalation of hostilities between foreign powers fighting for influence.

Iran denies it was targeted in Syria strikes, claims no troops killed | The Times of Israel

Source says Iranian compounds were not hit in raids, says media reports of deaths of 18 Iranian soldiers are ‘baseless’

Iran’s leader warns: Era of ‘hit and run’ attacks has ended – Arab-Israeli Conflict – Jerusalem Post

Statement follows accusations of a deadly Israeli strike on an Iranian base in Syria

Monitor: 26 pro-regime fighters, mostly Iranians, killed in blast on Syria base | The Times of Israel

Watchdog says raids ‘probably’ carried out by Israel, but state-owned media says US and British forces launched attacks on Hama and Aleppo from Jordan

Missile strikes on Syria kill 26, mostly Iranian, forces

Missile strikes on central Syria killed 26 pro-regime fighters, most of them Iranians, a monitor said Monday, in a raid that bore the hallmarks of Tehran’s archfoe Israel.

Syria war: Missile strikes on military sites ‘kill pro-Assad fighters’ – BBC News

Unconfirmed reports say the attacks in Hama and Aleppo provinces killed a number of Iranians.

Suspected Israel missile strike in Syria hits fighters from Iran, monitoring group says – CBS News

Iranian media give conflicting reports about overnight incident amid speculation strike was carried out by Israel

Syria strike: Winds of war in Jerusalem – with backing from Washington – Syria –

Israel is determined to oust Iran from Syria, but if it miscalculates, Hezbollah and Hamas could be thrown into the ring. Netanyahu is prepared to undertake risks – bordering on gambling

Missile Attack Kills Pro-Assad Fighters, Mainly Iranians, In Syria

Syrian state media say an overnight missile attack in the country’s northern region has killed 26 pro-government fighters, mostly Iranians.

Israel eyed after Hama, Syria, attack reportedly kills Iranians

A missile attack in Syria triggered a blast powerful enough to register as a 2.6-magnitude earthquake and reportedly killed at least 25 pro-government fighters.

Israel braces for Iranian retaliation for Syria strike – but war isn’t inevitable – Israel News –

There could be a lull before Lebanon’s May 6 election and the Americans’ May 12 decision on the Iranian nuclear deal, but revenge could come from Lebanon, Syria, Iran or further afield

Former intel chief: If Iranians dead in Syria blast, payback looms – Arab-Israeli Conflict – Jerusalem Post

“Either the United States added to the attack it led about two weeks ago, and if it wasn’t the United States, that leaves one possibility that I can’t confirm.”